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The quick, darting movements of the Blackskirt Hifin Tetra defy the delicate nature of its fine, long fins!
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Alysia yvonne polk - 2012-11-04
I have 3 short skirts and 1 long skirt and they are wonderful to watch and they do great with my 3 big silverdollars, but they did eat a baby mollie i had, im only 14 and i love fish and i say everyone should have some of these fish:)

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  • itrash - 2021-11-13
    you still into the fish keeping hobby?
Ann - 2015-07-04
OMG I could not believe my eyes this morning we have a Baby highfin...I have a pair of adults for over a year. Never realized that they were male and female. My new little fellow is going to be called Ralph and he is only half as big as my pinky fingernail. Too Cute !!

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-07-09
    Very cool... and congratulations! Would love to see some pictures.
FishNewbie - 2009-03-08
I just bought 2 of these guys. For some reason, they have been harrassing my Mickey Mouse Platy even though they are the same size. My poor platy has been chased all day by both of the fish :( I hope they calm down

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  • jackie b - 2014-02-20
    Get rid of one of your fish the platy will die soon. Cant believe some aquarists don't do research of platies. These are HIGHLY Aggressive so keep them with Discus and oscars
  • Nikki Hobbs - 2014-08-27
    I also have in my tank 2 Long Finned Black Tetras, One Mickey Mouse Platy. However I also have in the same tank a Head and Tail Light Tetra, Ghost Shrimp and a Plecostomus. My tank is only 14 gallons but I'm having absolutely no problems with them I have had them for a few years now. Honestly my tank is flurishing phenomenally. The key is having enough structures and plants for your fish to hide and find territories of their own. Try to rearange the tank when introducing new fish as to allow all the fish to find new territories at once so they don't over take each others and cause chaos. Hope this helps!
Chadwick Mcconnell - 2013-07-09
I have 5 hi fin black Tetra's in a 20 gallon long tank.  They have used this tank as their home for almost a year now.  I am adding some albino cory Catfish and a snail today.  I hope they will get along with one another.

Araceli - 2008-05-17
Hello. I have three hi-fin/black skirt tetras and I call them the three muskaters. They are very calm most of the time and very hardy. I know this because I am only 12 years old and have little experience with fish, but if something goes wrong with some of my equipment they don't die. I recommend these fish for, not for beginners, but for those that have a little more experience with tropical fish. It is a good idea if you do research on the ones you buy, that way they don't die.