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The Striped Raphael Catfish is very peaceful and thought to be the nicest of the Thorny Catfish!
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Linda Ann - 2016-02-27
Our Raphael catfish is 30 years old & still going strong &, who knows at what age he was when we got him!!!! We named him Scaredy cat as he likes to hide in his lava rock. He has outlived all our other fish so, he the only lone survivor.

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  • Ron - 2016-03-02
    I bought my black and white pal before I got married and a friend's daughter named him Spike. A book at the time said he might live up to 13 years. My wife came along and thought this lodger won't be around for long. Time moves on and we now have a 20 year old daughter. Spike has survived 4 house moves, a long power outage and a bout of illness. One day recently 'The Boyfriend' thought he would be helpful and do a tank clean for me. Being an expert with fish he decided to move Spike by hand, ignoring my warnings as to his makeup. Spike who was so impressed with the level care being shown kindly drew blood :-). Spike is now around 26-27 years old and hides in a bit of old land drain in my home office tank. I often get a growl from him in the evenings and when it's quiet, letting me know he is still around.
Michael - 2016-02-17
I've got 2 cat fish, they have been great very peaceful but the past week the seems to have become very restless, they can't seem to lie still, always going to the top of the tank and now to top of it off the 3 little guppies I've got in with them seem to be picking on them, like they are trying to bite them! We have done a 50% water change and tested tee water since and all seems fine! All the other fish seem tone okay and are not bothering the catfish, just the guppies! Any ideas?

N/A - 2015-08-25
hi thanks, will doing a 50% water change every 2nd week help with growth rate

N/A - 2015-08-23
Hi, I bought my talking catfish a year and a half ago at about 2-3 inches and now it is only 4-4.5 inches is this normal growth rate I have it in a 50 gallon fish tank

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-08-24
    They are considered slow growers conpared to other types of fish. From what I've read your growth rate seems to be about right.
sephanie - 2015-07-27
I have two,3 year old striped raphael catfish and one of them is very swollen in the belly? ? ? Anyone know why the fish would look like it is about to blow up? ? I am very upset and can't find much info on these fish and any sickness this could be from. . . . Please help! ! Thanks! !

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-08-06
    Check all your water parameters, these fish can bloat especially if the nitrates are too high. If everything is fine, it could be a swim bladder problem or a bacterial infection, but it's hard to say.
N/A - 2015-04-20
Hi, ok thanks will let you know if I can get It to eat outa my hand. The wound or Infection is gone, I will just be doing one More dosing to insure the bacteria is gone. Thanks a lot for your help if I have any More questions I will ask you, thanks a lot

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-04-20
    Great news, so glad to hear he's better!
N/A - 2015-04-13
Hi there, I bought a maybe 3 inch raphael Catfish about one year ago and I put it in a 30 gallon and then had a small problem with algea And moved it to my 10 gallon and I am now Setting up a 55 gallon, but now he has a Silver patch that seems to me like a fungus But I felt it and it wasn't soft so can you Please help me I don't want him to die, thanks

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-04-14
    If the patch is not fuzzy or cottony in appearance, that rules out collumnaris as well as most fungal diseases. It could be damaged skin, or the skin may be changing color with age if it matches the color of the stomach. You can add some melafix to the tank to help ward off any bacterial or fungal infections. Always avoid fungal medications or salt as these scaleless fish don't do well with either. Keep an eye on him, he should do much better in the 55 gallon.
  • N/A - 2015-04-14
    Hello there thanks a lot it doesn't seem to Grow, I've been putting 5ml every 3 days From the 13nth april of tetra medica general Tonic, is that ok, I'm in namibia so my Medical supplies are limited, if it is not ok Do you know someone that can ship the Medicine to me. Thank you
  • Clarice Brough - 2015-04-16
    Glad to hear it is not growing. Sounds you are using a good stabilizing medicine, and hopefully the patch will soon recede. The best to both you and your fish.
  • N/A - 2015-04-17
    Thank you I hope he will live
  • N/A - 2015-04-17
    And do you maybe know how to get it to eat Out of my hand, thanks
  • Clarice Brough - 2015-04-20
    Not sure about it ever eating out of you hand. I've never had that happen, but let us know if it does:)
  • N/A - 2015-04-20
    Ok thanks a lot, the wound or infections is Now only a few spots where is was, I am still Goin to throw in for two more doses just to Make sure the bacteria is gone. Thanks a lot For you information
Nicky Bates - 2014-12-16
Hi we had 2of these croaking catfish unfortunately the smaller one got sick an died the beginning of the year the second one we have is hugely fat bellied now he sits in the castle All the time we had to chop the arches out so the fatty can get in n out he's very lethargic n as far as I no he's about 3 years old but he's not him self we thought he was dead twice now but still he swims on is he just a fatty cake n lazy ??? Or is he gettin sick any help would be a appreciated .

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  • Boarnster - 2015-02-14
    Dear Nicky. Our catfish lady displays the same behavior. She is now almost 25 years old and can still sometimes surprise me. Don’t worry too much.
Ellen - 2014-12-31
I have a Raphael and at the time of purchase they said it was a striped catfish and it wouldn't get very big, well I thought it was cute and got it not having the info that I'm hearing now, for along time after I got it I thought my big pleco had ate him, he was approx 2' and my pleco was about 12' , come to find out 8 months later I found him and it's cause he was kicking my other pleco out of the hiding log that they have been sharing. My biggest concern is I have 3 pleco, 3 LG Silver dollars 2 LG Striped Angel fish and 2 tropical, who's in danger and how much danger

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-12-31
    Nice tank! Sounds like their all scuffling for their 'owned' hiding places, but other than that there probably isn't much danger. Maybe add some more driftwood to create additional places for retreat so everybody can be happy. Again... very cool tank:)
Steven Jones - 2014-12-28
Hi,i'm a beginner in having an aquarium and have a 30 gallon rectangel tank.recently my stripped raphael has been swimming up to the top of the water like he's trying to jump out alot,any suggesstions because this has me worried.....the water is pretty hard,and high in alkalinity i've tried some ph water treatment chem. a little at a time as not to stress him too much and the pet shop lady suggested using aquarium salt,which i did and it didnt help.i cant afford a reverse osmosis water filter yet but have a tetra whisper dual filter,i also use a gravel vac. to make sure the tank is clean,and an air bubbler,but it's only rated for a 10 gallon tank, and the temp. is usally between 72-74 degerees f.i have an imitation log for him to swim in for cover and feed him,and my other 2 fish once a day to avoid over feeding.i also havea bala sharkand a silver dollar and they seem to be getting along just fine....any suggestions/help for a new-b?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-12-29
    Sounds like a great tank! It also sounds like there may not be enough oxygenation in the water... which is often why catfish swim to the surface rather than hanging at the bottom. Increase the surface movement to increase the oxygen... using a powerhead or air pump. Aggitating the surface allows gas bubbles in the water to be exchanged for oxygen from the atmostphere.