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You can guess how old the Black-Banded Leporinus is by counting its black stripes!
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Taylor - 2007-09-15
I had a Leporinus Fasciatus for 7 years and loved him very much. His name was Sherman and he was pretty agressive. At over 8 inches, he had stretch marks on his sides and little red teeth. The only other fish I had with him was a Plecostomos that was 7-8 in. He would quarrel at times but they got along pretty well. He was known to try to jump out of the tank if he was upset/frustrated. Once he splashed a third of the water out of his tank when he jumped 6 inches out of it towards me, due to frustration. Although he was a little rough around the edges, he was a great fish with tons of personality.

Rob Baseel - 2007-09-13
I have had my leporinus for about four years or so now and he is just under 1 foot in length. He was always an aggressive and sneaky character, even as a cute little 2" youngster fresh from the LFS. I originally had him in a tank with semi-aggressive tropicals (Tiger Barbs, Pictus Cats, etc...) but the bigger he grew, the more of my other fish he killed off. I came so close to finding him a new home on many different occasions but I just couldn't do it... I found I had grown quite attached to him. Instead I just kept getting bigger fish for him to live with. I now have him in a tank with a Green Severum, A Blue Acara, a common Pleco and a handful of Silver Dollars. Everyone gets along amazingly well with only some occasional half hearted squabbling.

gretchen - 2007-07-20
The Leps are nice, but boy can they consume snails. I had one that ate every snail I put in the tank. I was told they were more towards vegetarian, so I didn't realize it was this fish doing the eating. Kept buying more snails, only having them disappear, with empty floating shells, or actual holes in their shells. As soon as I got rid of the fish, my snails flourished.

David Palermo - 2007-07-09
i raised 13 of these fish in a 115 gal aquarium. This was 10 years ago and they lived for 6 years when i had them. They are a great fish in a sole species tank. They did so well im gonna try it again, but in a 35/40 gal tank with 6 instead of 13. i can't wait to see the results. dave

shana8 - 2007-06-30
I raised one from a baby. When we moved I had to give him away and he jumped out of the bowl before I had a chance to cover it. I heard a cat crying and as we do not have a cat I could not figure out where it was coming from... and it was this fish. I just bought 2 babies and one died. I am feeding it tropical fish food as I did the other, I hope he does ok.

Matt - 2007-05-05
Hi, I have four leporinus in a 85 gallon tank with a couple oscars and plecostomus. They are getting close to 9 inches now. They have been great to own never showing much hostility at all. All the fish were bought as infants and raised together, which may have helped their dispositions.

kyle - 2006-10-17
Hi, I have one with a 1.3 ft pleco, a small pirhana, and two 7 inch pacus. Mine seems to having more fun with other fish. It loves to feed on the bottom of the tank also

Ronda - 2006-08-21
Hi I bought one of these guys and after a week ---my three parrot fish, my angel fish, my pleco and my panda cory catfish all had chewed fins and tails! He would corner my parrot fish and then just keep nipping at her tail. The only one he didn't seem to nibble on was my green severum. I have put him in his own tank. He seems very cranky and I am not sure that I like him too much.I guess time will tell--right now I say he is a MEAN fish! Ronda

declan - 2006-08-07
I got one of these dudes, and it has eaten many fish since I got him a few years ago. I got so mad once, that I snatched him out of the tank and tossed him in the toilet to flush him down the drain. Well he BEAT the flush, despite 2 flushes. After surviving that, I took him out of the toilet and put him back in the tank. He still lives and likes to kill. lol

Mike - 2006-03-21
My Leporinus fasciatus is a beast. I have had him for well over 2 years and is roughly 8in. I have noticed several large chilids and my african butterfly fish, as well as some tiger barbs disappeared. This guy is the killer. I warn anyone who wants one, it is a mean fish and likes live prey, it will not leave any remains, it eats everything of the fish.