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A beautiful but violent fish, the iconic Red Devil makes for one of the most striking show cichlids in the hobby!
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hoai - 2005-11-11
I have a male red devil about seven inches, when i first got him everything was fine a few months later i ended up missing 6 pink convicts, 3 firemouths, 1 severum, and another red devil. So this fish is definitely a fish that should be keep alone, unless you tend to tame it by netting it once a day all the time. Seems to work for me the red devil is less aggressive when i net the sucker everyday

cristie - 2005-11-02
I own a red devil and only a red devil becuase it has eaten everything I have put in the tank with it, including a black convict, 2 oscars, a pacu, and 2 jack dempsey's. When I walk by the tank it tries to attack me. When i put my finger up to the tank it tries to bite my finger. It's the craziest fish I've ever owned.

d 2 the rew - 2005-07-23
i have had my red devil in with a 4.5 inch black rhom, 4 5 inch spilos and a 7 inch dovii. my red devil was about 8 inches. the fish lived in a 270 gallon tank for years. one day i came back from vacation and the only fish i had left were the red devil and rhom. 2 weeks later the devil and rhom got into a heavy fight and the devil killed the rhom before i could separate the 2. these are very aggressive fish and should be kept in a HUGE tank.