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A classic in every sense of the term, the Oscar Cichlid has long been heralded as one of the most spectactular and iconic of the aquarium fish!
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jason5 - 2011-03-11
My oscar fish is nine inches and I have hoplosternum littorale that is a 9 inches and syndontis ocellifer that is 8 inches and a common pleco that is 9 inches and they all eat the feeder fish but the pleco. My hoplo catfish begs me for food. The fish tank is 55 gallon.

Mikahyla Messick - 2019-12-20
Hi guys

Anonymous - 2019-02-18
hi my name is bahaa from egypt i want ask about tds range for oscar

Anonymous - 2015-08-27
I have a 150 gallon tank with African cichlids would a fire eel and tire track eel be fine with the cichlids?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-08-28
    Hard to say, it depends on the species and how territorial/aggressive they are. I've kept a peacock eel with Jack Dempseys for years, and with no problem. But this fish isn't as scrappy as some of the the African Cichlids.
  • Anonymous - 2016-05-14
    A fire eel and a tire tack eel would be perfect with African cichlids.
Desiree - 2016-03-31
I'm selling my 6in tiger oscar 4 1/2in blood parrot I currently house them in a 30 gal. Tank which is two small for them. I'm looking for someone who has the tank size they need to live comfortable. If interested send a message to my email only if intritsted no bull please!!!!!!

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  • Steve Quevedo - 2016-04-13
    Hello, my name is Steve. I happen to be interested in your tiger Oscar cichlid. I have 150 gallon tank with 3 other Oscars in it already and 2 plecostomus fish. Please let me know if you still have it and how much money your asking for it as well. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you. Take care.
a boy who needs help with fish - 2016-01-25
hi i plan to have 2 oscars each around 5-6cm i have a 30 gallon tank but what filthers should i use?pls help or any heaters needed with average surrounding temperature of 30 degrees celsius

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  • Bmac - 2016-02-02
    So, quite a few issues with your setup. Let's address the first one, a 30 gallon tank isn't large enough for 1 single oscar, much less 2. While you are planning on getting them at "5-6 cm", they will only stay that for a very, very short time. They will be large and too big for that tank before you even know it.
    Second, the amount of filtration for 2 oscars in a 30 gallon, is more than I would care to even figure out. But general rule of thumb for Oscars is an HOB filter should turn the tank over 10x per hour. So a 30Gallon tank should have a filter that can output at least 300 GPH. 5x for a canister filter.
    And lastly, why in the world are you wanting to run their tanks at 30 degrees??? Oscars are better off at the 25-27C range.

    I would take a wild guess and say you haven't done the research that is needed for this type of fish. You should select community fish, non-aggressive and keep them in your 30 gallon. If a larger tank is possible, then go to a large tank 75+ gallons for 1 Oscar and 100+ for 2.
Peter Steffensen - 2015-09-05
Just got a 225 gallon tank for my 5 Oscars 2 of them are = 40 cm now . Peter

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  • ed - 2015-11-26
    40cm??? You sure? ive heard of some 35, but 40.... wow, gotta be some exceptional case then.
Anonymous - 2015-11-22
I have to say.. Oscars can be kept in a tank with other fish if you're careful. We introduced ours to a tank with a knifefish, an angel, 2 small bumblebee cichlids, a 3 spot gourami,and a pleco. We have quite a hodge podge of fish actually in that tank. He was pretty small when we got him but even though he's gotten quite a bit bigger now (6-7 inches), he's pretty tame and friendly with the other fish. I never see any aggression even with feedings and all. They've been this way for about 3 or 4 months. He does eat quite a bit though. When we feed them frozen food, he will eat about 3 blocks by himself. We also on occasion feed worms and he now will eat about 5. Be aware that they really can get expensive with food.

Karen - 2015-09-19
I have a frontosa that has a white spot on its head, I'm not sure what it is. It kind of looks like a white scab.

Chris - 2015-08-11
I have two Oscars, one is an albino and the a tiger Oscar. I got them when they were just 2' and they are 11inches 2 years later. The albino is female and the tiger is male. For the last 6 months they have been fin slapping,lip locking, and cleaning and defending their flat rock but, no spaspawning. They live in a 125 gallon with a 5' green terror and a 6' Texas.