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Lou - 2021-03-11
I recently rescued a dojo loach from a friend's community tank. I have cared for other aquatic pets but not these guys. This page was very informative and I feel a little more confident I'll be able to care for my new loach properly.

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Ethan - 2021-01-05
i have a ringtail pike cichlid and he is with a rainbow shark and a senegal bichir and he's fine

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Eydie - 2016-03-12
I found this website and enjoyed your information on the Striped Raphael Catfish so I thought I would submit a comment. I no longer have a receipt of purchase but a long-ago boyfriend found 2 of these cute bottom feeders at a pet store and brought them home for my tank. The smaller one lived 15 years and at some point I changed my 29-gallon (long) tank to a 10-gallon one to accommodate two remaining fish until their end. The store is long gone, as is the boyfriend. Family members have since passed and I have moved (with my catfish) several times. A long-time buddy remembers visiting my tank years ago. Every so often, she and other acquaintances ask me, 'Do you still have THAT fish?' Yes, I do; just the one. 41 years later, 'Catnafish' and I continue to get together for regular aquarium water changes as I wonder, at age 66, who will live longer? Just wanted to share this with you and your readers.

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  • Anonymous - 2020-02-15
    Greetings, Dillon. I realize you came across my comment awhile back but I don't stop on this site often and here I am responding months later. I still have 'Catnafish,' my striped Raphael catfish. Although I don't turn the calendar page on any particular date, I have her from age 25. I am now 70 so here in 2020, she's 45. She is very hardy and has handled extreme tank situations. I have no other fish. I've so enjoyed many fish during my hobby adventure and many equipment changes during the years but when she goes, the tank will be shut down. She's been one of my favorite aquarium tenants and, of course, the longest lasting. I highly recommend this hardy catfish character especially for the cute factor. To all fish hobbyists reading this site and learning the hobby, I say 'Enjoy your hobby adventure!'
  • Eydie A Reed - 2020-02-15
    I'm sorry my comment read 'anonymous.' I was sure I placed my name in the proper blocks. (sheesh) (Eydie)
  • Dillon - 2019-10-10
    So this fish is 44 years old?
  • Dillon - 2019-10-10
    So you have had this "Catnafish" for 44 years now? I'm sure that it was already a year or so old when you got it.
  • EYDIE - 2020-12-19
    Jan, that's so cool! Who would imagine that a tropical fish in a home environment could live as long as this. Let's check in from time-to-time and see how our hardy fish are thriving. (Eydie)
  • Eydie A Reed - 2019-07-13
    I'm sorry, Bertrand, I just decided to come back to this site and noticed your note. Yes, "Catnafish" is still with me. She's a hardy one, for sure. Thanks for asking.
  • Eydie A Reed - 2019-07-14
    Yes, Bertrand, my catfish is still alive. Yesterday, we experienced a leaky aquarium and quickly set up another tank. Hopefully, she will continue to thrive. Thanks for asking.
  • Bertrand Sant - 2019-02-08
    Hi Eydie! is the catfish still alive today?🤗
  • Jan - 2020-10-18
    Really cool to see others with long-lived Raphael catfish. I have a family member who's Raphael Catfish turned 50 this year.
  • EYDIE REED - 2021-01-30
    Greetings, folks. I came in to the site today to follow-up on my few past comments sharing my Striped Raphael Catfish story. 'Catnafish' was found dead today when I went to make a water change in her tank. Although the loss of a fish is low on the priority of life, I'll miss the familiarity of our routine for 46 years. She was one of my favorite fish through the years; she was very docile. She had been purchased as a tiny tot when I was 25. Now at age 71, I decided not to continue an aquarium community(she was my last remaining fish--for a long time) but that doesn't lessen the fact that collecting fish is a wonderful hobby and I wish continued success and adventures with those of you having a tank and all those wonderful creatures you choose to include. Thanks for sharing your comments and thanks to this site for allowing us to share the adventure.
  • EYDIE REED - 2021-03-06
    Hi, everyone. Since it appears my 01/29/21 message has not appeared, and I kept a copy of my text, I'll try risking another similar message. I want to share a follow-up to several of my previous comments relating my long-time experience with my aging Striped Raphael Catfish. She had been purchased from a pet store years ago when I was 25. I discovered 'Catnafish' dead in her cave on 01/29/21 when I went to give the tank a partial water exchange. Although the loss of a fish is low on the priority of life, I'll miss the familiarity of our routine for 46 years. She was one of my favorite fish through decades of enjoying the aquarium adventure. For a long time, she was the only remaining fish in the tank and I guess she finally thought it time to say 'enough.' Now at age 71, I decided not to continue an aquarium community but that doesn't lessen the fact that collecting fish is a wonderful hobby and I wish continued success and adventures with those of you having a tank and all those wonderful creatures you choose to include. Thanks for sharing your comments and thanks to this site for allowing us to share the adventure. Eydie

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BabyFantail2 - 2020-12-10
I have two fantail fish( I got them both from the same place on the same day) When I got them, they were the same size a year and a 1/2 later and the one fish is tiny and is floating up it stays on its back. The other fish is really fat it doesn't sink to the bottom I know that's really bad, I tried to separate them in the tank, but it was unsuccessful I don't know what to do I have been moderating them daily I'm not sure what to do.

