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Takeshi Aoki - 2018-06-22
Hello I am looking for dojo loach to buy them Thank you Takeshi

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Doug - 2009-03-13
Don't know why it's not on here but zebra danios will kill neon tetras. I have had fish for 15yrs & every time I put zebras in my tank they kill my neons. It's happened 6 differnt times. Has anyone else had this problem?

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  • chad - 2010-02-19
    I have 4 glofish and one zebra danio. I recently added one glow light tetra and it was very calm. I thought these fish would get along, but now two days after I buy the tetra; I come home and my glofish had killed my tetra.
  • Gord - 2010-04-21
    I have had the same experience. I have introduced neons to a community of danios and bloodfins twice, and the neons disappeared within a two or three weeks. I would advise against trying to house them together.
  • caity - 2010-05-24
    eeee really I have not got them yet but I am getting soon. Do the zebra danios eat the neon tetras I have them :(
  • lps - 2010-07-25
    I'm having that same exact problem! How do I stop it from happening?!
  • w. r - 2011-01-16
    Yes, I first started my new tank with 1 zebra danio and yesterday I bought a neon tetra soonest I put it in the tank the zebra started to chase him, I return it to the store and came with another zebra and the biggest one started to chase the small zebra, are this fish crazy or what?, I think that they might need xanax.
  • Alden Finnie - 2011-09-10
    Wow, That's weird. I have 18 neon Tetras and 6 Zebra Danios. They get along fine and it's been 8 months. The Danios only seem to harmlessly bother each other. Chasing each other in a big circle around a rock.
    Thanks though. I'll keep an eye on them.
  • carla - 2011-09-15
    Hi I would just like to say that I disagree with you, as I have danios and tetra living together, and have had no problems. They are highly compatable. Mine have been living together for over 6 months and are very happy together,
  • Anonymous - 2011-10-18
    We have had 2 danios in with our tetras for over a year and there has been no problem. The male danio chases the female and the tetra very aggressively, but that is all.
  • Kim - 2011-12-01
    I have 8 big zebra danios and I had 24 neon tetras, I now have 7 neons left! I had never thought of this before, but they are the only fish big enough to eat the neons, so it has to be them! Damn it they have decimated the neons, going to have to sell the danios I think.
  • Tanya Altice - 2012-02-20
    When I had my tank I learned that a) you have to provide schools for each fish danios like at least 5 like fish in the tank. Neons like even more than that. b) generally you buy neons very small! and and small new fish don't do well with established bigger fish. So I would say get a small 5gal tank and set it up for a school of about 8 neons and let them get bigger than what you normaly buy them. Then put them in your tank with the others and give your danios some friends to play with so they will leave the others alone. Also neons aren't very hardy. I have had several trips around and around with neons where they simply die within a week of buying them. So be prepared to spend some time building a good school of neons.
  • Alonzo T. Fells II - 2012-04-15
    I have to disagree with that. I had group of 5 zerbra danios and they never had bother the neon or the rest of mine tetras. Yea, a little bit of fish nipping but they play tag with mine rams lol
  • Maeve - 2012-05-20
    Oh, really? I didn't know that. Do danios get along with goldfish?
  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-06-26
    Zebras Danios are famous for stressing and harrassing other fish.  They are small but they are very fast swimming and in groups this can be taken as aggressive and make others stressed.  Neons are easily stressed.
  • aiden - 2012-06-26
    i just put 10 neons in my tank with my 2 zebra danios, (there were 3 but the others bullied the smallest until it died) 3 hours later the first neon is dead and they're trying hard to single off another!
  • Anonymous - 2014-06-06
    I have zebra and leopard ones they killed my goldfish 😒
  • moonisha - 2015-11-11
    my big fish chases the small one
  • Nikki - 2015-11-14
    These guys have killed and eaten 5 mollies, 4 male guppies, 5 neons (since last weekend), 2 bottom feeders, a redtail fin shark (since last weekend). All since Christmas. Only things that have made it are 5 red tetras that the neons tried to stay with because the Zebras won't go near them, and my son's big gold fish he won at a carnival. I'm getting ready to put them in a tank of their own so I can get other fish. Oh we also have a small catfish that stays hidden until feeding time.
  • Skyler Goument - 2015-11-14
    Yeah I disagree when I first set my tank up I got 5 neon tetras and 2 danios and they have got along and lived well for almost 2 years now. Recently I aded a few more smalll neons and some of the others had died and the danios are treating them pretty well. Just make sure you have less danios then neons :)
  • Skyler Goument - 2015-11-14
    Niki, are you sure it was the danios that killed them and not a disease or a tank problem? As danios are very hardy they wouldnt have been affected by it? 

  • Steve - 2017-04-27
    I put four zebras in my 18 gallon aquarium to cycle it. Then, I added six neon tetras, six panda corydoras, three Virginia corydoras, six galaxy rasboras and four male guppies - not all at once, of course.

    There is no fighting or nipping. Everyone gets on great. Four of the rasboras disappeared quickly, but the other two are fine. (They are very tiny fishes.) I don't know what happened to the rasboras.

    During the last two or three weeks, one neon and one panda vanished. I don't know what happened. Maybe they just died of natural causes. No carcase was ever seen. I replaced the neon and the panda yesterday.

