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Anonymous - 2016-04-03
WE have a 50 gallon tank with 18 neon tetras, 4 Peppered Corydoras Catfish, 6 bloodfin tetras (4 died, so now 2), 4 Pristella Tetras, 1 Opaline Gourami, 1 Twig Catfish, 8 Zebra Danios, and 2 Koi Angelfish. We have had this tank for about three months, we have 2 amazon swordplants and 2 unknown plants. We have also unexpectedly acquired a bunch of Ramshorn Snails. The Neons have been eating normally and none have died, but they tend to just sit in a corner, also they have been picked on by the bloodfins for while, we can't get more bloodfins to prevent their aggressiveness becauese of a disease which killed four. The owner of our local pet shop (Sailfin Pet Shop) said once the disease stops, don't buy bloodfins for another 4 months. The disease made them have a huge hole in the front of their faces, then eventualy die of starvation, once we saw signs of it, we just took the sick ones out of their misery. I'm Wondering if we should put them in our old 10 gallon tank (they originally came from it) or wait 4 months. The tank is sitting on my bookshel with a fake plant in it, we'd have to re setup the tank and put more decorations and gravel in it, also we'd have to find an 82 degree 10 gallon heater. The tank was kept for 9 years with water in it (i got it when I was 3, i'm now almost 13) and 3 months without, and smells kind of funny. Also it has algae left in it that we've tried over and over again to scrub out. The only decorations left over are two small fake plants, we also have an algae coated fake plant from the new tank we took out because we had enough real plants. All the rocks were moved to the new tank. Before we lost some, the bloodfins kept to themselves and left everyone else lone, Now that there are only two left they nip at the gouramis and angelfish's fins, the break up the schools of tetras and danios, and it pushes the twig catfish around. The 50 gallon tank has a serious algae problem, we just cleaned it out, and there is still a ton of algae on the back. We have such a bad algae problem because of our LED system to keep the live plants alive. We decided to keep the snails because we caught them eating alae, and read that they are good algae eaters, but the bloodfins have eaten at least 19. We are just trying to figure out if we should move them or let them stay. We also have another small problem, our opaline gourami (there is only one because when we floated the angelfish, 3 jumped out (my sister was floating them because I had to do homework) has been well, pooping all the time, although we suspect it is because we've seen him eating the fluffy algae off the intake for the filter, the rocks, the out take, the plant leaves, etc, we are worried about it's health and how much poop is on the bottom of the aquarium. Any help would be well, very helpful.

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  • Molly Malone - 2016-05-31
    Did anyone ever respond?

    If not, and you'res still having issues, please let me know and I'll give it a crack.

    I have a couple Bloodfins in my tank while cycling. They do tend to get a bit skittish/testy when they are not in schools. So, that could be why they were nipping at the Neons.

    How did it all work out?

    Your tank was cycled right?
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Lauren Handerhan - 2018-11-07
Is it possible for them to be kept alone?

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Lahiru - 2018-11-07
I want to konw how to arwoana breeding and what are the condition for required . And all so know what is the breeding age of arowana

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fred - 2018-11-06
I got lucking and purchase a male and female red devil and they mated. I named them Kipples an Bits.

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Alan - 2011-01-02
I have two red tail tin foil barbs (8in), I just got back from vacation and both sides of both fish are bleeding, it looks like the have been scraping themselves or fighting. Any suggestions on how to heal them?

