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Julia R Walton - 2018-04-22
I'm looking to but a balloon kissing gourami. Any idea where I can get one?

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  • Devo - 2018-04-26
    yes i have a male and female balloon kissing gourami available for sale,if interested contact me on whatsapp +14146220899
fred - 2010-04-21
Its just awful that people breed fish to have deformities such as the balloon variations of species. balloons rarely live half as long as normal fish.

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michelle jehle - 2019-02-15
I just got my son's fish tank as he had to move, it is 30 gallons I believe and it contains a male and female swordtail and also a few babies. I would like to get some live plants but don't know what to get, I also bought a breading net because he thinks she is pregnant although he never used one. I've been reading articles on line about their care and would also like to get a few more females. Can I get a green swordtail? I read and wrote down the fish that are compatable also, any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Alonzo Gregory Foster - 2018-03-13
Looking for a Aba Aba Knife. Please contact me if you have one. 760 442 5452 thanks -Alonzo

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  • Pere - 2018-08-18
    I have plenty of giant and little aba aba knifefish for sale. Care for one you can contact me. Thanks
  • Ayibaikiye Odiabara - 2019-02-14
    Call: +234 8036836i82
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Paul D. Swanson - 2005-02-15
My Texans just spawned and both are protective parents. Both parents have scooped up the wigglers now and have deposited them in a central location where they hover and fight off all comers. It looks like they are eating the fry but they are simply relocating them. Those helpless wigglers are being eyed by all and sundry. But the brave parents will not let anyone close.

shelby - 2010-03-09
We had two texas cichlids, two convict cichlids, and a green terror in the tank. the convict cichlids laid eggs but the texas male ate all of them. then once the texas cichlids laid eggs the male killed all of the other fish including his mate and now we only have the texas cichlid male and about 200 babies.
if anyone is interested in buying them i live near janesville, you would have to come and pick them up but if ur interested u can e-mail me
[email protected]


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Brandy - 2019-02-13
I have a golden dojo she is about a year old and has a crick ? bend ? not sure what to call it in the middle of her body ? doing great otherwise I have had a few but haven't seen this before .Ty

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EW Runge - 2019-02-07
Want to purchase 4 or 5 black banded sunfish. I currently have lots of Blue spotted and Banded sunfish in my tanks and outside pond. San Diego & temps have been in the high 30ts and low 40ts in the AM.

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Jesse - 2019-02-07
My Chinese Bottom Feeder just died; in the past 36 hours or so it went from its normal color/pattern to turning almost solid black and it would just sit at the bottom of the aquarium. Yesterday it had its color back but it still stayed on the tank floor. I've had it for about 8 months and it was just a tiny thing when I first got it. I have guppies, sword tails, mollies, some snails and shrimp. they all seem to be acting'normal'. All the tank levels are good so why would it just up and die like it did? any info would be greatly appreciated.

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Josiah - 2015-05-26
Hi, I recently bought 2 yellows to add to my tank which holds1 and a small peacock in a 20 gallon. i plan on moving them to a 36 gallon. how big a tank is required for 4 large yellows. They are all about 4-5 inches. Also how can you id the females? the guy at the pet shop said one was a female but im not sure? any advice? Thank You

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-05-31
    These are not overly aggressive cichlids, except with fish that look similar. Your 4 fish are pretty large and are the same color... so 50 gallons or more can probably work as long as you have lots of rocks and driftwood type decor with caves and crevices for them to retreat into.  But of course a bigger tank will work even better, and I would keep an eye on them to make sure no one is getting bullied. Though the males are usually a bit larger, they are hard to sex unless the males are coloring up to breed.
  • kaycee - 2017-04-09
    They will be. OK. I have an peacock female in my20 gal,andi will be putting. In yellows soon,
  • oldman river - 2019-02-04
    tank to fit your need MUST be 50 Gallon or you call for disaster

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