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Adriane West - 2013-07-13
I just purchased my fahaka puffer, was told he is very agressive and grows 5'' but if raised with other baby fish it may do fine with all of them growing together! I have a 125 gallon tank includding my globe puffer, 2 peacock cichlids, tire track eel, 2 african cichlids, 3 tiger barbs, electric blue jack dempsey, 2 feather fin catfish, jeweled cichlid, 1' plecostomus, blood red parrot, they all get along beautifully! No problems at all! We will be upgradeing to a tank twice the size eventually ;) p.s researched when I got home to realize he grows 18''.

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  • Daniel h - 2013-09-02
    Adriane, just get a separate tank for your puffer. As he gets bigger it's very likely your other fish will randomly become victims of nasty bites or viscous predatory attacks. I love my fahakas but only put fish with them that I would be ok with losing.
  • Dave - 2017-02-21
    Yeah, this is what's going on with me! 75 gallon tank. 25 African cichlids Fahaka Puffer, 2 clown loach. Noticed fins being nipped never seen it happen. Must be the puffer. He is at 3 inches. Been feeding clam, mice shrimp. Trying to figure out what size tank I should get and what filter. For the long run.
  • Steph - 2018-03-08
    Yeah,,, I just got 3 tiny little FP.... learning a lot.... but they all 3 stalk together! I have 2 baby Oscars the slightly larger than them as well as 4 cichlids same size, the 3 will soooo slowly stalk one fish at the same time,, and the crazy part is, if they see me, they will hide around the corner of decorations and wait for me to leave to begin their hunt again... all this behavior in one day! Anyway, I have a 75 gal to transfer to in the next few days temporarily and will choose my favorite and give or sell the rest so there is no issue. Then as they grow will definitely go tank shopping haha! Such characters these little fellas are!
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zahid khan - 2017-12-19
i have 4 subukin koi 3 of it is died suddenly what should i do

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  • keishell - 2018-03-07
    get more.
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Greg - 2011-02-22
You guys forgot the fire eel is probably the best looking fish of all the spiney eel family I have actually had a peacock and the fire eel together in one tank. I think the fire eel said something to him because shortly after I found the peacock in the filter. :(

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  • Adrian Sunga - 2013-02-06
    also my half banded spiney eel i found in the filter
  • Justin - 2018-03-02
    I have a 40 gallon breeder with 2 sponge filters on each side of the tank lots of vegetation and 5 special eel hiding "holes". 2 eels, a fire track eel, and a peacock eel. They get along great and do not argue over territory because there are lots of hiding places to choose from. We use the sponge filter so that there is no way to escape or get injured.
  • Jason - 2018-03-07
    These eels like filters ie caves holes etc. I knew to look right into my internal filter when I could only find my fire eel and one of the spineys, lo and behold he is in the filter just loving it like a cave
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John nuño - 2018-03-05
2 females 1 male

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Meredith - 2006-02-23
Wonderful to own, not quite as easy to breed. Finally caught a birth on film, only to lose all of the fry. Their personalities are amazing and they do "see" outside the tank to the entire environment.

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  • Ryan\'s - 2012-03-31
    Were do I buy these fish!?
  • keishell joseph - 2018-03-02
    you can buy them at the store in Walmart ma'am.
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Ben - 2011-07-09
Archerfish can be kept in freshwater. In their native waters, Archerfish have been found in pure freshwater, miles from the brackish estuaries. If they die in a freshwater tank it is mainly because they are fed an improper diet and not because of the water. They cannot survive on flake alone and need insects in their diet.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-11
    Thank you.
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dean f\'do - 2015-11-21
Pls! Guys help me. . . My new bought 2 red tail cat fish aren't eating why is that? Pls. . Help me guys one is 3to 4 inch and other one is 4 to 5 inch. . . Pls help me i try to gave him meat, fish ,fish food nothing eating. . . And i note the smaller fish's belly is like a ball. . . Pls help me why are they eating?

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  • prodosh - 2016-02-23
    Don't worry they will ready up whenever they feel like eating... And according to Me feeding large amounts is not good.... Sometimes starving is a good way to secure healthy appetite
  • Chance - 2016-05-14
    You can buy a garlic extract and soak a worm in it for about 2 min then try to feed it to the catfish worked with mine had the same problem
    I have found that hand feeding them when they are babies works as they age they are able to feed on live fish ect.
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Isaac Louis - 2018-02-26
I bought a Black Moor Goldfish 2 Days ago and its a newborn, and Brian the fish is living in a 1 gallon fish bowl for now. When should i Upgrade his Tank?

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karen weither - 2007-02-25
i think they are strange but interesting fish i wouldnt mind taking one to show and tell

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  • nm123 - 2011-10-21
    i would not even think about it or they will die if you do they need a heater all the time that is mostly why you can't take them anywhere
  • Dorothy - 2018-02-25
    I have 2 hatchet fish in a 75 gallon planted tank. After reading this I'm going to get more. I took my heater out after a malfunction where I lost most of my fish. My aquarium has been without a heater for four years with no problems. My water is in perfect balance and the temp stays at the lower end of normal in the winter. With that said my aquarium is heavily planted which may be a factor.
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Kaytelyn - 2013-11-11
I just added a peacock eel into my 50 gal yesterday and was of course expecting her to hide but she hasn't. Our rocks are a little bit big so she couldn't dig at first but we got finer rocks for her. She's not even interested in the floor of the tank, she just swims up and down in the corners all day and night. I'm worried she's too stressed. I have caves in there and lots and lots of plants and floating plants but I'm so worried I'm over-stressing her. Help :(

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-12-10
    I didn't see your question earlier, I sure hope your eel is good now. It did sound like it was stressed so hopefully is comfortable in its home now.
  • Blaine - 2018-02-25
    I have two eels with 2 massive kidding guarami, 3 colored pleco 2 blue 1 green/yellow n a,massive pictus catfish. All they do is hide but I just put them in to be fair. They are 6 to 8 inches in length already. I love them because I've segregated all predatory fish, I took my electric blue Jack Dempsey n put him solo in a pimp 20 gallon with a blue pleco so there's no animosity in my tank. Any suggestions on another swimmer thst is gentle? 120 gallon tank with 210 gal offiltati on please let me know if you've got any ideas price is not an issue

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