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   The leaves of the Water Wisteria depend on the temperature of the water - at higher temperatures they are large with more space between them; however if the temperature is lower they are smaller and much closer together!
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Barbara - 2006-02-14
this is a plant with high tolerance for just about everything. it doesnt much care about pH, lighting, etc. The roots grow unbelievably quickly, so be warned it will be serious competition for surrounding plants and a potential problem for an undergravel filter. The one thing this plant really hates is to be crowded by its own or another kind. if this happens, it will drop all of its leaves except the top rosette, which isnt a great look. Also avoid bruising the stems during maintinance.

there are many ways to use it. wisteria can be used as a groundcover in the front of the aquarium, or in a bunch in the middle or back. it is interesting when contrasted with big broad or long straightleaves of a different shade of green or red (i.e. ozelot sword, or vallis).

finally, avoid buying cuttings that have been cultivated above ground, which will display large roughly outlined oval leaves, as these cuttings will take longer to adjust to their new environment.