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  • Steve - 2011-03-12
    Hello Alan, I was searching postings for this exact reason. I just noticed today that one of mine seems to be bleeding too. I have a couple of large rocks in my tank that may have been the culprit. They do love to chase each other and swim around very quickly. They often can be heard bumping into the glass. I suppose all you can do now is observe to make sure he heals okay. I'll probably remove the rocks and just put a few more plants in at the next cleaning. I hope he'll be okay. Good luck to yours too.
  • Saurabh Bhartiya - 2018-11-04
    Put 4 to 6 salt cubes (without iodised) into water. Also use general aid drops.
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Mike - 2018-11-04
Saved my buddy's after house fire!32 years ago.he is still doing great 👍

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JL North - 2018-11-02
My favorite fish, I've kept Bolivians for about 15 years. Very smart and personable, waggling their fins excitedly whenever they see me. Good informative articles, more accurate than usually found on the net. They are definitely bottom-huggers, however, rather than middle. They will swim up to the middle but rarely farther, so sinking food is best. When young they will get along with their own kind, but I've never successfully kept two or more grown males in the same tank (even large ones). They are peaceful with and actually barely notice other tankmates, but don't tolerate seeing other Bolivians - it just never ends well. You become the center of their world, and they don't like competition. What's not to love?

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texastkc - 2018-11-01
I accidentally became a breeder of black kuhli loaches... I started with 3 of them (all that was available). I have a 55g tank that has been running fish since August. I have river rock substrate. In addition to the kuhlis, I have platys, guppies, pristella tetras, a gourami and a young angel, a bn pleco, some snails...yeah that's about it. I have some live plants and some moss balls. My ph is usually around 7 and I don't even know my hardness levels. Basic tank, right? A few weeks ago, my oldest son thought he saw something wiggling around in the rocks along the glass wall. By the time I got over to look, it was gone. A few days later, I saw something too and the face made me think kuhli, but reading online says that is rare and I don't have prime conditions (the rock instead of sand, etc.). This week, I have kuhlis out and about that are about half the size of my original 3. I have some much smaller ones that still go down into the rocks. And I still see faces among the rocks that are very tiny. I have accidentally been breeding kuhli loaches. Reading about others who have had the same experience, it seems the river rock is great for breeding as the eggs fall down and provides protection until they get to size. I also tend to overfeed which means feeding debris for adults and babies. I also tend to move my rocks so I create moving holes for movement. There is also a theory that the livebearers in the tank may be producing pheromones that stimulate breeding. Funny thing is that none of my platy or guppy fry make it more than a day or two because of the tetras and the angel who are always hunting. They have shown zero interest in the young kuhlis. Right now I have at least 5 baby khulis, but each day I'm seeing possibly more. Hard to be sure since they keep disappearing into the rocks!

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Christian - 2008-12-24
I have an aba aba fish which is 12 inch long. I would like to ask what others can I put with him in 75 gal. Thank you very much. Merry xmas

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  • Tlaloc - 2010-07-14
    You could for now as long as all other fish in the tank are as big, and can get aggressive if pushed around, cuz judging from the info above it's gonna be top dog in a tank. Also your gonna need a MUCH bigger tank, cuz it's gonna reach 3 and half feet MIN. and have teeth like surgical scalpels.
  • Dipo Opadokun - 2011-02-21
    Tilapia broodstock e.g. Oreochromis niloticus can be kept with aba aba (Gymnarchus niloticus). If the space is large enough, Tilapia will breed and offspring can serve as supplementary food for Gymnarchus; although the tilapia broodstock itself is in danger of being eaten by Gymnarchus if there is scarcity of food in the tank.
  • Bobby sydnor - 2018-10-28
    You ask what other fish can you place with your Aba Aba the answer is a resounding nothing can be a safe tank mate to them .If the the fiish is. smaller ,it will eat it, if it is larger ,even twic as large it will take nips out of it, unless it was put in the tank while it was very young and small and was allowed to grow up with said fish??????, and that's a maybe.

    Bob Sydnor
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heidi ward - 2014-12-15
Have male electric blue roughly 5-6 inches about 12-14 months old color is bold but still developing looking to sell best offer local pickup in Ct.

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  • Eddie - 2015-03-06
    If you still have EBJD 150
  • jayjay - 2015-06-14
    I have some for sale
  • Badri - 2018-10-22
    I want to buy them if possible can u WhatsApp me 9742634694 ta with the rates

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