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MarkFish - 2019-11-14
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Liz Schultz - 2014-09-15
I have had a Black Moor Goldfish for over a year now, and ever since I got it one of its eyes has been growing EXTREMELY larger than the other. It always freaked my out, but the fish swims normally and is healthy otherwise, so I let it go. I believe that the fish is blind in the smaller eye now - it is clouded over and shrunken.

Over the past couple of weeks, a growth has formed at the back of my fish's one giant eye. The growth grew to the same size as the overly large eye, so now it is as if there are two giant eyes on one side of its head, one behind the other - it's that big!

If you can believe it, the fish is still swimming normally and seems to have no balance or floating issues. I cannot find reference to a similar occurence with a goldfish ANYWHERE online!!! What is happening to my fish and how do I help it?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-09-15
    It's hard to say what it is, but there's a couple of possiblilities.

    It could be a tumor, which goldfish do sometimes get. Tumors can be internal or external, but the external ones are identified as lumps that are actually attached by a smaller thread, or sometimes multiple threads. They are sometimes have a bumpy cauliflower-like appearance or can simply be smooth but still protruding.  Unfortunately there's no effective medial cure for tumors and it's usually recommended to either remove the mass or euthanize the fish to avoid a slow death.

    Another possiblility is an ulcer, which start as a slightly raised scale that's usually yellowish looking, but can look clear or white. The area aroudn it becomes bloody and inflamed and the bump protrudes. Ulcers can be treated and must be treated right away. Maracyn 2 is one medication to look into as possible treatment.

    A third possiblility is Lymphocystis, which is the most common viral disease found in freshwater fish, it does effect goldfish, and is typically chronic. Also known as Cauliflower Disease, it is transmitted by viral particals in the water, usually introduced by another infected fish. Once infected a lump will form and enlarge until after about 4 weeks, when it will slough off and release viral particles into the water. The fish should be quarantined for at least a month. There's not really a specific treatment for Lymphocystis, but the fish should be treated for secondary bacterial infections and the lesions will eventually revert and the skin will be pretty much normal.
  • Thomas - 2019-11-14
    My moor was a rescue, lump formed above right eye and is now taken on a cauliflower look with several lumps and continues grow. Growth is over a year old and fish still swims and eats ok. Fish itself has grown over two inches since I got it. So seems healthy except for lumps. Any input would help.
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Famous Jones - 2017-08-09
I have a 55 gal tank which is a month old. I currently have 5 Tiger barbs, 3 swordtails, 2 Black Mollies and 2 Bristlenose plecos in the tank. I am thinking of adding 3 Yellow labs to the tank. Can I do it with a PH of 7.4 - 7.6? Can the Yellow labs co-exist with the rest of the fish?

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  • Anonymous - 2019-11-11
    I know this is answering an old question but since no one else did I will say that your plecos will be fine but the others I would be leary if there was a breeding pair of yellow labs they can get quite agressive. They need their own space. Mine move the gravel out from under the rocks they have and create caves and tunnels. I have a 75 gallon with one breeding pair and 2 catfish and a pleco and a bunch of young fry that I let fend for themselves. They quite often get eaten. I had about 6 other African cichlids, including 2 other yellow labs, which all got killed by my overly aggresive momma.
  • Gus - 2019-11-11
    I know this is answering an old question but since no one else did I will say that your plecos will be fine but the others I would be leary if there was a breeding pair of yellow labs they can get quite agressive. They need their own space. Mine move the gravel out from under the rocks they have and create caves and tunnels. I have a 75 gallon with one breeding pair and 2 catfish and a pleco and a bunch of young fry that I let fend for themselves. They quite often get eaten. I had about 6 other African cichlids, including 2 other yellow labs, which all got killed by my overly aggresive momma.
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Martha - 2019-11-10
We just learned that we accidentally bred our ghost knife fish. We got 2 about 1.5 - 2 years ago with absolutely no clue of their genders. About a two months ago we got home late and happened to notice that both knife fish were out of hiding, so we sat to watch them for a bit since they are so cool and we don’t get to see them frequently. They began swimming together in what I can only describe as a dance. We joked that they were mating, but never expected it to be accurate. We never saw any eggs, we never saw any fry, but today during a water change we discover a new knife fish - about 2-3 inches compared to the original two being about 6-9 inches. Details of our tank: 150 gallons, 78 degrees F, we shoot for weekly water changes of 20% but often in ends up be closer to two weeks. We have a large variety of other inhabitants in the tank, so we feed frozen brine shrimp, frozen blood worms, tropical flake, and algae wafers. We increased the food amount over the past few weeks since many of the smaller fish have been disappearing and we assumed it was due to night hunting. I honestly have no other details since this was completely by chance. From what I have read of the knife fish, this little guy should have died at every single stage, but he made it so we have three of these beauties now!

