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A beautiful but violent fish, the iconic Red Devil makes for one of the most striking show cichlids in the hobby!
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Jonny - 2006-03-13
I have a red devil. its cool but i just got another red devil thats twice its size and this new one i got took out a foot long fish. i forgot the name of it, but my little red devil is showing it who's boss. but i might get rid of the big one becouse the little devil might kill the big one. but i think ill try to get another red devil that my small one will like.

jim - 2006-03-05
I bought a 3 inch red devil and put it in with a 6 inch oscar, a 12 inch algae eater that was about 7 years old , a 6 inch soap dish crab all in a 50 gal tank. after about six months red has killed them all. A large bump came up on his head for about three weeks then one nite it went away. the next morning there was eggs all over. now we have fry everywhere, immaculate conception i guess. Jim

Jamie - 2006-02-21
I have had my Red Devil for almost 4 years now. He is a beautiful bright yellow, and as mean as can be. No fish lasts more than 3 hours with him. Even crayfish can't withstand the rath of "Killa". I am ashamed to say that I have yet to upgrade his tank so he is stuck inside a 20 gallon tank and his water has to be changed every 3 days or it gets very cloudy. He snaps at the glass when I put my finger against it and moves all the rocks to suit his needs. This is by far the best fish I ever owned. I can't wait to provide him with a larger home though.

greenleaf05 - 2006-02-18
YO whats going on everyone. I'm a first time acquarium owner. today while on the phone with a local petco with some acqurium concerns i was told that they had a 6 inch silver barb so i went to get it to see how it does in my acqurium. while there i was watching the cihlids there was a jack dempsey some african and 2 red devils one hiding under a rock after i scared that female red devil out of the rock she chased and bit every cichlid in that tank. the guy working acquatic's told me hell give me 20% of the price if i get that red devil out that tank because it killed alot of cichlids so i bought the 4 inch red devil at first the barb was following the devil around and head budding it. but when i came home tonite i found the barb floating at the top of the water. another goldfish had his head bitten off,and the other gold fish in my tank was still alive with bite marks on him tomorrow he probally as well be gone. BUT I THINK I LOVE MY NEW RED DEVIL.

ANT - 2006-01-24
We bought a pair of red devils two years ago to try and breed. They did everything but lay eggs. So we thought we should see if we could sell them and try again. During that time they seem to be acting strange. I knew they were going to breed but my wife said no they are not. We then had a HUGE problem with their water. I got them out and into a 20lt drum. I didn't know what to do with them so my wife said we have to get rid of them or they will die. She called my sister and ask if she would like them. Anyway my sister has them and they have 100's of fry now, only after 1 month. I knew they were ready to breed. DON'T EVER GIVE YOUR FISH AWAY..

Justine Dillenbeck - 2005-12-29
We used to have a Red Devil. We named him Lips because of his personality. He grew to be around 10 inches long. When we first bought him he was only about an inch long with almost 20 other fish in the small 29 gallon tank. A year later only him and the algae-eater were still alive. And to think he was the smallest fish when we bought him! He had the best personality I've ever seen in a fish. Every now and then he would get really excited and hit his head on the rocks in the tank. He would float near the top for a minute or two then he would swim around and do it again! After awhile you could see a huge knot on his head. He would come to the top of the tank and we could feed him by hand. He was so cool. After a few years he got sick and he died. A few days ago we bought another baby Red Devil. We put him in the tank with one other cichlid, and he's already taken over! The other one is cowering in a corner and the Devil has complete control of the tank. I think we're going to call him Lucifer...

security - 2005-12-12
We got Brutus when He was three quarters of an inch. That was six years ago. Today Brutus is six inches long and two inches wide. He's seen a lot of fish come and go over the years, and he hated them all! Nobody comes to Brutus's house! In August we got a Pangasius Catfish that was about an inch long. We call him Sharky. He's the only fish that has made it so far. Sharky is now nine inches long and growing. although he has some scars, he seems to be tough enough to take The Wrath of Brutus! I just learned on your web site that Sharky can grow to three feet long, so I guess my thirty gallon tank won't do! Heading out to spend some money at my local pet store, see ya!

Carry - 2005-12-10
I had two Red Devil's. The first one died right away. The second was pure white and lived for almost a year. Then I had a power outage in the winter and his/her tank was in the basement. Needless to say he didn't make it. He was the best fish I've ever owned. LOTS of personality.I had sand and marbels in the tank with my white devil. He use to move all the sand and marbels to the side until he hit the bottom glass panel of the tank. I'd move the sand back and he'd go at it again. When I had him I didn't have a "real" aquarium hood then so I used a desk lamp to see him at night. In the summer the lamp would attract bugs. He'd try to jump out of the water to get the bugs and bang his head on the hood.

If you're a person who wouldn't mind keeping a AGGRESSIVE fish that will attack you when you do water changes, needs to be kept alone (unless you can provide a huge tank 90+ gallons), and enjoy MAJOR personality this fish is for you.

Orion - 2005-12-03
I have had a red devil for about 7 months. i had him in a 10 gallon but he quickly out grew it. he loves his new 50 gallon acrylic tank. hes my favorite fish ive ever had. ive had oscars, texas ciclid, green terrors and jack dempsey. I tried to get a sucker fish with the devil but he would just beat the thing up all day and all night so i took it out. Im thinking about getting him a companion but I can foresee difficulties.

ed - 2005-11-11
I guess I got lucky Devils. Mine is about 5 inches long living in a 60 gallon tank with another 3 inch devil and they are not that aggressive. They actually will live with the feeder fish and just eat pellets. The only way the feeders get eaten is if I turn off the lights. I guess mine are just too lazy for the chase.