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The Spotted Raphael Catfish makes a croaking or clicking noise when you take it out of the aquarium!
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Tracy - 2007-12-23
I have had my spotted for 12 years...his nickname is the warrior because he has lasted through 4 different aquariums and outlasted dozens of fish. He has had most of his fins and tail pecked off but he still keeps on kicking. My spotted likes to hang out by the filter tube in this new tank. I didn't see him for years because he hid in a fake cave prior to that. Over the years I have suspected him of eating my fish but I can't prove it. VERY hearty fish. Be prepared for a long term commitment.

kerry B - 2007-07-08
I have 2 spotted Raphael catfish. Ive had them for about 4 years, but didnt see much of them! I have just recently bought a spotlight, that simulates moonlight and can now watch them both swimming around the tank on the night time! They both have their own hiding places during the day, I assumed they didnt enjoy each others company! But, they actually swim together quite happily during the night! I think they are really beautiful fishies! I love their fat little bellies! AWWW!

Mithat Music - 2007-01-21
I've just got my spotted raphael a day ago but its a cool fish. It likes to hang out with the sucker fish upside down in the log when they are both in there, but it moved to under the branch of the log where we can all see it. Whenever I clean the tank and go to put it back in it does like a sort of 360 flip before it goes back into its spot. It gets along good with the other fish but I do feel sorry for it because both if its fins are torn and yet it still swims fine so its a real tough fish.

Aline - 2006-08-09
I bought my raphael spotted catfish a while ago. At first, it was always hiding in the plants, under the rocks, well anywhere he could and we never had the opportunity to see it. It was even a problem to feed him because the gouramis in my tank were faster than the big raphael to get the food. Some months ago, I bought a little reptile cave and added it to my tank to give him a place to hide whenever he wants. Now it's his permanent house and once in a while my fish visit him in his pretty cave, hehe. The nice thing is: everytime i give food to my fish(and to the catfish), he gets out and gives a little show until he finds his food. It looks like he's more confident or something. i dunno it may look silly, but whatever, it works and we have the chance to see him everyday now:)

jess - 2006-04-21
Max, the spotted raphael living in my tank has to be one of my favorite fish. I love to watch him cruise around the tank bottom at night, and by day he has a few certain hiding spots that he loves to curl up in. He shares the tank with an african clawed frog, and two blue gouramis. My husbands tank houses a striped raphael, pygmy cory cats, and our juvenile betas. I have to personally say that the raphael cats are wonderful additions to any tank.

Jim from Warwick, RI - 2006-03-30
I have a spotted raph for about 2 years now! He's a great addition to my tank but he never does anything! He hides in his log and NEVER comes out. When I first got him I bought 2 and the other one died quickly, I dont know why but this one survived and has been living for the past 2 years. I dont know how long they are supposed to live but what sucks is that he never comes out. I havent seen him in about a year and a half! I now have a striped one in there with him and they actually hide together! Its pretty funny.

Anna, from Alaska - 2005-11-04
I have had a spotted raphael for 15 years. I dont know how long they are supposed to live, but I sure love mine! He is fat and happy!

Jordan - 2005-10-28
I have had two spotted talking catfish in my 120 gallon tank for almost a year now. It quickly became obvious to me that they are exclusively nocturnal, so I bought a little moon light fixture which is controlled by a timer and goes on for two hours at midnight every night. I am really glad I invested in the moon light fixture, because as soon as it comes on I can see the talking cats swimming around along the bottom in the dark. I have NEVER seen them in the daytime during which they wedge themselves into narrow crevices in bogwood I have in the tank. It really is a treat to see them being active in the moon light. I think their ballon-like bellies fulfill some function which is yet not understood by experts.

val - 2005-09-18
We have a talking cat in our tank with discus fish. His name is The Tank. We were really worried about his distended looking belly....that is until we read what everyone else says about theirs. He is fat and happy. He really likes algae wafers and pushes the pleco out of the way to eat the wafers. He used to live behind the aerator but now he has a log that he wedges himself under. He likes to ferret his food to this spot as well. So far he has only stabbed my husband twice when we moved him to different tanks.

karl fethe - 2005-09-14
if you're a beginning aquarist, this is the fish to start with. i bought a spotted raphael cat from walmart about a year ago, maybe longer, he still outlasts 90% of the fish that i put in my tank