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Iridescent Shark Catfish are very graceful, elegant swimmers and beautiful fish to watch!
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I want to sell my two iridecent sharks from jharkhand india

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  • Anonymous - 2019-08-16
    Can u send it to Nigeria because I'm willing to buy them
Teresa - 2017-11-17
I have a shark I’m giving away for free it’s about a foot long.

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  • Maddie - 2017-11-20
    Hi, could you email me some pictures of your shark and give me some info on his species, temperament, tank mates, food, and age?
  • Dale Langston - 2018-04-22
    Hello Teresa you still have your shark?
  • Anonymous - 2019-08-16
    Do you still have the sharks. I'm willing to have them. Thanks
Muktish Narain - 2019-03-08
Hello I have a pangasius shark about 50cm, its in an IBC tank alone for a while now, waiting for my big tank to be finished, once its finished, I want to have Koi, can I keep the shark along with Koi? Thank you.

farzad bayat - 2018-12-12
hey i need 7 pangasius shark black and i will pay for it and im in san Antonio location.thank u

Tom Gates - 2018-10-01
I have a bueatiful 13 to 14 inch male Pangasius shark. What should I ask for it. He has quadtriplied in size in just a few months. Does anyone have any thoughts? Thanks, Tom

Prashant Dey - 2018-08-02
I want some tips plzzz help iridescent shark is not eating food after I did a complete water change & cleaning of my tank...

Jackie - 2016-07-14
We have two large iridescent sharks we are looking to find another home for. Our tank is too small and they are very large. Do you have a big tank? Do you know they can grow 3-4 feet? Where are you located?

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  • Dale Langston - 2018-04-22
    Hello I know this ad is July 2016? but I figured if its still on here you must of not got rid of the sharks yet? What size tank do you have them in or did have them in? And if you still have them I am interested in them.
  • Silbert Barrett - 2018-05-27
    how long it takes for them to get to 3-4 feet
Kelsey - 2017-12-07
I actually was wondering if it was omay if i could feed my iridescent shark while i use E.M. ERYTHROMYCIN powder packets since he does has a white fungus on his eye.

Brittney Sanders - 2016-06-24
I wanna buy 2 iridescent sharks plz contact me

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  • Paul - 2016-10-06
    I've got three,for sale two white albeno about 11 Inc and a black & blue one about 12 inch long
  • ammara parvez - 2016-12-07
    Hey,I have two iridescent sharks which i want to sell as they need a bigger tank. one is 12" and the other roughly 10-11"
  • isela - 2017-12-06
    i want it info please
  • isela - 2017-12-06
    i want it info please
  • Teresa - 2017-11-17
    I have one for free it’s about afoot long
Dylanray Scott Taylor - 2015-03-05
My girlfriend really loves sharks and we have bought four of theses sharks I want to know how to rais them do u have to do to keep them alive

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-03-10
    For a very good start on how to keep these fish, please see all the Iridescent Shark information up above. You will learn about the aquarium size and setup, foods and feeding, social behaviors, tank care,... and a whole lot more:) And then enjoy your fish!
  • James - 2015-07-28
    One of my catfish shark has a super big belly, which i suspect it to be pregnant? Could you provide more details on breeding of such fishes? optimal size of breeding, time taken for the shark to lay eggs? will the female eat her own eggs?
  • Anonymous - 2015-08-01
    they are not real sharks