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A small, peaceful, and colorful cichlid, the Rainbow Cichlid is a hugely popular and desirable fish!
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Anonymous - 2018-08-29
Are rainbows compatible with loaches?? I am thinking about putting a couple of each in a 30 gallon.

Andi Harris - 2012-05-01
My rainbows spawned yesterday (30/4/12) and it seems the female is doing all the hard graft whilst tthe male is standing gaurd and casually chasing other fish away from the female and eggs. the female certainly puts the male in his place when his attention drops slightly. I've bred these fish many times over the years and I find them amazing little characters in everey way

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  • Kier - 2017-03-08
    Hi. Mine have just bred and have their eggs together of a flat surface. They have bred before and it didn't go well. You said u have seen these breed before and I was wondering when to remove them or just leave them in with the parents and the tank?
  • Jo - 2017-05-04
    I'd like to know the answer too. I didn't even realise babies were on the way! I've removed about half and put into a 5 gal nursery tank to see how they do. I've got other species in the community tank so I believe I should move them all over.
Kobie - 2015-12-07
Hi! I thought I was buying a danio but it ended up being PetCo sold me a super small juvenile Ranbow Cichlid! Now I would like to buy a similiar one so this lil guy can have company. If you know where I can find another one, please let me know! I haven't been able to find another one at Petco since I bought mine...thanks!

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  • Robert - 2016-07-08
    Try Imperial tropical in Lakeland, Florida. They breed them. Good luck.