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An exotic beauty, the mature Green Terror will display a rainbow of exquisite colors!
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Jes - 2009-01-05
What do you do if your water is not crystal clear. I have a 75 gallon tank and it is hard to keep clean. I also just got a green terror. Can an oscar live with the terror he is bigger?

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  • Katie - 2010-03-05
    There are so many things that could cause cloudy water. First things first, though, you should test your water for ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate. These are very common causes of cloudy water and can be fixed by keeping up on your tank maintenance.
Terror Luva - 2009-12-07
I just bought a small pair of Green Terror cichlids less than two weeks ago. I plopped these 2-3 inch long fish in my 55 gallon tank with 9x Gold Barbs, 5x Cloud Minnows, a male Dwarf Gourami, and a Farlwello Cat. Well everyone has gotten along well so far except the Dwarf Gourami was confused for a while and was flirting with the male Terror, he even made a bubble nest lol!! Anyway, this morning I woke up and saw the female Terror guarding at least 30 fry! The male has not shown his colors yet... these fish must like my tank. I did not expect to see any breeding for a while, but it was a nice surprise! The mother is very diligent and taking good care of her fry. Green terrors are very cool fish.

david - 2009-11-28
Got a green terror today, he is in a 55g with 2 aquaclear 110s ( total 1000gph) which turns the tank over a total of 18.18 times an hour. He is with 10 giant danios and doesn't bother them at all, but after all he is only 3.5 inches. He ate about 10 minutes after I put him in the tank which is outstanding for the first day. He has strong coloring and is very healthy so far. He is very active, exploring the tank, digging holes, moving gravel etc. Great fish and this website helped very much!

christy - 2009-10-15
I had just started in the fish world, about 5 years ago. Had always been interested, just couldn't afford it! Anyway, we were graced with a 55 to begin with, and were given about 9 africans with it. I knew little of these fish so began research. I did my best, however, I was told a green terror was an african and I knew no better at the time. When I went to pick up this fish I about fell over. He and a HUGE pleco were stuffed in a TEN gallon tank with no filter or heater or anything. Now this terror was a big boy, he was at least 11 inches!! And the pleco, at least that big too.
I felt so bad for them I took them both. Brought them home, dropped them in my 55 with the 9 other very much smaller, unsuspecting, and africans none the less, fish... guess what happened??
Absolutely NOTHING! They all got along amazingly and I had a strange mix for sure!
I think my green boy was just so happy he had a tank he could turn around in. He is a very peaceful guy. We have since upgraded to a 160. He does nothing but spend his days playing in bubbles and likes to be pet and will eat from my fingers. It has been years we have had him and the others. They are all a very peaceful bunch. This is our mix: 2 very large plecos, the green boy is still around, an ob peacock, a normal peacock, an albino/orange peacock, 2 blue peacocks, a kenyi, a firemouth, a bumble bee, a sunburst, a big knife fish and a fat boy frog!! All are varying sizes from barely an inch to 11 inches. The tank remains peaceful. Whenever I see agression building, I simply rearrange the tank and we are good for about 6 months or so. Also, we provide lots of hidding places, big and small. They are also a mix of male and female as we have babies now! (I have separated the babies into their own 55) We don't even have a tv in our living room, lol we watch the amazing collection of beautiful fish we are so lucky to have!

Anonymous - 2009-03-09
My big colorful green terror is alone in my 60 gallon tank, it's about 8 inches. He has killed a lot of fish, even an oscar and a pleco! These fish are actually docile while they are juveniles but when they grow up, they *attain* the title of 'Green Terror' and actually terrorize the tank! But, this fish is extremely beautiful (more beautiful when they are adults) and are quite intelligent. They tend to form a bond with the owner and get really excited when the owner arrives! One of the most beautiful fish I've ever seen. They love to show off their color and are very active. A beautiful fish, good for beginners (provided the tank is large enough), and eat anything given to them. *Tip* - If you want to enhance the colour of your green terror, feed him a varied diet of blood worms, pellet food and vegetable matter everyday... and they grow very fast too...

ugh some people dont know how to keep fish - 2009-01-02
8 fish in a 30 gl tank... that is super overstocked. The green terror alone should be in a 55 min.

GENO - 2008-12-25
Hi guys! I have a 30 gallon community tank with one 5" black ghost knife, one 5" green severum, one 3" green terror, one 2" texas cichlid, one 1" firemouth, four 2" kribensis, a 7" gar carachin, and a 6" bichir. They're doing great for weeks now. The ruler of the tank is the severum, being the largest, who sometimes chase the green terror, and the green terror mostly chase the texas. I only have a few hiding places for them but I plan on adding a few hollow logs. Maybe I just made a good combination of species, including the right size, the smallest being the most agressive species. My coolest fish I think is the gar carachin (which is not found in this site - EDITOR's NOTE - "but soon will be!") and the BGK. The green terror being the most colorful even as a juvenile. By the way, don't worry about my tank, I'll buy a bigger one when they get bigger...

Avisek Banerjee - 2008-12-02
I have a 45 gallon tank and a 60 gallon tank. I have 2 green terrors (both about 4 inch), 1 salvini (3inch), 2 firemouth (1 is 3.5inch and the other is 2inch), and 2 pearls (both 2 inches). The silvini is the most aggressive. In what combination should should I keep the fishes in the 2 tanks? What if i want to buy a red devil, where to add it?

Tara - 2008-05-31
The Green Terror is an absolutely wonderful and beautiful cichlid. I currently have two males. One is nine inches and housed in a 75 gallon tank...alone. The tank is decorated with driftwood, rocks, and various plants. He's alone because he has not played well with others since he was approximately five inches long. At seven inches he was such a "terror" that I had to assign him his own home. The other is six inches and is housed in a 75 gallon with a dempsey and convict. I can't detect a tank leader, though the dempsey seems to be the most aggressive. But neither the terror or convict have ever really backed down when the dempsey shows aggession. Theres some posturing, flaring, but rarely more than that. The nine inch terror is named "Damien". The other terror is "Orion". The dempsey is named "Rambo" and the convict is "Capone". The two Green Terrors are the most personable and in many ways remind of Oscars in terms of how they interact with me. They are always the first to notice my approach and are always "dancing" to get my attention. Over the years I have owned various cichlids, everything from Oscars to Red Devils. Through it all the Green Terror has always been a constant in my aquarium tanks.

Leon - 2008-01-21
I have a Green Terror named "Passion" thats about 2 years old. Green Terrors are some times very peaceful. These guys will eat anything you throw at them. He gets along well with my 2 oscars. Green terrors are very dirty fish so clean the tank every month or so. Well my green terror really hates fish that are colorful such as jack dempseys or rainbow fish. Green terrors grow quick so a good 55 gallon tank or larger is preferred.