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The Black Phantom Tetra is both very attractive and one of the most interesting fish to keep!
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Mikey - 2010-02-21
I started out my 55 gallon and added some of these great fish right away! These tetras are really fun to watch. They have little mock battles, showing off their impressive fins. Also changing colors from a silverish to an almost jet black! Very cool! Unlike other tetras it's very easy to tell the males from females. The females are a bit fatter and have red anal fins, and altogether less impressive appearance. But they are my favorites!! The touch of red looks really cool! I was lucky to get 4 males and 2 females. They form couples and obviously court all day long. Very fun to watch. I would suggest getting a minimum of 6 if you're think of picking some up. They need their buddies. By far my favorite tetra I have owned so far!!!! Greaat community, no nipping (my serpae's nip alot). Must have! :)

fish boy - 2009-12-30
I enjoy my black phantoms very much. I have 4 of them along with 3 glowlights, 3 harlequin rasboras, 3 rummy-noses, and a 6-inch pleco. They are always having fake fights and even try to pick fake fights with my other fish. I love the red color of my female. They are very hardy and eat flake food. I highly recommend them.

Fish Lady - 2007-05-17
I bought two male Black Phantom Tetras a while ago, and at first, they terrified me with their mock battles. I thought they were going to kill eachother! When I found out that they were just playing, I was able to enjoy them a lot more. They are very nice fish and make my tank look very active and beautiful! They especially enjoy their weekly treats of bloodworms and brine shrimp!

Adam - 2007-05-14
Great community fish to have and if I may add are very hardy. The first one I bought was about 3 years ago when I still had my 10 gallon and it has undergone 4 tank transfers, surviving the cycling processes for all of them and It's still with me today, currently in a 38 gallon along with 1 Angel, 3 other Black Phantoms, 2 female Bettas, 2 Peppered Corydoras, and 1 Serpae Tetra.

Iam Me - 2007-02-26
Just got a few phantoms for my tank, and must say they are full of surprises. They all have undergone a colour change; the bodies being almost black whilst the colour has gone from their fins. All still healthy and peaceful, though.

Dan McPherson - 2006-06-24
Great fish, best feed them with live foods to bring out there colour

allan wadsworth - 2005-01-23
We have kept Phantoms many times. They are easy going interesting fish. almost playfull. Our small 9 gallon tank has been fine for them until recently. We added 6 tiger barbs and 2 weeks later 6 neon tetras making 21 fish including the 6 phantoms (we refresh 2 gallons of RO water every week). The Phantoms have now become rather shy hidding at the back behind some wood and grass.

Barbara - 2003-11-08
These tetras are beautiful, and in my experiene much less picky than others. Will apdapt easily to many healthy foods and peacful spececies. Many see them as dull, but with adequate lighting, they sparkle. For best overall appearence, keep with contrasting foliage such as the Java Fern. Overall my favorite fish group in the tank.