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Wartank - 2020-11-02
I have a jaguar cichlid with a Flowerhorn and Mayan for 6 months.They begin as little 1.5' fries. It seems the FH outgrew the others considerably, and is now 6.5' whereas the rest are only 4.5'.I feel they need to be separated as they are always hiding away from the FH aggression in their own holes that I provided. Should I move them away and as such, what tankmates should be introduced?

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justice - 2008-08-20
I have a pleco thats a foot long. I measured when he was on the side and he is in a small tank 18 inches. Should he get that big, all I have in there are 6 guppies but we don't have the funds to buy a new tank, will he get bigger?

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  • steve quirk - 2020-10-26
    hi there , leopard plecos can get to 20 inches
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Allie - 2018-10-01
Outdated inaccurate information.... The albino cory is of the species Corydoras aeneus ... Also known as the bronze cory... Selectivly bred in captivity for the albino trait as it does not occur in the wild. They do not even have the same body shape as the peppered cory. Not sure why that was even posted considering any other site anywhere online has them labled correctly. Really strange that whoever made this fish profile would post something so easily proven incorrect.

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  • Fishkeeper - 2020-02-05
    Albino corydoras can be any species with the albino gene. It won't just be the bronze cory that has been bred for its gene, im sure of that.
  • Craig - 2020-10-11
    Indeed, there are two types of Albino Cory available in the trade; Aeneus and Paleatus. I’ve seen both in local fish stores, simply labelled ‘Albino Cory’ with no distinction either way. In fact, one store had both types in the same tank and selling them as the same fish. Aeneus are certainly more common, but Paleatus do show up in albino form fairly often.
  • Editor's Note - 2020-10-14
    Possibly, but in our research so far we have found they are believed to be derived from Corydoras paleatus. Two of the references cited on the bottom of this page suggest this; Dr. Herbert R. Axelrod in his book 'Aquarium Fishes of the World' shows the albino form of C. paleatus (page 430); and also author Richard Geis,  in his book 'Catfish Keeping & Breeding Them in Captivity,' also suggests in the caption of his albino photo, this color form being C. paleatus (page 54). However if you can share a resource suggesting they are C. aeneus , we would love to review it.
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Jose Torres - 2020-10-01
I’d like to buy a few scats if possible.

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annabella - 2020-09-15
Siamese Algae and Chinese Algae eater are NOT the same fish. the Siamese Algae is also called "flying fox" and look a little like otto-catfish. Chinese Algae and the Siamese Algae are often confused for each other because of the latter part of the name.

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john t franklin - 2020-09-12
I got a Talking Catfish named "Scooby"...because he loves these algae disc we call "Scooby Snacks" from the cartoon show....Me and my wife meet and got married we founded out we both love fish so Scooby was the first fish we brought and after 25 years and thru two major hurricanes where we lost power for weeks Scooby is STILL alive a well...

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Jessa - 2020-08-17
I have read certain armored catfish and plecos have been kept with Red Bellies. I was wondering is a Feathersail Squeaker Sydondis could be? They are a larger, spiked cat and live with Cichlids in the wild. Thank you.

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  • Anonymous - 2021-05-21
    helloooooooooooooo i love these animals so thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Jamz ❤️ - 2020-08-16
I have golden child with angel fish , all types of cichlids , rainbows , discuss and some fish I don’t know lol.. that kids happy🤣😂

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jd - 2020-07-18
The fish pictured is NOT a true p. altum

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Alice - 2020-07-03
I have 2 small fantail fish: a red one and a grey spotted one. They grey seems to suffers from swim bladder problems (in the evening it swims on his side and he struggles to reach the bottom of the tank). So just to help the grey fish, every morning I feed them a soft boiled pea and later on in the day, just a few soaked flakes of fish food. My question: is it enough for them? They haven’t got any other source of food (plastic plant as decoration). I am worried that in order to keep the grey one well, the red one is starving or perhaps both of them are hungry. Thanks.


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