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izzy - 2022-09-22
Good info until you said the Orinoco Altum is a cross/tank bred species. The Orinoco Altum comes from the Orinoco river basin......... That breed is not a man made creation that is a wild varation of fish.....

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Paul - 2018-11-21
These fish are extremely resilient and a great starter fish, however the length that is mentioned in the facts about fish is of I have one the is 17 1/2” long. They love algae wafer temperamental accessionaly. I have had a 12” rope snake eaten by him because the rope snake was engaging on hi territory they have to have a place of there own. Very personable I have a chair beside my tank and when I sit in it he swims over and hangs out til I get up and he swims back under his tree. Will destroy any placement of decorations so I find myself fixing them weekly. All great fish like have a toddler but no screaming no chasing around the house and well feed once daily

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  • prasadkushe - 2022-08-06
    who were the tank mates for the 17 inches Banded L. What were you feeding him. what food they loved the most. were they fin nipping other fishes. were they aggressive to other fishes.
  • prasadkushe - 2022-08-06
    who were the tank mates for the 17 inches Banded L. What were you feeding him. what food they loved the most. were they fin nipping other fishes. were they aggressive to other fishes.
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bobbwb22 - 2009-12-11
I have owned 7 hatchet fish in the last year. 3 of them have jumped out of my tank to their death. I am finally putting a net over my tank, good idea :)

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  • ジェイコブ スーパーコピー 通販 口コミ - 2022-07-13
    激安 おすすめSALE!
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Wakeem - 2012-09-13
I have a pair of blue acara , I love these fish, I am a little confused over their sex. Is there a big difference in their size. The larger has a squarer head to its slope , however the smaller is more oval rounded like, it is also extremely more darker. Their behaviour to each other is somewhat confusing too sometimes very friendly , the next the larger just Persues the smaller. Can anyone offer any further advice . Thanks

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-09-14
    Males are larger with extended dorsal and anal fins
  • Wakeem - 2012-09-20
    How about the behaviour . Do they always chase each other around?
  • Johnc - 2022-07-08
    It's best just to keep one blue acara that way the stress level will be way down and the 1 fish will flourish. Only put 2 in there if you intend on breeding them.
DeDe - 2016-02-20
I've had 2 blues for 11 months. The past 3 wks. one of them has been ill. I've done everything! Nobody could give me a answer. It wasn't the water, it wasn't stress, something was wrong with him. Stop eating, breathing heavy, he would stay at the bottom or top & do nothing. The other one didn't know what was wrong with his buddy brother. Next morning he was laying on his side dead! Took out, and his buddy was going crazy looking for him! I felt really bad! Cried most of the day! Anyone know how long it should wait to get a another one? Or not?

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  • Anonymous - 2016-07-18
    melafix and aquarium salt and lots of bubbles
  • Anonymous - 2016-07-18
    they like company so asap. i have a tank with 25 of them and they dont like it when one starts acting funny, so i have a little net breeder that i isolate the sick one in and a drop of melafix and a pinch of aquarium salt twice a day. works every time if you catch it at first sign of illness. also quality flake food. no frozen food!!!
  • Johnc - 2022-07-08
    Normally these fish do well just individually. I think the other one was more looking for the dead 1 in order to harass him some more. The only time 2 blue a car should be together is during breeding time.
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ERC1 - 2022-05-20
Snails or snail eggs snuck into my 20g aquarium of cory cats and soon enough were running amok. This Monday I ran to the LFS in search of some type of small fish with an appetite for snails. I've had yoyo's clean a tank for me before but they eventually grew too big. I had zebras clean a tank for me too but only after an ineffective vacation feeder gave them no other option but get uncivilized and go primal. I found and bought these 3/4in 3 for $9 skunks with the plan to starve out them and the cories until they got to work...Instead, before I had to resort to such draconian measures, by Wednesday to my astonishment my tank was cleaned of almost all mollusks except for a few stragglers. + so far they're not bothering the bigger cories; Maybe that's something to watch for when they grow bigger.

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Kirsty - 2014-05-27
Hi I have two red caps, they were fine when I put them in the tank but now they are floating in the corner of the tank. They are still eating and very responsive if you switch the light on. I'm treating them for tail rot at the moment but they don't seem to be getting better. Anybody help me what I can do please?

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  • Anonymous - 2022-04-12
    They probably have a swim bladder problem turn off the lights and call a vet
Anonymous - 2022-04-12
I got 2 red cap orandas a boy and a girl the girl has roe but she won't lay the roe the tank is 10 gallons it has a topfin filter and a air pump a live plant and decorations for fish ps the boy is missing a cadul fin they won't breed please help me

Teaghan - 2018-03-13
My Redcap goldfish has been sitting in the corner kind flipping on its side. Im worried today will be his last day! Please help.. Im feeding him goldfish food..

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  • Anonymous - 2022-04-11
    It sounds like a swim bladder issue try a veterinary in the mean time turn off the lights and let it rest
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Samantha T - 2008-01-27
I have bred zig zag eels, though it happened quite by accident. They had four sessions or so of babies within a month and a half period or so.
The female was rounder in the mid section but definately shorter then my male. They are very caring and were seen teaching their young to hunt blood worms in the substrate.
Some of the pieces of the puzzle to help them along was an Indian almond leaf added, and the blue light to make it seem like moonlight (the IAL was added to start conditioning my halfmoon betta male also in the tank). Also, I had gone against a lot of people's advice and had bought the second zig zag with too small a tank, the lack of space turned out to never be an issue, and the fry and parents thrived. Unfortunately my female died a few months ago (she was having some issues, almost looked like she was laboring and got something stuck, no other signs of injury or sickness, plus the tank was/is healthy). Her young and mate protected her body as I tried to remove it. They noticed her gone, as well as the fry as I had to start selling them off as they got bigger. The tank is only a 30 gallon... I thought I'd share my beginner's luck.

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  • Kevin Satterfield - 2014-10-02
    I have a few eels in my tank and have been putting together accounts of eels breeding. Please contact me at
  • Thinus - 2017-08-13
    hi i bought 2 zig zag eels last week and this morning when i woke there is alot of round puffy balls in my tank is that eggs?
  • Anonymous - 2022-03-07
    Why wont my zig zag eel eat anything

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