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Geoff newman - 2019-11-09
I am interested in ordering some medaka
Fish to mix with White
Clouds. In a 55 g tank. I a!m in CT......

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Arnold Holliman Sr - 2019-10-21
Would like to purchase young heckle discus.Contack

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zack - 2019-10-15
These fish are very stunning in a group. I definitely agree with the semi aggressive temperament. My group was quite territorial and would even fight off a baby blood parrot from their side of the tank!

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carrie Blaylock - 2012-05-03
So my friend gave me a 10 gal tank n 2 southern cichilids. The problem is the larger male is trying to kill the female. Its really sad to watch any advice would be appreciated

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-05-03
    They are stressed and acting out. Add some hiding places.
  • Ghameeda Hendricks - 2018-04-01
    I have the same problem. My Ahli killed 2 females already and they were alone in the tank. I now added 9 females and extra male and he seems to show aggression and all the rest are hiding from him at the top of the tank behind the pump. What can i do?
  • Jonathan Babb - 2019-10-08
    There are a number of things you can do to deal with the cichlid fish aggression:

    1. Remove the more aggressive male from the take for 1-2 days. You can keep him in another tank (i.e QT) or a bucket of treated water, but make sure there is air or flow to oxygenate.

    2. Change the layout of the tank to make it feel like a new tank, and the fish will re-establish their pecking order, and the aggressive male may not maintain as much territory as previously. If this is done in conjunction with option 1 you will have better results.

    3. Make sure the most aggressive male is not easily the biggest and baddest fish. At least one or two fish of the same size can prevent one fish from dominating the tank.

    4. Keep only fish of the same sex, or have just one male and many females. The fish tend to be less aggressive when there is not competition for breeding.

    5. Overstock the tank with too many fish for your aggressive cichlid to dominate. This is the most commonly used method at aquarium stores. If there are too many fish for him to push them away, eventually he will get tired of it and either keep a much smaller territory or not establish territory at all.

    I realize this is way too late but i wanted to post this information in the event someone else stumbles on this looking for the same thing.
  • Jonathan T Babb - 2019-10-08
    I forgot to mention that more hiding spaces as previously noted will help (though this works better for Mbuna species).

    Also, dither fish is another option. The dither fish can prevent the cichlids from establishing territory and can also unite them as well. Good dither fish for Hap cichlids are fish that are faster and maneuver better than the cichlids, such as Giant Danios (I've heard of these often being used, they are racers and swim everywhere, really opening up the space), rainbowfish, and the larger and faster tetra species such as Congo tetras.

    Do not put any large slow moving fish in with them such as Angelfish, Discus, Gourami. These will not fare well. Plecos can be kept with them but aren't great dither fish. You'd end up with the same scenario plus a pleco on the glass.
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Jean moore - 2019-10-06
We have a red tail cat fish in a large tank and indoors,who is out growing the tank, he is regularly banging up against the glass, and we are getting concerned that at some stage he will break out. We are looking to re house him as we can’t extend his tank. He’s over 3 foot long, approx 25 pounds, and 28 years old. I would appreciate any suggestions on trying to re house this beautiful cat fish. Look forwards to he airing from any one who can maybe help. Many thanks mr & mrs c.p. Moore.

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Ankit - 2012-03-11
I have an experience of keeping various freshwater fishes, for 13+yrs.. But never had the luck of keeping a pair of spotted scat alive for more than a week.. Presently I have 3 tanks. I bought a pair of scats today. But am scared and sad as I don't want to kill or hurt the fishes.. The local LFS suggested that I should try separating the scats in a salty water and then later introduce them in the main tank. Somebody kindly help me out..

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-03-11
    One issue with Spotted Scats is you really need to know the environment that they were raised in. It is not always the same as what the pet store has them housed in. If you can get them straight from the source you will have much better guy.
  • Katy Singleton - 2012-03-24
    I got one without knowing what it was.. initially it was fine, then it started languishing. I noticed it was crazy about freeze dried worms, so I tried live blood worms and we have not looked back. Two years and counting, and my red scat is 4 inches. Now I am worried that soon I'll have to get rid of it, because I only have a 10 gallon tank. It i;s a friendly little thing, acts likea dog at feeding time, nose pressed against the glass, wagging it's tail (I'm not kidding). So that's my advice, some live worms every day. Expensive !
  • ben - 2013-10-30
    I bought 1 a long time ago he got pretty big and I just set up a tank an no pet shop near me can get them but turns out I can catch them in the river its brackish I caught 1 red scat and at the beach I caught a silver 1 an converted it back to fresh
  • Gregg Weeks - 2019-10-02
    I've had my red scat sin brackish water for about three months I just moved them to full Marine aquarium but about 30 days ago,they seem much happier I thought I was going to lose them but they really love the saltwater!

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