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One of the easiest fish to keep, the Buenos Aires Tetra is great for the beginning aquarist!
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Amber - 2016-06-29
I have recently added two BA tetras to my 10G tank that previously only had a rubber lip pleco and two zebra danios in it. I've noticed that the BATs are eating the pleco's algae tablets. Is there any way to stop them from doing this before it literally kills him?

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  • Noah - 2017-04-20
    I have an albino BA tetra, and recently it's eye it's well, swollen so it is upward. Is this a sickness or was it attacked by my beta? I'm only a kids so I don't know much about this. Hopefully luke will survive.
Jake - 2014-06-16
I have three of these guys in my 29 gallon blackwater aquarium. To add more color, I purchased a shoal of 9 neon tetras. Within an hour of their introduction, my shoal was down to two neons. The two survivors look stressed and I want to get them into a school again. Any suggestions on how I can stop them from eating neons?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-06-27
    It sounds like, from their point of view, that 'neons are on the menu!' I don't think you will be able to keep these fish together in your current tank, perhaps if you get a bigger tank with lots of plants and hiding places, you may keep them together successfully, but these guys they now see them as lunch.
  • Heath Hunter - 2014-09-04
    Remove the b.a. and rearrange the tank. Leave the school of neon to get along with the new setup till they seem calm/comfy. Add the b.a. and turn the lights off for a day. They should get along without the territory battle to drive them. It may even help having no decorations at first.
  • Bishu - 2015-10-18
    I don't think that Buenos Aries Tetra killed your Neon Tetras ..... I have 21 gallon tank with 7 Buenos Aries Tetra and 8 Neon Tetras along with platies and zebra danios ..... they are all living peacefully without any casualties till date (1.5 years) .....I think your Neon died because of some other things like stress, water parameter, etc.
  • Laurel - 2016-04-27
    My neons are disappearing at a rate of one a night. Thinking of putting them outside in the small pond for the summer! (tetras) 65 gallon tank with 5 tetras and what once was 15 neons are down to 7.
floridafishkeeper - 2014-06-15
I have three of these fish in my 29 gallon amazon blackwater aquarium, along with one panda corydoras. To bring more activity to the tank, I bought a shoal of nine neon tetras. Within an hour of bringing them home, the trio had eaten seven out of nine of the neon tetras. Is this normal?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-06-27
    Hey Jake, I answered this below... but here's a re-cap: 'It sounds like, from their point of view, that 'neons are on the menu!' I don't think you will be able to keep these fish together in your current tank, perhaps if you get a bigger tank with lots of plants and hiding places, you may keep them together successfully, but these guys they now see them as lunch.'
T - 2012-10-06
These fish definitely need regular water change. I recently lost 3 large females suddenly with no sign of disease. Thanks to your website, I will refresh their water every week. My original 6 have multiplied to 12. Hornworth is hardy enough to survive if you have a large amount. Amazon swords also. I am going to introduce some giant danios. That should provide some action.

Tay P. - 2010-07-11
I had just bought four Buenos Aires tetras and two of them are chasing the other two and my gouramis who were originally the leaders in my tank are scared of them but are'nt these fish community fish?

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  • \" Ron L \" - 2010-10-09
    That's what they said these fish is a community fish when I bought 2 at petsmart. As soon as I brought them home put them in my 36 gallon tank. They started to terrorize my neon tetra, rummy nose, and bala shark. This fish is not community fish. I brought them back for a refund.
  • tj black - 2011-01-25
    Having same problem, took a piece of my biggest gouramis tail, I have smaller black strip neon and they don't bother them, they go for the big lid on the block, gouramis which once ruled the tank, now run scared.
  • pleco - 2011-07-18
    Keeping them as group (at least 6) really helps with the said agression. I keep ten with silver hatchets and cory cats and no issues as of yet. Don't think neons are something I would house them with, though, and guaramies would also be trouble simply because of the long pelvic "feelers". Definately boisterous for a tetra.
  • steven vallee - 2012-01-01
    Try putting some rainbow fish in, they are peaceful but tough.
    Quick swimmers, they take a licken, but keep on ticken.
    They will take the pressure off your gourami's.
  • Alex Burleson - 2012-01-01
    It is not uncommon to find fish which are listed as 'community fish' that become seemingly aggressive to tank mates. One method to combat this problem is to add a few more [3-5] Buenos Aires Tetras. Buenos Aires Tetras are a schooling fish, which means they need to be kept in schools of 5+. Often, when the school is not large enough a few in the school, (or the entire school) will behave in an aggressive manner. However, in the majority of incidents, it is only because they feel threatened.

    Given you have correct aquarium parameters, and space requirements, I would add 3-5 more Buenos Aires Tetras. If this does not combat the problem, try seeking an alternative solution such as returning all of the Buenos Aires Tetras to your place of purchase, and opt for a different fish.

    Best wishes!
  • Manny Fresh - 2012-09-07
    I have had 4 Buenos Aires in a 110 gal community tank with about 6 Gouramis, 10 Barbs, 4 Red Eye Tetras, Red tail shark, 2 SAE's, and a few others maybe a total community of about ~40-50 other fish and they are great, they do eat a LOT, so to keep them happy they should be fed more than the others. Also I have them in a planted aquarium, but plant selection is trial and error because they will eat ALL of your plants especially the ones with leaves like the consistency of lettuce. They are super aggressive feeders, so make sure you have a larger tank if you intend on keeping them, and these guys will live for a LONG time so be prepared. Avoid smaller fish unless they have a place to hide, becuase these guys can be cannabilistic if they arent fed a varied diet. High quality algea wafers is a must, and they can get quite large.
Benjamin - 2012-07-02
I have 4 of them but no problem with my 10 serpae tetras and 2 albino tiger barbs and 4 golden barbs. I've never see them schooling, they just always hide in the plants. It's like they want to protect their turf..

earl ganter - 2012-01-17
i have 2 of thees guys and they get along fine i keep them with 3 golden wonder killifish and have hade no problems. the killis stay mostly on top of the tank so the tetras leave them alone. they school together and its very entertaining to watch them follow eachother around the tank.when feeding them they strike hard and fast. i like em but they have agressive tendencies. would not keep them with smaller fish

Cesar Wilkins - 2012-01-04
We have them here in Panama too, yes they are too agressive, even cannibal, we use them here as bait. Get at leas 100 of them for a few hours of good bass fishing.

I used to keep some for Aquarium, they are inmortal thoug lol!!!

Kai Voigt - 2011-06-30
The piranha of the tetra world. Had 24 neons and next day there were only 6 left. That was one expensive buenos aires meal. Considering there are only two in the tank. They seem to be very aggressive and are now getting the royal flush.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-01
    Sure doesn't sound like something I would invite over for dinner.
Josh - 2010-01-14
I just purchased 3 of these tetras and within a matter of minutes, they had killed 2 of my neon tetras...

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  • beastfb7 - 2010-07-02
    That's cuz these fish are semi aggressive and neon tetras are tropical community fish
  • ben - 2011-01-23
    Funny thing that you said the above, because overnight, 8 of my neon tetras, 2 of my bleeding tetras, and 6 of my glowlight tetras were dead the following day after I added them to my tank....