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   Both the Hardy Water Lily and the Tropical Water Lily are generally pond plants, but can be kept in the aquarium with a fair amount of effort!
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Calvin - 2008-11-22
Great plant, I originally bought one for my pond but I had to take that apart due to lack of planning.

Now it is in my aquarium and growing very quickly. I use 3 x 25 watts of lighting and I do have my aquarium covered.

I've had it like that for a month now with no problems, looks great.

Vicki Humphries - 2012-05-19
I'm glad I found this site. I bought a water lily from my local fish shop and put it in my 4ft tank 3 months ago. I knew nothing about w/lily care until now. I don't have time for a 'winter hiatus' but I will see what happens.