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The Featherfin Catfish is a pretty fish with delicate lacy fins and a polka dot patterning!
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??? - 2016-05-20
Would it be ok to keep a FeatherFin Squeaker in a 55 gallon tall tank with 1 Yoyo loach (I lost the rest to skinny disease), 1 Banjo Catfish, 3 Johanni Cichlids, 1 Synodontis Nigritis, and 1 Upside down cat. Could i get a Featherfin squeaker, and two Peacock eels as well??? Thanks! -???

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  • DustinTheFishBreeder - 2020-12-10
    I'd upgrade to a 75 Gal tank before adding anymore bottom/mid dwelling species. also, I suggest getting half-banded spiny eels instead of Peacock eels since while both are not true eels (they are both spiny eels) peacock eels tend to be territorial but half-banded spiny eels don't mind the company of others of the same species. (Also, peacock eels can reach lengths up to one and a half feet long while half-banded spiny eels get 7.9 inches long. both have a diet consisting of only freshly frozen meaty foods and live foods (freshly dead ghost shrimp are fine too), they will not eat flake foods and rarely will eat processed foods like wafers and pellets (most will not though).They both REQUIRE sand or very fine gravel (sand with a slightly bigger particle size) due to their delicate skin (technically they have extremely small scales that are very delicate and sensitive) and their habit to bury themselves when they are stressed/feel threatened or are hiding from the light but are too lazy to find cover. featherfin squeakers (as well as banjo catfish, corydoras catfish,and some other catfish like: those in the syndontis family which featherfin squeakers and upside-down catfish are a part of) also do much, much better in sand (the ones I listed technically require it to be at their healthiest). So what i'm basically trying to say is, upgrade to a 75 gal (even bigger if you want more fish) then maybe get a featherfin squeaker and 2-5 half-banded spiny eels.
barbara - 2019-07-29
I have a 55gal hex tank and my featherfin is typically pretty peaceful with other fish other than an occasional bullying by getting them out of the way... only seems to have an issue with my pleco (both of them are the same size) however i think it's only because recently i added some more decor and it might be a bit too cramped at the base of the tank so i will be removing some decor to see if that helps some. the featherfin cohabitates with the pleco, a black moor goldfish, a few guppies, 1 shrimp, 1 convict cichlid, and 1 gourami. the goldfish, guppies, shrimp, and gourami are all recent additions to the tank...i've had the rest of the fish anywheres from 2-4 years now.

Alexander - 2004-02-23
Featherfin Synodontis (eupterus) is a relatively peaceful community fish, that cohabitates in my 90G tank with 5 bumblebee Gobies, one Gold Nugget Pleco, one Zebra Pleco and one Gold Line Pleco.
Recently, I added one Synodontis Angelicus after changes in the tank, that made it more structurally complex (meaning adding more hiding spaces in the form of rocks and caves, but also Mopani wood-specially treated, so it doesnt give the water a tea colour, but it maintains its nutritional characteristics.-)
The behaviour of the Featherfin is peaceful, even with the other Synodontis, and he is a marvel to watch.
Care should be taken to provide him with ample food (not only pellets, but also zuccini and cucumber will be appreciated and blood worms)and it will not fail you to show its magnificent dorsal and anal fins.
Nevertheless, if not placed in ample space - at least a 35 G is recommended- and not properly and adequately fed it might eat smaller fish and become aggresive.
Anyway, do you blame him if he does?

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  • rocky - 2014-03-14
    My featherfin is older than me and I'm 29. It is as lively today as it was 10 years ago.
  • Sheri - 2018-03-21
    The one we have loves green beans!
Aaron - 2013-04-05
My two featherfins and pictus in my 55 gallon have gotten along great with each other, as well as 7 corys, 1 dwarf gourami, 1 female firemouth, 2 Chinese algae eaters, 4 giant danios, and ramshorn snails. I did however get rid of my two Chinese algae eaters, as they were just too territorial/fast/jerky. Not to mention they don't eat algae much as adults. I also have my gf my gourami, for some reason my firemouth would chase him and swim around him like a mate. I use to have a kenyi African cichlid when most of my fish were in a 29 gallon. I know it says featherfins are great with them but after seeing him all of a sudden become aggressive at age 2 and bite my catfishes barbs, he had to go. All around, my aquarium has done great. I've made huge improvements in my care, like converting from fake to all live plants, water changes every couple days, changing from gravel to pool filter sand, having a consistent heater, day and night cycle, and mixed diet. I look back on my 29 gallon days, and even though my fish made it through, I still feel absolutely awful about having kept the light on 24/7 for so long. Me and my fish are a billion times happier and healthier now. As soon as can I will upgrade to a 90 gallon tank to provide even more room and cover for the fish to grow.

