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Lee - 2019-08-12
Your reccomended water change quantitys are way off. There is no good way to keep a healthy cichlid tank with such small weekly water changes. I do 70% every 5 days and have been for years often even more as long as the water temprature is the same and the water is adequately treate there is no issue.

mrsmelton2012 - 2012-11-20
I bought a pair of them. They killed every fish and then they battled it out. I decided to just keep the one by himself an he has been doing great for 3 yrs.

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  • JOHN DOWNING - 2013-02-22
    find this difficult to believe, i have had these fish for several years mixed with other cichlids, mainly african, and have never had a problem with aggression. is your or was your tank small, wonder if that could be the problem. or what were the other species you had in with them.
  • Gary Wynja - 2021-08-08
    I had a pair that became very aggressive and killed a couple smaller fish. I had to catch them and put them in jail for a couple days which knocked the bully out of em. Now they get along much better with others. I not have them in a tank with 6 other adults and they are all getting along.
  • Lee - 2019-08-12
    I had the same thing happen 2 of them paired off and attempted to kill all the others and tjis was in an extra wide 55g.
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Kristin Becker - 2019-08-11
I have had problems with sudden (within 24-48 hours) sickness (laying sideways one the bottom, not eating) after apparent healthy behavior (jumping for food, attacking food briskly) for 2-3 weeks after I brought them home. All other fish are healthy in the tank and the tank is well 55 gallon established community tank. No chloramines, chlorine, nitrates or ammonia is present, although the water is slightly hard (180 ppm) and pH 7.6. I am working on decreasing the pH and adding General Cure for parasites. Would like to add salt, but not sure what dose they can tolerate. Any other ideas?

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michael - 2004-03-17
Texas cichlids have the same doglike characteristics as an Oscar if they are fed a good diet and given good water conditions. Mine is about 6 inches total and I have had him for 3 years. He is also one of the most beautiful aquarium fish available. My wife says it looks like he has green jewels all over him. Mine is not as aggressive as stated here, he gives a display (fins all the way out and shaking , as other cichlids do) but doesnt usually follow through with violence.

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Suz - 2019-08-07
I want to purchase a Siamese tiger fish .. where can I get one please

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David - 2019-08-02
Need to buy 2 male 3 female =5
Neolamprologus Sexfasciatus

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Thabani Mapfumo - 2019-07-28
Hello guy my name is Thabani i'm from Zimbabwe and i'm looking for Kariba tiger fingerlings i'm looking into breeding I got very big tanks with good filtration system any information please call or send me a massage on whatsapp on +263775165753

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Sue - 2019-07-24
My Raph is at least 25 years old. My niece got him for her 3rd birthday. At some point, her parents weren't really keeping up with the tank so I took him and got him into a 10g tank (he was in a 3g). He moved on to a 20 and has been in a 46g for the last 16 or 17 years.

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Kathryn Collins - 2019-07-21
I have several comets in an outdoor pond and in the spring (after not paying any attention to the pond over the winter) I noticed one of the fish had what appeared to be a black sore or growth on the top of its head. This improved over time but now that fish does not seem to have any lips or mouth. It may have a small opening where the mouth should be but I haven't seen it eat for weeks but with it being in a pond, I'm always looking down on it. Any advise?

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will - 2014-07-16
I just bought mine for 15.99 😀 and i witnessed it eat its first deeder fish, i also have 2 oscars a little bit greater in size and they are some bullies but i will let the armatus get a bit bigger and see whos the bully at the end lol

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  • Aidan - 2019-07-21
    Where at?

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