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The pretty Blue Acara is a long time favorite with a good attitude, great for a community cichlid aquarium!
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Wakeem - 2012-09-13
I have a pair of blue acara , I love these fish, I am a little confused over their sex. Is there a big difference in their size. The larger has a squarer head to its slope , however the smaller is more oval rounded like, it is also extremely more darker. Their behaviour to each other is somewhat confusing too sometimes very friendly , the next the larger just Persues the smaller. Can anyone offer any further advice . Thanks

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-09-14
    Males are larger with extended dorsal and anal fins
  • Wakeem - 2012-09-20
    How about the behaviour . Do they always chase each other around?
  • Johnc - 2022-07-08
    It's best just to keep one blue acara that way the stress level will be way down and the 1 fish will flourish. Only put 2 in there if you intend on breeding them.
DeDe - 2016-02-20
I've had 2 blues for 11 months. The past 3 wks. one of them has been ill. I've done everything! Nobody could give me a answer. It wasn't the water, it wasn't stress, something was wrong with him. Stop eating, breathing heavy, he would stay at the bottom or top & do nothing. The other one didn't know what was wrong with his buddy brother. Next morning he was laying on his side dead! Took out, and his buddy was going crazy looking for him! I felt really bad! Cried most of the day! Anyone know how long it should wait to get a another one? Or not?

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  • Anonymous - 2016-07-18
    melafix and aquarium salt and lots of bubbles
  • Anonymous - 2016-07-18
    they like company so asap. i have a tank with 25 of them and they dont like it when one starts acting funny, so i have a little net breeder that i isolate the sick one in and a drop of melafix and a pinch of aquarium salt twice a day. works every time if you catch it at first sign of illness. also quality flake food. no frozen food!!!
  • Johnc - 2022-07-08
    Normally these fish do well just individually. I think the other one was more looking for the dead 1 in order to harass him some more. The only time 2 blue a car should be together is during breeding time.
Paul - 2016-08-16
Electric Blues For Sale

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  • Jim Laubacker - 2017-02-16
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  • Rhonda - 2021-11-22
    How much for a pair of Blues??
  • bbwrxske - 2021-11-28
  • mpwmbwsn - 2021-11-28
sijpxxxa - 2021-11-28

Lee - 2015-04-04
Hi I have a blue acara every time I put my hand in his tank he violently bites me just wondering if thus is the norm or it's unusual for them to do this he lives in a 30 gallon tank with other chiclids and comunity fish ?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-04-09
    It sounds like he is very territorial. He is possibly feeling like there is a constant need to defend his space due to the other cichlids in the tank, and it may be that there is not enough space or hiding places for everyone. I would keep an eye on him, because a constantly high level of territorial behavior can be very stressful to the fish, and may cause illness.
  • curtis white - 2016-07-25
    protecting its territory
  • Martin Huxford - 2016-11-14
    Hi Im very intrested ti here about your 30 gallon tank as I have just set up similar currently have 2 firemouth and was thinking off adding a pair of acara or festival but unsure if would be overstocking territorial wise any help or suggestions appreciated
  • Heidi - 2017-01-05
    Wow I have the opposite. My acara plays with me and his best buddy is one of the pea puffers in the tank. In a 30 gallon tank I only have him with two peas a bushy nose placo and a couple florescent black skirts and 2 cardinals. He loves his little buddies. I have a few videos of him playing with me. It is a planted tank and he hates the syphon though.
  • MikeGinMN - 2018-04-20
    I am a big fan of Blue Acara, and I have had them on and off for about 25 years. Blues are very docile... normally. On occasion I have had some aggressiveness towards me and his/her tankmates. I was attacked... if you could call it an attack... because my pair had just spawned and I didn't know it. And I have had a 'bad boy' who just wasn't right in the head... I'm not sure if tropical can be 'inbred' but he had some serious issues. Eventually he stressed out to the point he hid all the time and didn't eat. I had to isolate him and eventually lost him.
Donna - 2018-02-23
One of my blue acaras died about a month ago. Should I replace him/her or will the other one get along just fine on his own. Tanks mates are a couple of larger scissortail rasboras and three corys?

Thomas Oakes - 2017-04-23
Looking for all types of dwarf cichlids.

sikander2894 - 2011-06-21
I found blue acara from a pond nearby my house. It is very beautiful so I put it in my aquarium with koi fish.

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  • curtis white - 2016-07-25
    pic please
curtis white - 2016-07-25
had 3 electric blue acra 2 paired off now have over 100!!they are great parents will soon be taking out babies so they can have some more!

N/A - 2015-04-29
Would any one know what the best chances for breed

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-04-29
    There is an overview of their breeding just above on this Blue Acara Cichlid page under Breeding / Reproduction. I haven't had any personal experience, but you should be able to find more information on the internet.
  • Joiecel - 2016-02-04
    Heres what i accidentally did and later was told that is how they breed.

    One day decided to do a 30% water change set the thermometer at 88° (climate chaged) added new filters and added more landscape to my acaras tank. I had 3,typically after a water change i turn off the light for about an hour after any water change just so my ocd doesnt have me trying to hand pick all of the debris floating.

    It just so happened i was asked to cover 2 overnight shifts for a colleague, and on my way out i forgot to turn on the light. When i come back i turn the lights on and i noticed 2 of the acaras are black and grey!!! I checked the waters, nitrates were slightly elevated everything else was good. What scared me most was how dark and off they looked. I cried my self to an asthma attack😄 considering i had rescued them, i thought i was killing them slooowwwlyy. scared out of reason i called the rescue shelter told them what happened and they told me to notice if they are aggressively charging at the 3rd acara, and yes they were they advised me to remove that acara and give it 3 days that id see atleast 100-200 babies swimming.

    Everthing i did from pristine wasters to adding plants, and raising water temps is all the paired acaras needed to mate... They turn black n gray when other fish are near its a part of safeguarding their terf, eggs, and fry. Eventually i had to separate the parents from the fry they began feasting on them. I had 3 (rescued) they offspringed about 200. Many of them the parents ate. after i removed them 20 survived and they are all over an inch long and starting to show their pretty colors. Hope this helps you get an idea of what happens and what to do!

    Be blessed and let us know if you have been successful at it.