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  • Mr.Weenie - 2017-07-07
    I have 2 featherfins and they are living with 2 Albino walking cats. They are ok with the other cats so I was wondering if I would get another fish in this tank , what would it be....
  • Mr.Weenie - 2017-07-07
    I think it might be a cat
Anonymous - 2015-12-05
Hi im planning to buy a 10 gallon tank and set it up as a planted tank so im just thinking if its ok to have a featherfin catfish with a betta and some neon tetras? Plus im also adding some other tetras.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-12-07
    Your tank is really too small for a featherfin catfish. Some good catfish to keep with tetras, that are smaller bottom dwellers, are the Corys.
  • Julie - 2017-03-21
    They don't get on with Cory doras !!!!!
  • Donne Scott - 2017-03-23
    I have 3 featherfin syno cats and they do not bother my 4 cory dorys at all. I've actually caught them all cuddle together before. I have betta's, tiger barbs, golden barbs, algae eater, and Bala's. I don't know about under the cover of darkness, mine are always out during the day playing. I love watching them. All 3 of my synos I got from Wal-Mart. 2 are kinda handicaped. 1 has just thier back tail fin, 1 has only half of a tail back fin and 1 is complete with all fins. But, I love them all, even my 2 handicapped one's. I've had them all for 2 years now. I had to learn about Lateral Line disease. They unfortunately had when i purchased them. But seem to be ok.
Sandra Whitmore - 2016-12-29
Hi I have a feather fin.rescued from a friend . Have new tank 45 gallon.novice so collecting info.think it's a she .becoming very friendly but only with me . Need some buddies for her . In perfect condition so don't want fighting any suggestions pls. Sandy.

Ryan - 2016-02-11
I have a 50 gallon tank with 2 large bristlenose catfish, a red tail shark, 2 clown loaches and 4 corys (2 different types) they all get along great most the other fish stay in there own domain and only come out to feed and when it's dark so would I be okay to get a featherfin for my tank he is about 15cm and he was raised with tons of snails and bristlenose catfish

Teresa Leigh-Helay - 2015-10-20
I bought 2 featherfin cats about two years ago naming them Herbie and Horatio I thought they were syndontis nigriventris as they look the same when young they were less than 2 inches would bite my goldfish they are both now 8 inches the most amusing fish i have they nip and then chase each other around the tank when not hiding out in the cave they share they love eating earthworms I personally would not put them with African cichlids as most of the featherfins I've seen kept with them have damaged fins and generally don't look well seem better in an active community tank setting if you don't have really small fish or slow moving fish that would be startled by their antics although when smaller they were with rummynose tetras with no problems I wouldn't chance it now they are full size.

Rito Aru - 2015-09-13
Is it ok to keep them with 8 tiger barbs and 10 zebra danios and a common pleco ..??

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-09-24
    You should be okay with that mix, as the barbs and danios will tend to swim in the upper and middle regions of the tank rather than on the bottom. The two catfish should be okay if the tank is large enough for each. The Featherfin is a food hog and may be very pushy about getting offered food, so feed in several areas of the tank to avoid conflict.
  • Anonymous - 2015-10-01
    So is it ok to keep them w/ a bichir and a texas cichid or not??
  • Clarice Brough - 2015-10-04
    To keep any fish together successfully, read the info on each type of fish you want to add. Look at their social behaviors, but also their diet and what part of the tank they occupy. For example, you'll quickly learn that a Texas Cichlid is one mean fish, and will probably take out any other companion.
  • fume - 2015-10-16
    the jannitor fish 95% effective tank clener becaue it has a mouth-like a suction cup that fits to any surfaces in your aquarium such as like the plants, substrats and many others and is very much more have a cheaper price compared to a feather fin catfish.
Anonymous - 2015-10-01
I have a 55 gallon tank with a huge algae problem. I have algae growing on live plants. Is there any fish/liquid that can get read of the algae

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  • Kito - 2015-10-02
    Why dont you try some chinese algae eaters or small sized plecos. For some bottom scavengers you can add some corydoras. Well of course you need some specific tank mates for them.