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bob - 2018-08-03
why does my redtail catfish doesn't eat raw food

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Prashant Dey - 2018-08-02
I want some tips plzzz help iridescent shark is not eating food after I did a complete water change & cleaning of my tank...

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Kasun Randika - 2017-06-27
i have a 60 galon aquarium. it has a mixture of species (oranda, red cap, calico goldfish) with a pair of shubunkin (~4 inches). i recently added a pair of black oranda gold fish but my shubunkin bit them on their sides and pectoral fins so i had to remove the black oranda. why is that???

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  • keishell - 2018-03-07
    because they hungry
  • ashish - 2018-07-24
    I had 2 Oranda red caps for more than an year when I added 2 shubunkins to them and shubunkin started chasing and biting the Orandas. I donno if that was the reason but after bringing shubunkins my grown up Orandas died within a month.
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Carlie - 2018-07-24
I have a male powder blue dwarf gourami and I think he is sick I just cleaned his tank and now he is sinking to the bottom but he is still breathing and he isn’t moving around a lot he is the only fish in the tank and he is only one year old. Someone please help me I love him so much.

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Paul Presley - 2018-07-22
I'm interested in your Jaguar Cichlid what size is it and how much do you want for it

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Pedro lopez - 2012-05-06
I was cleaning my discus tank which also houses neon tetras and six lamp eye killis.To my great surprise I discovered 5 baby killies.Water tempeture is set to 82 degrees,two hanging filters and an inside filter.Tank is planted and is a 56 gallons.Not sure if this will help anyone trying to breed them,I sure did not have that in mind when I added them to the tank but it's a great surprise

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-05-06
    They are fun fish to breed. Make sure to either remove fry or have good hiding spots for them.
  • Nick Bazeley - 2018-07-19
    I first got these fish 6 (normans lampeyes) around 10 month ago within 2 month I found fry swimming about,heavily planted with hygro-polysperma/difformis. I moved the tank to make space for a bigger tank. Since moving 3 month ago Iv found over 30 eggs and 6 fry swimming constantly laying eggs now,read somewhere that cooler waters help mating behavior so every other day I add a liter of cold water this seems to working successfully. However I have also read that people have had great difficulty in breeding. Currently in a 100l 8 normans/4 neons/1 bristlenose only issue I have they my lot really like to jump about. Hope this helps anyone.
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linds - 2013-08-02
Do you think I should add another male molly to my tank? I have one in a 20 gal. He is kind of antisocial, when I come over to the tank he hides. He used to be the most friendly fish before I had an ich outbreak (thanks petsmart!). He seems to be friends with my colored skirt tetra but I would like to know if he would benefit if I added another male. I would do females but I do not have the means to care for the babies, I am only 13. Would it do more harm than good? I don't want them to fight or anything just to be buddies, thanks.

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2013-08-04
    Mollies are usually good community fish and get along well with other fish. However, male mollies can become territorial and somewhat aggressive to other fish. I would say it's not necessary to get another fish, but if you would like another male then I would definitely monitor them for awhile to make sure they don't fight. If there's plenty of room for both of them and lots of hiding places, there may not be any problems - they might even get along well. But there's no way to know for sure.
  • Merida DunBroch - 2016-01-31
    If you don't want the babies add a couple angelfish. They think baby mollies are no more than a snack. And, no, you shouldn't add another male. they can get quite territorial as they are not schooling fish. You should only add females since the males will chase them around and tire the females out. The ratio should be two females for every male in the tank.
  • Karun Thapa - 2018-07-14
    im just fourteen and i do a small scale breeding of guppies,platies,goldfish,mollies,bettas(siamese fighting fish) and gouramis most of my breedings are unsuccesful but still i am ble to get a satifactory amount of fry
    you could add 3 female mollies and not be worried about the babies if you add enough live plants and a breeder box would help you alot
    this way you could open your own business through a common hobby
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Jodie - 2018-02-10
I have a beautiful Leporinus that has lived for over 15 years in a tank with clown loaches, ghost knife, cory's, Raphael catfish, Botia, parrot, severums, and I have never had any fish go missing including the baby clown loaches. He likes his wood cave(we have lots of wood for everyone to hide in)and doesn't like to share. He will chase them off, but he's never hurt or fin nipped any tank mates. I feed frozen meats( blood worms, brine shrimp) and plenty of veggies (spinach, cucumbers, green beans.

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  • Julie - 2018-07-11
    Hi do you give them fresh green beans or canned? And do you cook any of the veggies before feeding? Thanks
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Diamond - 2017-01-29
Okay, so I have my fantail goldfish in a 5 gallon tank at the moment, and we've been upgrading the tank as he grows. Is that a good thing? Or should we just make it 10 gallons now. We don't want him to grow very big because it costs a lot of money to upgrade the tank. Tell me what you think. Also, he is very aggressive, and we want to put a female with him. I think he would probably kill her, but I don't know. Please answer back, I need to know this today. :(

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  • Amber - 2018-07-09
    Upgrade to at least a 10-15 gallon or else he will die within a few months or years. Just one goldfish produces lots of ammonia and if you leave him in the 5 gallon, you will have to clean the tank practically every day. If you don’t have the money to get s big tank, don’t waste an innocent fish’s life just because you can’t do research.
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Ann - 2018-07-09
I have two young Ryukin (3' ea.). I just moved them to a new tank (30x12x22'). I been told that 22' is too deep for them, is this true?


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