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??? - 2016-05-20
Would it be ok to keep a FeatherFin Squeaker in a 55 gallon tall tank with 1 Yoyo loach (I lost the rest to skinny disease), 1 Banjo Catfish, 3 Johanni Cichlids, 1 Synodontis Nigritis, and 1 Upside down cat. Could i get a Featherfin squeaker, and two Peacock eels as well??? Thanks! -???

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  • DustinTheFishBreeder - 2020-12-10
    I'd upgrade to a 75 Gal tank before adding anymore bottom/mid dwelling species. also, I suggest getting half-banded spiny eels instead of Peacock eels since while both are not true eels (they are both spiny eels) peacock eels tend to be territorial but half-banded spiny eels don't mind the company of others of the same species. (Also, peacock eels can reach lengths up to one and a half feet long while half-banded spiny eels get 7.9 inches long. both have a diet consisting of only freshly frozen meaty foods and live foods (freshly dead ghost shrimp are fine too), they will not eat flake foods and rarely will eat processed foods like wafers and pellets (most will not though).They both REQUIRE sand or very fine gravel (sand with a slightly bigger particle size) due to their delicate skin (technically they have extremely small scales that are very delicate and sensitive) and their habit to bury themselves when they are stressed/feel threatened or are hiding from the light but are too lazy to find cover. featherfin squeakers (as well as banjo catfish, corydoras catfish,and some other catfish like: those in the syndontis family which featherfin squeakers and upside-down catfish are a part of) also do much, much better in sand (the ones I listed technically require it to be at their healthiest). So what i'm basically trying to say is, upgrade to a 75 gal (even bigger if you want more fish) then maybe get a featherfin squeaker and 2-5 half-banded spiny eels.
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Deborah M - 2018-09-30
I bought an orange fantail goldfish and was able to keep it alive in a medium size glass fishbowl without filter and bubbles for a couple months I changed the water once a week and put in water dechlorinating chemical. I noticed that the goldfish was growing and got a five galllon tank for it and some bubbles. I got one more goldfish to keep it company and still changed the water once a week. I lost both goldfish after one year after I moved. After I changed the water, cleaned the tank, and put in the dechlorinating chemical, one fish died than the other. I have not been successful with goldfish since.

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  • Garett - 2020-12-04
    To treat the water for chlorine is one thing, but that does not deal with monochloramine or chloramine found in many city waters. A dechlorination chemical does not remove chloramine from the water. So basically you are giving the fish a chlorinated water to live in, which then can not tolerate. That's why they are dying. The differnce between the two chemicals is chlorine is a short term solution whereas chloramine is a long term solution for dealing with bacteria in the water. Chlorine poured into a bucket/ pail or drum from a garden hose can pretty much off gas the chlorine in a hour or two without treatment if the water is constantly stirred, whereas chloramine will remain active chlorine in the water for upwards of a month. So you need to buy a chemical specifically for chloramine. If not you are giving your fish a chlorine bath. If you are going to test your tap water from the city your test equipment must specifically test for chloramine, a chlorine test will not show or test chloramine levels.
  • Bridget H - 2020-05-08
    Since your trouble started after you moved, I suspect you have a problem with your new water source. Do you have a freshwater master test kit? It is helpful to know the ph and levels of ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate in your source water before you add it to your aquarium.
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Trinity - 2010-02-28
I live in Oregon and my aunt has a male and female chocolate catfish in her tank. Among other fish, and have never had a problem with losing other fish due to the catfish. They swim like they are a pair. The female chocolate catfish is pg, she is ready to have baby's soon. If she does this will be a first. I have not found any one that has been sucessful on the internet or local fish stores, I will keep you updated if we are proud parents. If anyone else has some input, please let me know. thank you.

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  • L - 2020-11-19
    Did the spotted Raphael catfish ever have babies?
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jztfpfqjdo - 2020-11-13
Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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Alimohsin - 2019-05-05
Arowana fish and Lionfish for sale I breed all species of Arowana species for sale worldwide. Albino stingrays and Black Diamond X Super White cross rays. Contact me via email if interested in aquarium species

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  • Robert C Keim - 2021-02-21
    strinray price for a male and female
  • Michael Presley - 2020-11-06
    need prices for arowana red blue white gold would like fry or very young need to keep cost way down need 1 each also cost on lion fish and rays
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Mikayla Clayback - 2017-12-20
Hello. I recently bought a black moor Goldfish. His name is Wilbur. He was in a one gallon tank for a week and I moved him into a 5 gallon. My dorm only allows a max of 5 gallon tanks. Does anyone know how long I can keep him in that tank before I upgrade? He is 3 inches long right now and I am a freshman in college. Would Wilbur need to be upgraded before I graduate? Please help me and Wilbur. He's my best friend.

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  • Ray - 2018-03-08
    I am no expert and am pretty new to the Goldfish game myself, but from everything I have read a Goldfish needs a minimum of 1 gallon of water per inch while they are young but ultimately need a 20 gallon tank or larger to thrive and not stunt their growth. There is a YouTube channel called The Gold Standard hosted by a girl with half blonde half black hair who really knows her stuff. I would start there and see what you can find out.
  • Brenda Stovall - 2020-11-03
    It should be fine. As long as you dont add any other fish or decorations. Generally 1 inch of fish per gal of water. He can grow up to 10' typically they will only grow as big as the tank allows. He will probably grow 5 to 6 inches in a 5 gal. Tank. Just make sure to do proper water changes. Small tanks get dirty quickly.

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