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The attractive Agassizi Cichlid has that cool cichlid personality, but in a small package!
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Jack - 2021-08-11
I purchased 4 wild online they were placed in my 75 gallon with two gold Rams 18 Cardinal Tetras and 8 Discus Jouvies. They are rarely all seen together each has an area the defend (But only from the other 3) they have no fear of the Discus, Cardinals or Rams. But chase one another away. They are about 2 months in my tank, and were only 3/4” in size when they arrived (similar to Cardinal Size) they are now each about 1-1/2” but one ( hoping a male) is approaching 2” Personally I find them mesmerizing to watch. And along with my Discus are a great fish.
PS not taking anything away from my Cardinals or Rams…….
It’s a great Hobby …May your Fins be clear and water remain perfect…

Craig C - 2007-11-27
A great little fish! I bought 2 a couple of weeks ago who I at first thought were two females but one keeps displaying to the other constantly so hopefully I was wrong! Settled in straight away though one was a little shy the first two days or so. Definitely recommended for everyone with suitable tankmates and conditions.