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Emilio Lavella - 2018-07-04
I have 3 Oranda Goldfish in a 5 gallon tank with only the HOB filter and a thin layer of gravel, so they have some swimming room. The fish themselves are from Walmart, (saved them) so my question is how long will it take them to out-grow the tank? They are about 1 to 1 and a half inches long.

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  • alexia - 2018-09-19
    I bought mine in April/May at around the same size and its now a good 4" in 5 months so .... probably not long ;-)
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Alvin Ong - 2018-08-06
Hey, I am getting a 85 gallon tank (largest tank I can find in Penang, Malaysia) to replace my 48 gallon tank, which is seriously small. Inside got 6 clown loach, 1 B.G. Knife fish (already 30cm, had been kept for 2.5 years), 2 bearded pleco and 5 cories. Can I add another small B.G. Knife fish? I am fascinated by the B.G. Knifefish.

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  • violet - 2018-09-17
    it is not a good thing to do ;with my B.G Knife fish it was defensive and the new B.G Knife fish was gone by the next day
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Linda Demarco - 2018-09-14
MI adopted a Bolivian Ram yesterday not knowing they need a lrg.tank. Is he alright in a 3 gallon fir a few weeks till I get him a new tank?

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Brian - 2018-09-13
Our dwarf loach is just lying on a plastic leaf he is breathing but just doesn't move very much at all our other loach is always feeding and moving around and quite large any reason why any help would be greatly received pi added

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Beth - 2018-09-08
i have five 5 Botha loaches in my 125 gallon. Recently at water change I noticed swollen eyes on two. One was worse than other. I have treated with medication for two times. They seem somewhat better but not gone like others. They are very active and come out for feedings. Any suggestions or comments if this isn’t,t Popeyes like I first thought. They are not red & don.t look infected. Just not sure what to do next. The worst one is three and half years old. The other one is probably 10-12 years old. Should I just wait and keep watching?

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CelebesHalfbeak55 - 2015-03-21
Will Needlenose Gars go well with Oscars?

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  • Tara Vaughn - 2018-09-05
    My 7.5 inch Needlenose and my 2.5 inch oscar have been 100% fine together. It's as if they don't even know each other is there.
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Shirl Hammerschmidt - 2018-09-02
Looking to purchase daffodils. Small

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Anonymous - 2018-08-29
Are rainbows compatible with loaches?? I am thinking about putting a couple of each in a 30 gallon.

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Mal - 2018-08-28
WARNING ABOUT THIS FISH!!!! Make sure to have a tight fitting lid, they will and can crawl out! Just had one this morning dry out on me because it crawled through 1 foot of netting over the side in my pond! These fish do not make good pond fish unless you have a locked down cover over the pond.

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Dan - 2016-09-16
Hi I've got a black phantom tetra in my tank and I've just noticed that it has its tail missing and its backend has gone white ?? What could this be ??

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  • Mehdi keshavarz - 2018-03-28
    Hello . I have a problem with my black phantom tetra fry.the can not swim and sink to the bottom of the tank after 10 days of borning.every day they die .can you help me with this problem?
  • Imogen - 2018-08-26
    I got a tank a while back that surprisingly (as I got it second hand) came with two black phantom tetra. After taking them home and doing a water change ( these people had been using Algaefix instead of a water conditioner) I noticed that one was missing its tail. After some research I've concluded that this was stress related, and luckily by now the tail all grown back but it is less opaque than it was. Your fish is probably stressed. I would recommend regular water changes and perhaps a little more conditioner than you would normally do to ensure something like fin rot doesn't set in.
    Hope this was helpful.

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