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The Common Hatchetfish is not only an interesting-looking fish... but a freshwater fish that can fly!
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edwin - 2006-03-20
wow i like these fishes hehehehehehe

robin - 2006-03-08
To be truly honest my hachetfish have NEVER jumped or tried to jump out of the tank! The tank is covered but the filter has no cover.

Anonymous - 2005-11-15
Hatchet Fish are really cool! I am doing a project on them on them and they ROCK!

robin - 2005-09-29
I do love hachetfishes I also have a baby it is so CUTE!

Anonymous - 2005-04-05
To me, Hatchetfishes are very interesting and great to learn about. I am thankful that there are living things out there in the world, like Hatchetfishes, to be fond of. Hatchetfishes are my personal favorite fishes!

Carissa - 2004-01-26
I am a very big fish person. But, my favorite fish is a hatchetfish. I have learned more about the silver hatchet fish then any other hatchetfish. But when you have any type of hatchetfish, you should always have a net over your filter hole, so your hatchetfish will not jump out. For proof, I have had two hatchetfish jump out of my tank. One was a silver hatchetfish. It was playing in the filter current for a few days. But one morning before I left the house, I did not see my hatchetfih in my tank. A while later, we found it by the stand our fish tank is on. It was to late to save it. You can also ask a person at a fish store. But hatchetfish are very good fish to keep.

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  • katrina {6 years old} - 2010-03-24
    It might be dangerous to keep a hatchet fish but its not. Have you seen a hatchet fish? It's small so you can keep it. In rivers maybe there are some hatchet fish that are lost. Fisher men sometimes let pepole adopt hacthet fish would you like to adopt one? Like also to if you don't know ask a vet or a person in the fish store enjoy having a hatchet fish pet!