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Erich - 2015-04-29
Looking for a 6in+ sized cat, if you have one let us know

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  • Tyler Munson - 2016-07-07
    Although your post was long, long ago...I am desperately trying to find a suitable home for my 7", brackish raised, silver tipped shark (cat). If you still have room for a growing catfish (and reside in Southern California), please let me know. Thank you.

    Tyler M. 619.307.9978
  • Lita - 2016-09-06
    I have two white tip catfish sharks both are 10 to 11 inches and they're free unless you want to give me $10 dollars each
  • Anonymous - 2022-01-18
    hey do you still have the 10 to 11 inc fish
  • jo - 2022-01-18
    hey do you still have the 10 to 11 inc fish
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Dale Brown - 2022-01-18
I don't know how long they should live but I have 2, did have 3 but one jumped out when I wasn't looking about 10 years ago, each about 12 in long. Next month I will have had them for 20 years- is that usual? One named "Lazarus" has survived multiple near death experiences and just keeps on going!

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alec - 2006-09-30
i have two featherfins in a 10 gallon tank with a bunch of other community fish. One is about 4 inches now and is highly territorial to the other feather. They tend to be a little nocturnal; they completely hide themselves when i turn the tank light on. I find that they change colors when i put them in different tanks. Right now its pitch-black on the black gravel but when i put it in my other tank, with white gravel, it becomes a lot lighter and his spots are visible. Right now all they will eat are sinking wafers and bloodworms. They are great fish and have beautiful fins.

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  • Christine Staats - 2022-01-16
    Sounds like you need a larger tank. My featherfin squeaker is easily close to 12 inches long. He or she is quite territorial but he has his own log hide that helps. Igot him at this size when we eye buying a used tank. We got there only to find out that the tank also had the catfish, a bristlenose, rainbow shark any one neon tetra. So we adopted them because we didn't have much choice.
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soumi - 2017-03-20
i bought a oranda gold fish in yesterday but some time fish silently sitting under water and some time moving . feeding time very active any prblm or not many people say newly in aquarium that's why pls rpy wht can i its any prblm or noi

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  • Unknown User - 2022-01-13
    Give them some time to settle in, they're tank is a new environment to them.
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sijpxxxa - 2021-11-28

Paul - 2016-08-16
Electric Blues For Sale

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  • Jim Laubacker - 2017-02-16
    I want to buy some,,, Talk to me... 716 598 9154 Jim leave message..
  • Rhonda - 2021-11-22
    How much for a pair of Blues??
  • bbwrxske - 2021-11-28
  • mpwmbwsn - 2021-11-28
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Avni - 2016-03-27
i just got two blue gourami in my bowl. earlier they were calm but suddenly one of them started chasing the other and after a whie it changed it colour and turned black.I am not even sure if they are male or female.Please tell me if this is a matter to worry?

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  • Eric - 2021-11-16
    Color change is likely due to stress. Not sure how big your "bowl" is but you might want to consider a larger tank or adding plants, driftwood, and rocks to create hiding spaces.
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Alysia yvonne polk - 2012-11-04
I have 3 short skirts and 1 long skirt and they are wonderful to watch and they do great with my 3 big silverdollars, but they did eat a baby mollie i had, im only 14 and i love fish and i say everyone should have some of these fish:)

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  • itrash - 2021-11-13
    you still into the fish keeping hobby?
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mini_redcutie - 2021-11-01
Help. My 3 Lionhead Goldfishes Make a LOT of Waste. When It is 1 hour After Cleaning the Tank, It will Just make MORE Waste. Is it feeding Problems?

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Edwin Nieves - 2021-10-30
peacock eel


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