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Anonymous - 2018-05-11
how much time it take to repeat spawning?

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Anonymous - 2018-05-07
I have a few fantails that have growth on their fins can someone tell me what it is?

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Tracey - 2018-04-22
Hello. How is everyone reading this? In a nutshell, we have a Pleco, who's been with us about 6-7 years. Also in the tank, are 2 Zebras. It was a happy family until I decided it would be a great idea to add 4 more fish to the party. So we bought 2 Angel fish and 2 Tetras. Turns out, my significant other was right (as usual). It was a very bad idea. Undenounced to me, the Pleco is very territorial and was perfectly happy without the added fish. Within 2 days, both Angels were dead. After some research, we found out that in distress and anger, if you will, the Pleco sucked the slime off the Angels in an attempt to kill them, which it did. It did the same to the other 2 Tetras. But unfortunately, and very much so, the new fish were diseased with either Ick and or Flukes (a type of worm). The Pleco is still alive but barely. I've taken pictures, close up, and we think its more than Ick, meaning it seems to have that as well as something else. Hundreds and hundreds of white spots, small and large, all over as well as what look like tiny worms, clear in color. There are lesions also and we see red. Maybe its blood, we don't know. The Plecos eyes are covered with this infection too, in, around and on its eyes, eyelids. We bough LifeGuard, 4 tablets per day and it doesn't seem to be working. We've also read to submerge the fish in salt water for about 40 seconds, then return it to its tank. Sea salt is preferred but table salt will suffice. At this point, we will try that later today, then give the fish a few more days. We have 1 more day of the LifeGuard tablets anyway. If that doesn't work, I'll dig a small grave in our backyard with a tiny grave marker. My significant other gave me a grin when I said I wanted to do that. I know its just a fish, and its actually his not mine, however, I have grown to become a bit attached to it and wanted to try and save it. Any ideas, suggestions, advice that may help would be appreciated. Course, I'd have to receive it fairly soon. :) :) Have a nice day and thank you in advance, Tracey

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  • DEBBIE - 2018-05-03
    hi i just got done saving my pleco that he is 14 years old . my husband brought goldfish at walmart they were sick and i didn't see it until it was to late . i remove all carbon filter and treated the tank with api fungus cure for 4 days and then melafix for one week and i did a lot of water changes. i also used aquarium salt half a cup . i have a 30 gal tank . i also did a total water change because i put ram shells in my tank last year and they took over. i think that didn't help my tank or fish i notice that George was not eating. when i clean the tank i place the fish in a 10 gallon tank for 6 hours with one teaspoon of table salt for each gallon of water. that was about half a cup and then i could small the salt and because pleco don't have scales i take half of the water out and replace it with fresh water they did great. the goldfish had black spots in him and they are gone . they are both doing great . i broght all my stuff from pet smart pet store in Kenosha. good luck i hope u fish is doing all right. i also would get a book call AQUARIUMS FOR DUMMIES . the best 20.00 dollars i spent.
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Anonymous - 2018-05-03
our silver sharks never bred but our catfish sucking loaches did. we found the all over the floor of the tank and it looked like they had been alive quite a while

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  • Anonymous - 2018-05-03
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Terry Murray - 2017-01-10
Where do you buy bubble eye fish

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  • devon - 2018-04-26
    Hello we do sell bubble eye fish if you need this contact me via whatsapp at +14146220899
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DL - 2006-01-19
I just got my balloons today. They are by far my favorite fish and I have been wanting them for a long long time. They are quite shy right now obviously and hiding in a corner.

These fish can live very very long. Regular kissers can live over 20 years. I have heard of someone with a pair that are 15/16" and 20/21 years old. The ballons are supposed to be smaller, maxing at around 8" or so. A large tank of at least 40g is needed. They are very intelligent fish and I'm looking forward getting to know mine better.

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  • Cindy - 2014-12-27
    Where did you buy your balloon kissing fish? I've been wanting them FOREVER!!!! I can't seem to find them! Thank you, Cindy
  • Julia R Walton - 2018-04-22
    I can't find them either!
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Lee - 2015-04-04
Hi I have a blue acara every time I put my hand in his tank he violently bites me just wondering if thus is the norm or it's unusual for them to do this he lives in a 30 gallon tank with other chiclids and comunity fish ?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-04-09
    It sounds like he is very territorial. He is possibly feeling like there is a constant need to defend his space due to the other cichlids in the tank, and it may be that there is not enough space or hiding places for everyone. I would keep an eye on him, because a constantly high level of territorial behavior can be very stressful to the fish, and may cause illness.
  • curtis white - 2016-07-25
    protecting its territory
  • Martin Huxford - 2016-11-14
    Hi Im very intrested ti here about your 30 gallon tank as I have just set up similar currently have 2 firemouth and was thinking off adding a pair of acara or festival but unsure if would be overstocking territorial wise any help or suggestions appreciated
  • Heidi - 2017-01-05
    Wow I have the opposite. My acara plays with me and his best buddy is one of the pea puffers in the tank. In a 30 gallon tank I only have him with two peas a bushy nose placo and a couple florescent black skirts and 2 cardinals. He loves his little buddies. I have a few videos of him playing with me. It is a planted tank and he hates the syphon though.
  • MikeGinMN - 2018-04-20
    I am a big fan of Blue Acara, and I have had them on and off for about 25 years. Blues are very docile... normally. On occasion I have had some aggressiveness towards me and his/her tankmates. I was attacked... if you could call it an attack... because my pair had just spawned and I didn't know it. And I have had a 'bad boy' who just wasn't right in the head... I'm not sure if tropical can be 'inbred' but he had some serious issues. Eventually he stressed out to the point he hid all the time and didn't eat. I had to isolate him and eventually lost him.
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Paula - 2018-04-19
Anyone wanting to buy the Jaguar Cichlid please text me for more details (909) 589-1328

kiwi - 2018-04-18
the size mentioned is wrong. i had a breeding pair of jags. my male was 24'+ and my female was 18'+. very aggressive fish, especially when breeding. the male managed to bite my cats tail. the cat never ate fish again lol

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Stephen - 2018-04-14
Lifespan 7-10 years... I got mine in my later years of elementary school (maybe grade 8). This thing is still alive and I am 28 years old now. That makes it around 15 years old.


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