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The Striped Raphael Catfish is very peaceful and thought to be the nicest of the Thorny Catfish!
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Eydie - 2016-03-12
I found this website and enjoyed your information on the Striped Raphael Catfish so I thought I would submit a comment. I no longer have a receipt of purchase but a long-ago boyfriend found 2 of these cute bottom feeders at a pet store and brought them home for my tank. The smaller one lived 15 years and at some point I changed my 29-gallon (long) tank to a 10-gallon one to accommodate two remaining fish until their end. The store is long gone, as is the boyfriend. Family members have since passed and I have moved (with my catfish) several times. A long-time buddy remembers visiting my tank years ago. Every so often, she and other acquaintances ask me, 'Do you still have THAT fish?' Yes, I do; just the one. 41 years later, 'Catnafish' and I continue to get together for regular aquarium water changes as I wonder, at age 66, who will live longer? Just wanted to share this with you and your readers.

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  • Anonymous - 2020-02-15
    Greetings, Dillon. I realize you came across my comment awhile back but I don't stop on this site often and here I am responding months later. I still have 'Catnafish,' my striped Raphael catfish. Although I don't turn the calendar page on any particular date, I have her from age 25. I am now 70 so here in 2020, she's 45. She is very hardy and has handled extreme tank situations. I have no other fish. I've so enjoyed many fish during my hobby adventure and many equipment changes during the years but when she goes, the tank will be shut down. She's been one of my favorite aquarium tenants and, of course, the longest lasting. I highly recommend this hardy catfish character especially for the cute factor. To all fish hobbyists reading this site and learning the hobby, I say 'Enjoy your hobby adventure!'
  • Jan - 2020-10-18
    Really cool to see others with long-lived Raphael catfish. I have a family member who's Raphael Catfish turned 50 this year.
  • Dillon - 2019-10-10
    So this fish is 44 years old?
  • Dillon - 2019-10-10
    So you have had this "Catnafish" for 44 years now? I'm sure that it was already a year or so old when you got it.
  • Eydie A Reed - 2020-02-15
    I'm sorry my comment read 'anonymous.' I was sure I placed my name in the proper blocks. (sheesh) (Eydie)
  • Eydie A Reed - 2019-07-13
    I'm sorry, Bertrand, I just decided to come back to this site and noticed your note. Yes, "Catnafish" is still with me. She's a hardy one, for sure. Thanks for asking.
  • Eydie A Reed - 2019-07-14
    Yes, Bertrand, my catfish is still alive. Yesterday, we experienced a leaky aquarium and quickly set up another tank. Hopefully, she will continue to thrive. Thanks for asking.
  • Bertrand Sant - 2019-02-08
    Hi Eydie! is the catfish still alive today?🤗
  • EYDIE - 2020-12-19
    Jan, that's so cool! Who would imagine that a tropical fish in a home environment could live as long as this. Let's check in from time-to-time and see how our hardy fish are thriving. (Eydie)
Brooke - 2019-12-13
I have a yellow and black striped catfish and he is not yellow he's pink and I don't know why. If someone knows please let me know what i can do and if hes sick or not.

Dawn Karen Counts - 2019-12-03
That is just incredible! I have 2 stripeys, Snoopy and Woodstock,and for 3 years they never emerged from their hiding places and seemed the most boring fish . Then one day Snoop began swimming for hours and hours everyday. He is so much fun to watch and has so much personality. I even changed his name from John,to Snoopy because his dance looks like the happy dance, snoopy does in the Charlie Brown cartoons! Woody is a bit more sedate but does now, come out to eat, and occasionally swims around, tho she did almost jump out of the tank about 5 minutes ago! These guys have such amazing personalities, they just require a bit of patience. They live peacefully with my guppies, cory cats and beloved Bettas. I look forward to growing old with them! They have been with me for 5 years, here is to 50 more!

Sue - 2019-07-24
My Raph is at least 25 years old. My niece got him for her 3rd birthday. At some point, her parents weren't really keeping up with the tank so I took him and got him into a 10g tank (he was in a 3g). He moved on to a 20 and has been in a 46g for the last 16 or 17 years.

Eleanor Soto - 2018-07-03
I bought my catfish in 1993 and he/She is still with me. 25 and going strong. In fact , I had to reduce the size of the tank to keep him with me when I moved to Mexico and Now that are more active and interactive. Change the water and filter every two weeks.

Angie - 2015-12-27
My son and I just bought a striped and a spotted Raphael catfish...but the striped one is curled up like a ball?!? I have seen him swim a little...he does lay upside down but this being curled up and his fins are not fanned out...they are closed :( I am really worried about both of these fish! People say they are very hardy but they both look VERY sick or sad or something! Our tiger barbs look great! Our water is a little cloudy...but just did a 40% water change. Can they be upset/stressed because they don't have a cave or something to hide in? Will this kill them? They have been like this for about 2 days. Any help will certainly be appreciated!!!

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  • Anonymous - 2015-12-31
    I would give a hiding spot soon and more one. I would also take a picture of the fish and someone a the petstore.
  • Jordan - 2018-06-29
    It could be ammonia. Do a water test. If it’s great, it’s definitely from stress. If it’s not from the water it could be from not having a hide. They like to hide until night as they are nocturnal. Especially bringing him home he should have somewhere to feel safe. For the tiger barbs, they are known to nip at other fish. Probably the combination of that and not being able to hide? If the water is cloudy I’m definitely worried about the water quality. Stress will kill fish if diseases stemming from it doesn’t. Fish the above problems and rule them out, if nothing works it’s probably stressed from the transportation and the shock of a new tank. Give it a couple days, he should eat better once he adapts, sounds like he’s in great stress so he could possibly die from it. Hope all goes well
Anonymous - 2018-02-15
I just want to inform that i have 2 that has an known age of 27 and 31 years of age. Regards Roar Skaare (Norway,Oslo) date 16 Feb 2018

HT - 2017-05-30
Hiya, I recently acquired a catfish from someone who is disposing of his tank. It looks like a Striped Raphael Catfish but its stripes are orange against a black body. Can anyone identify this fish for me? TIA

Lee Webb - 2016-12-27
Hello everyone, ok so we have two humbug catfish ( Striped Raphael Catfish ) around 4-5 inches in our big tropical fish tank. now as we all know these catfish are meant to be friendly and peaceful, however one of our humbugs is acting strange over the last couple of weeks he or she is trying to jump out the water he or she is swimming up to the surface and really making the water swish around has anyone else's carried out this behaviour.

Cherie Chantler - 2016-10-22
We have a striped raphael catfish...named Stripes, naturally....who is at least 40 years old..cannot remember exactly when it was bought. It is about 7 inches long, lives in a rock tunnel in our tank, and just pokes its nose out during the day. At about 3am, it explodes into life and charges arpound the tank, uprooting and breaking plants and scooping holes in the gravel