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You can guess how old the Black-Banded Leporinus is by counting its black stripes!
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Paul - 2018-11-21
These fish are extremely resilient and a great starter fish, however the length that is mentioned in the facts about fish is of I have one the is 17 1/2” long. They love algae wafer temperamental accessionaly. I have had a 12” rope snake eaten by him because the rope snake was engaging on hi territory they have to have a place of there own. Very personable I have a chair beside my tank and when I sit in it he swims over and hangs out til I get up and he swims back under his tree. Will destroy any placement of decorations so I find myself fixing them weekly. All great fish like have a toddler but no screaming no chasing around the house and well feed once daily

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  • prasadkushe - 2022-08-06
    who were the tank mates for the 17 inches Banded L. What were you feeding him. what food they loved the most. were they fin nipping other fishes. were they aggressive to other fishes.
Dale Brown - 2022-01-18
I don't know how long they should live but I have 2, did have 3 but one jumped out when I wasn't looking about 10 years ago, each about 12 in long. Next month I will have had them for 20 years- is that usual? One named "Lazarus" has survived multiple near death experiences and just keeps on going!

Jodie - 2018-02-10
I have a beautiful Leporinus that has lived for over 15 years in a tank with clown loaches, ghost knife, cory's, Raphael catfish, Botia, parrot, severums, and I have never had any fish go missing including the baby clown loaches. He likes his wood cave(we have lots of wood for everyone to hide in)and doesn't like to share. He will chase them off, but he's never hurt or fin nipped any tank mates. I feed frozen meats( blood worms, brine shrimp) and plenty of veggies (spinach, cucumbers, green beans.

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  • Julie - 2018-07-11
    Hi do you give them fresh green beans or canned? And do you cook any of the veggies before feeding? Thanks
Joe - 2018-02-13
I have a Leporinus that is about 8 to 10 inches and I am trying to find a good home, trying to get into African cichlid, need tank space. If anyone is interested on here please let me know.

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  • Dean Stanfield - 2018-04-01
    I have 55 gallon and would be able to help out since I currently have a leporinus about same size
Mike - 2018-01-21
I've had two of these fish for 12 years now. One is 12 inches ,the otheris 15 inches. Jumpers they are.knocked open the lid daily. Tried plants, the eat them quickly. Mainly feed flakes, and algea wafers

Tommy - 2005-10-16
I've had my 10" leporinus for about 2 years now, and never had any problems with them. One is very bright on the top, possibly a male, and the other has more of a darker shade to it, hopefully a female. I haven't seen any spawning of any sort, just the usual quarraling. They are housed in a 75 with Dwarf Gourami's, Colombian Sharks, and a stingray, as well as, a 14" pleco. Never had a problem with them attacking anything. Although, they don't like the stingray too much. If you have a large tank I would recommend buying a few, although they do get quite big. There black and yellow bands are really colorful and make them stand out in aquaria. Although, they eat all the plants in the tank, they are very clever and show an acute understanding of eachother. When I drop in an algae wafer, the smaller of the two, is observed bringing the wafer to the larger one. While "he or she" is eating, the presenter is allowed to share the territory. It is quite and interesting behavoir. Tommy

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  • Anonymous - 2017-01-31
    That so so cool
  • Diane - 2017-11-08
    Hi i have one now he has eaten all the other fish even my 2 pleckos
Tim - 2017-04-19
I have had 2 Banded Leporinus for 5 years, never had any issues. In a 800 litre tank plenty of room for tank mates. No success in freeding though. I have a pair. Does anyone have any hints please ?

Steve Lucas - 2015-02-17
Just read info on breeding/rearing banded leporinus in captivity. I have one of these in my 6 foot community tank, about 5 years old, so no opportunities for breeding. But we just found a baby in there, about an inch long so probably not very old.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-02-18
    Wow! that is exciting. Keep us posted on how it does.
Robert Frederick - 2003-09-01
Contrary to what most forums say about Leporinus fasciatus, I have had much success with this fish but at a higher temperature (81 degrees). At lower temperatures Ive noticed they are sluggish and seem like they lack energy. They are not an "individual" fish, so I recommend buying at least 2 at a time. If introduced into the aquarium with other fish, I have not had any aggressive behaviour at all excluding the occasional "nipping" if another gets too close. They are an awesome sight and actually like to swim the length of the tank with my Tiger Barbs as if in a race (and are amazingly fast). They like to wander into tight spaces so I recommend getting something with some hideaways (hollow stump, porous rock etc). In the aquarium I also have Convicts, Blue Dwarf Gourami, Tiger Barbs and my childs adopted Goldfish. Believe it or not, they all get along great despite the aggressive ratings that each are given.

Jeff & Mimi - 2012-04-15
My wife and I had agreed too give our black banded lepor aka ( striper )a new home after my brother gave him up for adoption. He was around a inch and half long and very hungry. He ate pretty much everything we had in the tank with him. We fed him twice a day and he is now around 8 inches long . He is quite an architect .. Always changing the landscaping of the tank. He lives with 5 fancy tail goldfish, 2 silver catfish, several bottom feeders. He is such a character and never a dull moment. We enjoy watching him

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  • Max miller - 2013-03-12
    I was thinking to get a black one and one with yellow and black of the leporinus. The only tank i have is 150 gal but has a 10 corys and 2 plecos will they jeust fit in there right and ? Petco said that plecos get up to 40 inches and so now i just have them in that you think i should get a bigger tank or what?