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lauren - 2018-04-06
i had 8 electric blue acara and i am lead to believe they are considered a Cichlid but recently my acara have been disapearing and ive noticed that they are fully eaten or partly eaten and ive been keeping them with 6 kenni Cichlid im wondering if they are picking on and eating my Arcara fish? i have two left and i'm about to seperate them just incase thats whats been happening i dont want to lose my last two Arcara.

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  • Stacie - 2018-04-08
    Yes, You need to separate these Cichlids. I have both Electric Blue Acara and Kenyi Cichlids, Separate tanks. The Acara will need a Large Tank they get much bigger then the Kenyi. Kenyi will have fry so best to have extra room for them too. I have (2) 75 gal tanks. They have very different personalities the Kenyi are more aggressive and territorial They don't want those Acara getting bigger then them because then we will see who disappears.
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Nile - 2018-04-05
Umm.... hey... i just got a school of 6 tiger barbs yesterday alongside a black ghost knife fish and a duboisi... are they all allowed to be in the same tank? Thanks!

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angel - 2018-04-03
My angel fish has swim bladder how do i treat it ?

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Paige Carroll - 2015-04-24
i have a gold mickey mouse platy and didnt know she was pregnant. she just gave birth to four babies and i think shes about to have more. how do they lose weight after having babies

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-04-26
    Weight generally isn't a problem with theses fish. They may bloat if they are sick, or not getting an adequate diet however. Make sure you are doing regular water maintenance and providing them with a good quality and varied diet. You can read all about how to do that for the Platy Fish above, starting with the food and feeding, and then the care section following that.
  • Anonymous - 2018-04-03
    I have got a female sunset platy I don’t have any males and she is new to my tank two months ago she had eight babies and now she has had one more! Your platy will have more babies if her belly gets bigger or stays the same size good luck but don’t be fooled if she doesn’t have them straight away!
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Joe - 2018-02-13
I have a Leporinus that is about 8 to 10 inches and I am trying to find a good home, trying to get into African cichlid, need tank space. If anyone is interested on here please let me know.

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  • Dean Stanfield - 2018-04-01
    I have 55 gallon and would be able to help out since I currently have a leporinus about same size
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Alexander - 2004-02-23
Featherfin Synodontis (eupterus) is a relatively peaceful community fish, that cohabitates in my 90G tank with 5 bumblebee Gobies, one Gold Nugget Pleco, one Zebra Pleco and one Gold Line Pleco.
Recently, I added one Synodontis Angelicus after changes in the tank, that made it more structurally complex (meaning adding more hiding spaces in the form of rocks and caves, but also Mopani wood-specially treated, so it doesnt give the water a tea colour, but it maintains its nutritional characteristics.-)
The behaviour of the Featherfin is peaceful, even with the other Synodontis, and he is a marvel to watch.
Care should be taken to provide him with ample food (not only pellets, but also zuccini and cucumber will be appreciated and blood worms)and it will not fail you to show its magnificent dorsal and anal fins.
Nevertheless, if not placed in ample space - at least a 35 G is recommended- and not properly and adequately fed it might eat smaller fish and become aggresive.
Anyway, do you blame him if he does?

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  • rocky - 2014-03-14
    My featherfin is older than me and I'm 29. It is as lively today as it was 10 years ago.
  • Sheri - 2018-03-21
    The one we have loves green beans!
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Anonymous - 2014-07-28
I have an unoccupied tank and there are a few mosquito larvae in it. is it okay if a put fish in it? or do I need to get them out?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-08-05
    I suggest you take them out. Although your fish may eat them, they could end up being a nuisance as they mature into mosquitos!
  • Anonymous - 2018-03-20
    A tasty nutritous feast for any lucky fish.. leave them
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Gary Dauphin - 2016-08-07
These cichlids only do well in beginner / community tanks if you place them in a male/female pair. Left alone, they are typically as aggressive as other cichlids are.

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  • Megan - 2018-01-03
    That is usually correct... however I have a German blue ram male and a gold ram male that I jokingly call my mated pair. They are inseperable and share territory, swimming and sleeping side by side. Its a community tank with tetras, gouramis, rainbowfish and pencil fish plus corys and dwarf plecos. Its a 55 gallon. We have a gold ram that was too aggressive once they became best friends and decided the whole tank was theirs and we had to place him another one of our tanks. Prior to them pairing up all three had their own sections of the tank. And yes in sure they are both males. The gbr had a female that passed away. And we have had rams for years and can sex them. They are both adult and male. Anyways, I always find it funny to tells people about my mated male pain of rams because it us uncommon and it is also so cute
  • wayne ward - 2018-03-19
    I had a German Blue Ram and a Golden Ram mate in my community take, all on their own. Unfortunately, I wasn't aware of it until I started cleaning the tank one day. I couldn't figure out why the rams were attacking my siphon tube until I saw the small fry.
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Steven Charlton - 2018-03-17
Toxic if eaten .... not venomous in character ;) I have two of these ;)

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Juniper Vena Frazer - 2014-11-29
Can anyone tell if this is for sure a Red Devil? A renter left this finned fellow behind & he survived over a week in half a tank of stagnant water & no heat or food-I discovered him & he's getting healthier & bigger, full of personality! I'm calling him Rocky, he's clearly a fighter & solitary creature, he's super cool & will be a welcome addition but beyond the little bit I've read on the species, this is all new to me-so any helpful tips would be lovely 

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-12-02
    He sure looks like he could be:) What a lucky fellow to have a new home with you too!
  • Art - 2014-12-11
    Hello your red devil looks awesome. I can say make sure you have a reliable heater that can hold a 80*f hight. as he grows you might want to move up to a 55 gallon tank very healty and can have a good growth with the fish. I have a Red Devil and they are smart, playful fish with a good personality when they recognize there owner. have a good one.
  • Gavin - 2018-03-15
    He looks more like a bllod parrot to me than a red devil but I could be wrong

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