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Robert - 2019-01-30
We just moved our lungfish (3 years old, named Gnol) to a 600 liter tank (from a 240 liter tank). She looks rather pleased. During the day the animal is usually dwelling on the bottom. In the evening she is a very active swimmer. She escaped 3 times from her former tank.

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Kirsten - 2009-04-28
I have had a striped peacock eel for a few months now and absolutely love him, living in a 29 gallon with platys, tetras, and a loach. He disappeared one morning and thinking he had just buried himself under the gravel, I continued with my plan to clean my Whisper filter (you know - the external waterfall type filter) Taking it to the sink, I change out the filter bags and carbon and dumped the excess water down the drain to scrub the inside and too late, I watched my eel slide out of the filter - very much alive- and right into the garbage disposal. I was about to give him up for lost (i couldn't figure out how to open the pipes to try to save him in the u-part of the pipe), but before I did I shined the flashlight down the drain one last time and there he was sitting on the platform slithering around out of water and between the blades. After a 1/2 hour trying, I finally fished him out with a twisted up fish net and a spoon. I dumped him in a spare tub of aquarium water to "rinse" off the gunk he accumulated in the drain and quickly placed him back in the tank. 5 days later he is still alive and well, eating as usual and none the worse for wear - only a small scratch that is healing well. I never would have expected him to swim upstream/uphill AND out of the tank into my filter, not to mention surviving a 1/2 hour out of water and the stress of being chased around with implements to save his life. I thought for sure he was a goner, but he is hardier than I thought!

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  • Jeff - 2010-02-23
    Actually it has been recorded that many varieties of eel can in fact survive out of water fo periods of time and even travel over land; usually in order to travel to mating grounds when full grown.
  • Andrew - 2010-08-06
    This story is pretty amazing. Nice job on the rescue. I have two of these guys myself (similar tank setup), and they can be nefarious little buggers. All in all, great species of eel for any community setup in my opinion. I hope I never have to fish one out of a garbage disposal though:)
  • Emily J. Hicks - 2019-01-23
    I just had this happen to me except he was hiding in a decoration I had pulled out of the tank. I thought I got everyone out, but when I turned it over in the sink he slid out and down the drain. I got him out though after battling with him (he was slippery!) I’m hoping he will be ok, but for now he is extremely stressed and I am worried for him. Thanks for sharing. It gives me hope for my little guy!
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JL North - 2019-01-23
Pristellas are awesome looking, and a good choice if water's on the hard side. They're also great tankmates for African Dwarf Frogs because although very quick to nab the incoming food, they generally won't touch it once it hits the bottom. This is unusual, in my experience, among the usual community suspects.

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Wesumi - 2019-01-20
Good evening: i was completing the cleaning, i have two, the bigger jumped and landed on the floor, i screamed and grabbed her,placed her in the tank and she split the top of her eye, i'm still crying. What can i do, it's from the front to back of right eye. It looks like she needs stitches. Please what should i do? Take her to doctor? I've had them both for over 4 years now. Yes, i love my animals. Thank you in advance.

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Anonymous - 2019-01-14
My male is smaller than my female and she's beatin on him, chasing him and cornering him. I have had to put a tank separator in. Is this normal?

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FishMama - 2019-01-13
We just got 3 Madagascan rainbows, (1 male and 2 females). The pet store said they'd grow to 3' and needed a 20 gallon. I have a tall 22 gallon and after reading up, I see that I should have an least 30 Gallo s as they'll be twice as long. My question is how quickly do they grow? Like how much in a year? They are currently just under two inches. I'm wondering how soon I should anticipate getting a bigger tank... They are quite lovely and busy.

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ML Powell - 2019-01-09
I have a 125 gallon tank with 2 Bristlenose Plecos, 4 Pictus Catfish, 6 Silver Dollars, 8 Bolivian Rams, 10 Red Eye Tetras, 12 False Julii Corydoras, and 14 Silver Hatchets. All getting along fine, no fin nipping by the tetras so far.

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Ian Galang - 2018-12-26
Is it possible for them to reach 27 inches in captivity?

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  • Sierra May - 2020-08-18
    Given the right environment anything is possible. They are monsters.
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Andy - 2010-04-25
I have an 80gal tank. I did my reserch and have lots of sand and gravel and plenty of hiding places. I got two Dojos about 3 inches each. At first I saw both 2 or 3 times a day. Now 2 weeks in I see one if I am lucky. Also have two six inch comments and two small cwarfish plus 4 water hyacinth. Note the goldfish are very active. This is not at all what I expected from these fish. Any comments? Thanks Andy

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  • Domi - 2018-12-21
    Your tank is severely over crowded. Dojos require pristine water conditions and gold fish produce a ton of waste.
Dawn Forbes - 2016-07-15
This is my first fish experience. they're  mezmerizing!  I have never seen my loaches poop. Do they poop? I have 2 dojo loaches and 5 gold fish in a 55 gallon tank. do they hide when they poop? I watch them for hours on end and have never seen either one of them poop.  they should be pooping. I'm feeding them well i believe.  I didn't know you could get so attached to fish.  Any and all information is welcome. thanks

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  • Domi - 2018-12-21
    Your tank is wayyyy over stocked!!!! 1 inch of goldfish for every 10 gallons and loaches id honestly say about the same

    Your fish were sick

    I just saw how old this is. Hopefully you've been given good advice since this was posted

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