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michael - 2004-03-17
Texas cichlids have the same doglike characteristics as an Oscar if they are fed a good diet and given good water conditions. Mine is about 6 inches total and I have had him for 3 years. He is also one of the most beautiful aquarium fish available. My wife says it looks like he has green jewels all over him. Mine is not as aggressive as stated here, he gives a display (fins all the way out and shaking , as other cichlids do) but doesnt usually follow through with violence.

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Suz - 2019-08-07
I want to purchase a Siamese tiger fish .. where can I get one please

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David - 2019-08-02
Need to buy 2 male 3 female =5
Neolamprologus Sexfasciatus

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Thabani Mapfumo - 2019-07-28
Hello guy my name is Thabani i'm from Zimbabwe and i'm looking for Kariba tiger fingerlings i'm looking into breeding I got very big tanks with good filtration system any information please call or send me a massage on whatsapp on +263775165753

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Sue - 2019-07-24
My Raph is at least 25 years old. My niece got him for her 3rd birthday. At some point, her parents weren't really keeping up with the tank so I took him and got him into a 10g tank (he was in a 3g). He moved on to a 20 and has been in a 46g for the last 16 or 17 years.

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Kathryn Collins - 2019-07-21
I have several comets in an outdoor pond and in the spring (after not paying any attention to the pond over the winter) I noticed one of the fish had what appeared to be a black sore or growth on the top of its head. This improved over time but now that fish does not seem to have any lips or mouth. It may have a small opening where the mouth should be but I haven't seen it eat for weeks but with it being in a pond, I'm always looking down on it. Any advise?

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will - 2014-07-16
I just bought mine for 15.99 😀 and i witnessed it eat its first deeder fish, i also have 2 oscars a little bit greater in size and they are some bullies but i will let the armatus get a bit bigger and see whos the bully at the end lol

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  • Aidan - 2019-07-21
    Where at?
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ABY JOHN - 2019-06-27
Need albino gaint gaurami pair of 1-2 years

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the fish whisperer - 2010-05-18
JDs are really amazing. Sometimes I think they can understand me! If you're planning on breeding them, be sure to have the space. The male is 5 inches long and the female about 3.5 inches. They spawned twice in a 20 gal. I moved them from the fry when they were a week old. The parents now reside in their own 55 gallon planted tank. (they totally trashed the place!) Three days later they spawned again! 4th time in 2 months( they will eat the fry if disturbed too much DOH! The fry are really unique and some are blueish with vertical tiger stripes. Food is important and some kinds make your JD and most cichlids aggressive. email me at subject:JACK DEMPSEY and I will send pictures. They are for sale and soon I hope to have a website up. Thanks to the economy I have lots of free time to raise the healthiest fish around.

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  • jp - 2010-11-16
    Hi question please you said some food makes cichlids more aggressive? Like what please? Would be helping big time thanx.
  • andy simmons - 2010-12-17
    Hey, I'd like to see some pic's and get a little info on my community tank.
  • Craig Wolff - 2011-04-25
    Do you still have Electric Blue JDs for sale (Apr 2011)? I just lost one that I had for nearly ten years - he was quite large (8-9 inches and well over 1 lb.) and exquisitely beautiful.
  • Joey wilson - 2011-09-13
    Please send pics and price thank you
  • Tery Hish - 2011-12-16
    Hello. I want to get into the JDs and was wondering if you had any for sale. The electric blues are hard to find at a reasonable price, so I thought I would help out and increase the supply through breeding and lower the price for newbees to the Jack Dempsey world of BLUE!!!! Can you help?
  • MC - 2012-01-26
    I have been wanting EBJD for a long time! Do you have any for sale?
  • Paul Martin - 2015-09-22
    I am in colorado. Looking for ebjd.I have a 55 gallon. With a 5' oscar and 4.5' green terror. And a 5.5' clown knife
  • Steveo - 2019-06-26
    Hey mate came across ur post about the electric blue jack Dempsey cichlids just wondering if you have any for sale or know of where I can get some and where abouts are you located roughly thanks mate
  • Wayne - 2019-04-20
    I’m looking to buy some EB JD’s. I’d like to get around 6 young ones (1.5-3”) if anyone knows where I can get them. I live in SW Idaho and would pay to have them shipped here if nothing is available locally. Boise has had them but they are extremely expensive there.
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Waleed - 2019-06-24
Well socialized male and female french bulldog puppies for sale. They are 13 weeks old and current on all shots and papers. Interested then contact me through (972) 638 - 9315. (price is very affordable and serious inquiries only) Thank you!


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