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A beautiful but violent fish, the iconic Red Devil makes for one of the most striking show cichlids in the hobby!
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Ray Sayre - 2018-05-20
I personally have my red devil in a 55 gallon tank with 11 other types of cichlids. hes around 10 inches long and loves chasing all of them around, he has never attacked them tho

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  • Anonymous - 2020-03-17
    My dad got rid of mine. We only have one tank, so we had to combine mine, my dad's and my brother's. My red devil killed my dad's turquoise severum, and he was pissed.
Leona - 2006-06-26
I have a 125 gallon tank and before getting a Red Devil I had a large Oscar(12in) large algae eater(14in)3 full grown Jack Dempsey.Got him from Petsmart. When I introduced my Red Devil to the tank(about 7 months ago) he was somewhat small, so I had to make alot of hiding places for him. As he grew, so did he aggressiveness. He killed my 2 Jack Dempsey and the last one is hanging on to his life. I have seperated him so he can heal. He had completely taken his tail off. I am still admazed how he is still alive. I love my Red Devil aka Leader. Now I have just the algae,oscar,pacu and a wounded jack dempsey. Although he has caused alot of commotion I wouldn't trade him for the world. Although I had two loses, I still wouldn't trade him for the world.

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  • Anonymous - 2018-11-06
    My son is just like yours well my red devil but I don't care I love my fish he's very mean but I don't care they really are like kids
  • Samantha - 2019-04-29
    I agree I love my Red Devils . My first one died because of my daughter but this new one is still amazing even though he is a boy and the female is small compared to my last one and they won’t let me pet them like my old one but there just so beautiful . Couldn’t imagine going back to multiple little African chiclids vs my beautiful big red devil . There names are cruise and Penelope lol
Karthik - 2018-12-16
Hi guys...this is karthik from India..herewith I'm looking for red devil or Midas chichild...if anyone here to sell...v vl discuss about that....thank you

fred - 2018-11-06
I got lucking and purchase a male and female red devil and they mated. I named them Kipples an Bits.

Juniper Vena Frazer - 2014-11-29
Can anyone tell if this is for sure a Red Devil? A renter left this finned fellow behind & he survived over a week in half a tank of stagnant water & no heat or food-I discovered him & he's getting healthier & bigger, full of personality! I'm calling him Rocky, he's clearly a fighter & solitary creature, he's super cool & will be a welcome addition but beyond the little bit I've read on the species, this is all new to me-so any helpful tips would be lovely 

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-12-02
    He sure looks like he could be:) What a lucky fellow to have a new home with you too!
  • Art - 2014-12-11
    Hello your red devil looks awesome. I can say make sure you have a reliable heater that can hold a 80*f hight. as he grows you might want to move up to a 55 gallon tank very healty and can have a good growth with the fish. I have a Red Devil and they are smart, playful fish with a good personality when they recognize there owner. have a good one.
  • Gavin - 2018-03-15
    He looks more like a bllod parrot to me than a red devil but I could be wrong
John Thomason - 2018-02-14
I gambled and put a sub-adult convict cichlid in with a new 4 inch (palm-sized) labiatus I bought locally. It was really stupid of me, and cost the convict its life, though it seemed like it was holding its own. I'll no longer try to keep anything with this one, and wouldn't have attempted it if I'd known better, but it was a juvenile RD. Splendid colors! Highly intelligent cichlid. Not good with plants or unsafe for fish tank decorations. They grow fast on pellets (hikari medium)...I don't plan to live feed, too risky. I'm using sand as a substrate (50 pounds in a 55 gallon tank). LED lighting makes his reds pop. I have some terracotta pots for hiding/territory. Keeping the tank around 80 degrees. Sporadic lighting. For filtration I've got a 500 GPH canister and that's it. Bioballs, sponge, poly-floss, lava rock, puragen...Seems to do fine keeping the levels A-OK. I clean it once a month or two months. I feel bad about that convict. I really liked that fish.

sayeed amin - 2006-06-10
i've had a red devil for a year and he is very mean. he killed an oscar and any other fish i ever put with him. he is living by himself because he killed them

MOSHE - 2006-06-20
this is moshe and i have a four red devils in my 150 gallon tank. they are very agressive towards each other. they will chase all other fish away. i have two black oscars that stand up for themselves. i also have a snakeskin gauramie that is very agressive. i usually wash my tank every six months. i feed them turtle food, flakes, and feeding fish. they will eat everything as long as they fit into there mouth. i would not recommend red devils for beginners because they are very aggressive and can bite. they like to eat alot as long as they can eat in two minutes it will be fine. i highly recommend them for large tanks because they need space and if they dont it wont live and grow as fast as you want it to.

DAVID VANG - 2006-07-12
i have in my 55 gallon tank 2 red devils and 2 blood parrots. there are alot of rocks and there are many rock formations. the blood parrots are highly agressive because they always beat up the 2 red devils and they have their own place.

robin - 2007-02-04
My Red Devil came to live with us about 3 or 4 years ago and was about 3 inches long. Today he is about 10 inches. When we got him he was housed with other smaller cichlids. He was the king of the tank but never hurt any other fish. Because of that we named him Delight. Now at 10 inches, there seems to be a invisible divider in the tank. He is fine with other fish and people as long as you stay out of his favorite areas of HIS tank. He loves me (for the most part) he is always excited to see me and greets me at the tank. He is however VERY agressive towards other people and will try to attack right through the glass. He is also very picky about his tank landscaping. He works daily to make sure all the gravel is placed right where he wants it. When I go into clean or straighten up his tank, LOOK OUT! He will and has attacked my hand. Even so, I still love him. He is such a personable fish. And no offense to other Red Devil owners, he is the best looking Red Devil I have ever seen, including all the show case Devils at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago IL. Happy Fishing!