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   The Madagascar Lace Plant is known for it's beautiful "lace-like" appearance and is one of the most sought-after plants to keep in aquariums!
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Jess - 2012-05-12
my lace plant is dying and i dont know why. i got it on march 27th, 2012... had like 20 full leaves then. now it has like 2-3 baby leaves. the rest rotted off. i tried plant food, which doesnt seem to effect it. my 3 amazon swords are flourishing nicely though!
iv read multiple sites that contradicted each other on proper amount of lighting. low vs high? which one is it?
and should i plant it away from a water current or does it matter? HELP! haha This plant cost me $15!

Current water stats (which im trying to fix):
55 gal freshwater tank (started mid January 2012)

Temp: 70-78F

pH: 6.0 (was 7.4 two weeks ago. idk what made it jump down. the only new thing i added to the water was a Nitra-Zorb pad 3 days ago to help with ammonia & nitrates. I didn't read anything on the box that said Nitra-Zorb effected pH.)

ammonia: 1.0
nitrite: 0.0
nitrate: 40

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  • shannon matthews - 2014-02-01
    your lace plant might be going though shock! your sudden rise in ph was 4 marks higher than the species recommendation i'd leave it alone and let it regrow. lace plants are kinda finicky plants. if you want to test rather or not your plant food is affecting the ph buy a ph kit and get a sample of your tank water. plant this fragile plant away from from your filter currents and keep it shaded out of hot light. this plant lacks protective leaf tissue other plants have.
Conrad Menezes - 2011-09-04
The Madagascar Lace plant is a very nice plant.
I wonder if you could ship one bulb/plant to me in Qatar (arabian gulf).
If this is possible then I will give you my credit card number to expedite shipping.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2011-09-04
    Check out our Pet Supply, This merchant has one in stock...
  • E.SNYDER - 2013-09-01
    Yea look around first bro. You don't ever want to give out your card number online ever!