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Anonymous - 2004-06-09
i have a 3ft by 1.5 x 1ft tank and my yellow gourami chases my bluey one around the tank, the blue one hides behind the fluvo filter must just be an agressive spieces or something

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  • Brent Stainer - 2019-03-04
    Check they're sexes. males have longer dorsel fins making it all the way to the tail. Females dorsel fins are shorter and more rounded. Opposite sexes are known to chase one another.
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Melinda C Foster - 2019-03-03
I have a 20 gallon tank with a male fire mouth ciclid named Id (ego died a long time ago). He is celebrating his 12th birthday this week. Thank you for your artical on this species, I learned some things about them. Now maybe he will make it to thirteen. Thank you.

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J Mino - 2019-03-01
I would love to have dwarf puffers, but only if they are captive bred due to their population reduction in the wild mainly caused by the aquarium trade. Are there any captive bred dwarf puffers for sale? I can't seem to find any for sale!

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Kay - 2019-02-24
My Black moor looked like it had something grayish white growing on it. I asked the fish store what to do and I purchased a small bottle of blue liquid that I put a certain # OF DROPS INTO WATER. Then I gently gave my Black Moor a shower. He really seemed to like the gentle stroking. I only did it once and the 'gunk' disappeared and hasn't returned. Hope this helps. I think it was a fungus.

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Paul D. Swanson - 2005-04-15
My Texans are now on their second batch of fry. I rescued about 50 from the first batch and they are doing fine in other tanks. The second batch has been left in the tank with the parents. They take them out on "walks" every day and dote on them. The tank is full of other cichlids but they are nowhere to be found. They hide in the rocks and bushes until I throw in some food. Then they dart out and commence the feeding frenzy. The Texans have all their tank mates completely dominated. Its been two weeks and the fry are still there. Im guessing that in a few weeks they will mostly be gone unless they can find a place to hide in the bushes as well.

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Anonymous - 2019-02-18
hi my name is bahaa from egypt i want ask about tds range for oscar

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Julia R Walton - 2018-04-22
I'm looking to but a balloon kissing gourami. Any idea where I can get one?

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  • Devo - 2018-04-26
    yes i have a male and female balloon kissing gourami available for sale,if interested contact me on whatsapp +14146220899
fred - 2010-04-21
Its just awful that people breed fish to have deformities such as the balloon variations of species. balloons rarely live half as long as normal fish.

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michelle jehle - 2019-02-15
I just got my son's fish tank as he had to move, it is 30 gallons I believe and it contains a male and female swordtail and also a few babies. I would like to get some live plants but don't know what to get, I also bought a breading net because he thinks she is pregnant although he never used one. I've been reading articles on line about their care and would also like to get a few more females. Can I get a green swordtail? I read and wrote down the fish that are compatable also, any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Alonzo Gregory Foster - 2018-03-13
Looking for a Aba Aba Knife. Please contact me if you have one. 760 442 5452 thanks -Alonzo

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  • Pere - 2018-08-18
    I have plenty of giant and little aba aba knifefish for sale. Care for one you can contact me. Thanks
  • Ayibaikiye Odiabara - 2019-02-14
    Call: +234 8036836i82

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