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Jennifer Jones - 2012-06-13
I have a question. I had my fish 'baby' for 6 years now. and I have noticed that he has been staying at the bottom of the tank lately. I'm a lil concerned bout that. Why is he like that? he doesnt even come up to the top to get food. need help asap please

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  • Wolfman🐺 - 2020-02-07
    I don't know but I hope it gets well👍
Mike - 2013-02-20
I got a Midas cichlid about 6 months after I started my 75g tank. It was the smallest fish I had by far, now it's full grown and definitely the Alpha fish in the tank, he even chases around my 15 in Pacu. It almost killed my green terror, keep a close eye on your tank with this fish. Great fish.

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  • Joaquin Rivera - 2014-03-25
    Please let me know where to buy midas and red devils. I'm from the Phillipines here is my Facebook page you may message me here +632 9494017939 thanks.
  • Wes - 2018-08-05
    Not a chance in hell can a Midas take out a Green Terror or a Pacu. That's is extremely rare if you are telling the truth and I doubt it. It's a mild version of the Red Devil that is a true aggressive fish. There's always the exception to the rule. It's the majority of the time. Just like not every Dovi is going to beat every fish. Midus are aggressive but not very dangerous at all. I had a Jaguar put one in the hospital. He was never the same. I had a Jack Dempsey beach the hell out of another Midus. I finally got a Red Devil and then it was an even playing field. Trust me Midus are not anywhere near the top dogs.
  • Ryan - 2020-06-17
    Pretty shitty calling someone a liar just because your own anecdotal experience is different
  • Ryan - 2020-06-17
    I've had a couple Midas cichlids in the past and found them to be Very aggressive, to the point that I was bitten once while cleaning a tank :) Perhaps they were hybrid red devils, but they didn't look it.
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Enrique - 2014-06-07
My Texas cichilds had babyies, now about one month old and have about 100 babies still. But now the male started to beat on the female. Does anyone have an idea why? I have them in a 120 gal. with one pleco.

Jo Prukop - 2014-08-26
My Texas cichlids have been such a rewarding pet. They are very social and curious. They get very excited and attentive at feeding times and are a lot of fun. Their physical attributes and color is stunning. I have never seen aggression from mine. They are housed in a 79 gal tank with plecs, 2 little catfish, a warmouth, and 3 orange spotted sunfish.

Maddog Matott - 2007-04-03
I purchased Tex at 1-1/2" about 2-1/2 years ago. He has killed or seriously maimed all tankmates. I originally purchased him in a lot of three. Then after he killing his original companions, I introduced another pair about his size, same result. He's taken out two plecos and a pictus. He's ravaged two native sunfishes that were twice his size at the time. He is now almost 7" long and a loner, a wonderful pet who is genuinely excited to see me when I arise or return from work (perhaps it is because meal worms fall from the sky when I am around). He's to the point where when I add 20-25 small minnows, he finishes them off overnight.

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KR - 2020-02-05
I have had an electric blue dempsey for a little over a year. The store where I bought him knew I was keeping a community tank, and have had no problems with him until now. I have 2 species of barbs, chinese algea eaters, 2 pearl gouramis, and had an angel fish until about 3 weeks ago. The dempsey never bothered anyone until I added 2 clown loaches two weeks ago. The dempsey killed one on the loaches last night. Is he just getting aggressive now, or could this be specific to the loaches?

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Dani B. - 2007-12-11
My dwarf neon rainbows are a delight to keep! They are active, happy, and hearty eaters. I started with a trio of 1 male and 2 females. I quickly added 2 more males, and 5 more females for a total of 10. They are a beautiful grouping in a 20 gallon. I would highly recommend a tank dedicated to them.

Ps. I did receive these from a LFS who had just gotten them in and within a week all of them did develop ICK, but treated with Aquarisol they did quite well.

Trent Cloin - 2009-11-05
I have had my dwarf neons for about six months. The are great fish. Their colors get brighter with age. They are a lot of fun to watch. I have 3 males with 1 female in a 20 gallon tank. I know this is not a normal male/female stocking ratio, but my female seems to be doing quite well. The males will make advances at her for a few minutes in the mornings when I turn the aquarium light on. She doesn't pay much attention to them anyway. Beautiful fish and enjoyable to keep.

Holly - 2009-05-07
When I first got my dwarf rainbowfish, I asked for 2 females and 1 male. But when I got home I found out I had 2 males and 1 female. They all looked healthy and were feeding well. A week later I found one dead. I could not work out what was wrong so I watched the tank carefully. A week later I found another one dead. I was only left with a female. I was sad because they are amazing fish and I was now worried about my female. Now- 3 months later she is still around and doing great. After the last one died I added bacteria medicine. This worked and I saw a great advance in the females behaviour. She is shoaling with my other fish- but I feel it is unfair to leave her by herself. and wonder if I should I get more dwarf rainbowfish. I recommend these fish- they are great to watch. Just make sure they are healthy when you get them.

BigRob - 2011-09-10
These are beautiful fish. I have four different species of rainbows in a 37 gallon mixed with a few emerald and peppered corys and they do quite well they are fun to watch. Just be careful what fish you mix in. In my experience they are also killers yes killers .... Happy fishing


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