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   Dwarf Anubias make great beginner plants because they can adapt readily to almost any aquarium environment!
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Barbara - 2006-02-14
these are certainly slow growers, and are slow to establish. they require essentially no care whatsoever, and are difficult to kill. i would absolutely recommend growing this on a nice piece of bogwood with some java fern in front of each other. the two were just meant to be together, and the anubias will be happier with its main root exposed.

Conor Paul Neill - 2010-04-22
I have practically all of my roots exposed and my plant has tripled in size in 4 months :)

Ryan - 2009-10-06
Will the dwarf anubias grow with the roots submerged in the substrate or does if have to be tied to rock or driftwood? Any pros and cons for the anubias if it is submerged in the substrate...

Yee Loon - 2007-07-05
Great plant.. would be better if tied to rock or bogwood. Not planted.

Yehoshua Cirt - 2006-08-05
Actually this is not a true aquatic plant, but really a flood plant, meaning that it is used to being submerged for long periods. Expensive but strong and well loved by me.