    I have seen nothing to suggest that the zebras are attacking the neons or any of the other fishes.
  • Ren - 2018-06-22
    The reason is because neons are so small
    that it looked like food to the zebras. I
    recommend you get bigger fish.
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Brian - 2018-06-21
I have a powder blue dwarf gourami that is in a 20 gallon tank with just one male molly. There were 6 danios also but this was just a holding tank while my new 55 gallon cycled with stability. My gourami started hiding and not eating much if at all. I have since moved all the danios into the 55 gallon but my gourami is still just hiding and not eating and staying towards bottom of tank. The danios were not in the tank long maybe two weeks and I did multiple water changes to keep the amonioa level down. Everything is testing good but still not much any ideas??

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Ray - 2014-10-04
I have a female silver dollar purchased September 1990. It is now 24 years old. The only documentation I have is family members who have seen it over the years. My wife and I are amazed that it is still alive and wonder how much longer it will live!

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-10-09
    Wow! That is awesome. They average 10 years or more, but you'll have to let us know what the 'or more' means, because you're breaking new ground:)
  • Theresa - 2015-01-15
    My mother inherited my two silver dollars which I originally purchased while living at home back in 1994 making them about 21 years old. They stayed after I moved out. They are still as energetic as ever--the only noticeable differnce is that they do have cataracts. She used to call them her 'teenagers', but I guess they have outgrown that phase.
  • jim - 2017-01-13
    My silver dollars are both 29 now.
  • Anthony - 2017-02-07
    I don't find this that far fetched... I have one that is 12 years old and seems to be healthy as ever
  • KB - 2018-06-16
    I have one that's 18 years old and still going strong. I also have a Pleco fish the same age. They are all doing well in my 55 gallon tank!
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Carolyn Kaylor - 2018-06-10
From reading this information. I believe we have an Oranda in our outdoor pond with our Koi. We live in Minnesota and winter our fish in a barrel in the garage with only a birdbath heater to keep ice from forming on the top. It survived the winter and is thriving with the other 10 Koi and goldfish mix we have in our 500 gal or so pond. Love watching 'Bubbles' - it is so cute.

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Sherryl Blowfield - 2015-12-14
I have 2 yoyo loaches had them a few months now , a few days ago they both went a very pale colour and lyes upside down !! Are they ok?

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  • paul H - 2018-06-02
    when yoyo loaches get excited they do seem to go a lot paler, at times most of there colour goes,and as for lying upside down , they will sleep or rest on there sides or upside down so nothing to worry about
  • paul H - 2018-06-02
    there is nothing to worry about, yoyo loaches lose colour when excited and they sleep and rest on there sides or upside down
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john - 2011-11-29
My guppy had babies and i don't really know what to do!!! I can only see 2 guppy fry swimming in the tank and I have an extra 1 gallon bowl but I don't want to stress the babies out. Please help!!!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-11-29
    You should remove the babies. Guppies don't make very good mothers and they have a strong tendency to assume the babies are food and will eat them. Good luck.
  • paul H - 2018-06-02
    if you have plenty of hiding places for the babies and if your fish are regularly fed they should survive,i have had no problem keeping them in the same tank as the mothers,if you have plenty of hiding places i would just about guarentee there will be quite a few more than the two you can see
william - 2012-05-21
i have a 55 gal tank how meny fancy guppes can I have in it? It's an all guppy tank

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-05-22
    Really depends on how much decor. 30 or so should be fine. But remember these fish breed often and a lot! So be prepared for the population to grow.
  • paul H - 2018-06-02
    start of with 3 females and 1 male adult guppy, leave it a few months then when they start to breed you will end up with hundreds as they are worse than rabbits for breeding, i have new babies nearly every month or so
kye turnbull - 2013-05-09
My guppies won't stop breeding, soon the tank will be completely filled with guppies! I mean the babies are beautiful but 1000000000 guppies is not!

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-05-09
    I bet your local fish store would take any extra Guppies you have.
  • kye turnbull - 2013-05-11
    the prob is they are all midgets, the males only grow to a centimeter and they got sick after taking a 10 minute drive (i live on the mountain about 45 minutes away from any pet shops).
  • paul H - 2018-06-02
    YES, they are worse than rabbits for breeding as i found out myself , new babies every month ,sometimes the females will eat the babies if not fed that often,or you can just leave them to grow a little , say a month then take nthem when you get chance to your nearest pet shop
Connor - 2014-11-23
I have three male guppies in my tank and they are lovely beautiful fish. They don't bother any other fish in my tank and can someone tell me why one of my guppies goes to the bottom of the tank every night to sleep and when he wakes up he doesn't look good and then after eats fine and swims perfectly like they should. But they are lovely fish to keep so I recommend you get some.

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  • Carl - 2016-02-25
    Likely answers are internal parasite age of the fish guppies do not live for many years genetic weakness good luck buy a few females
  • paul H - 2018-06-02
    all my guppies and the other fish i have in the tank go to the bottom to sleep and chill out, they are always fine in the morning coming up to the top of thetank as soon as i lift the lid to feed them, so i don't think there is anything to worry about

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