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   The Java Fern is a good plant to use in aquariums containing herbivorous fish since they will seldom eat it!
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Anonymous - 2012-02-14
Can I put a Java Fern in my one gallon tank with a betta.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-02-14
    It would have to be a really small piece of fern. One gallon is not very big but a little piece is OK - java ferns grow like crazy.
  • Alex Burleson - 2012-02-14
    One small piece is fine. However, do note that Java Fern can reach large sizes, and may need to be trimmed back a bit when large.
  • Anonymous - 2014-10-25
    Of course u can... It's a plant that could handle water hardness...
Barbara - 2003-11-18
Wonderful Plant!!! Attach to bogwood, stones, etc, and allow to grow down it and cascade into the soil. Not at all picky. WILL NOT BE EATEN BY RAMSHORN SNAILS! Grows quickly and is undemanding. I have kept the same plant for 5 years, never had a single complaint.

Ross 14 - 2010-06-04
A great plant when tied down to a rock or wood properly and firmly. It took 5 to 6 weeks to root into sandstone, once rooted the string/thread may be untied. Be careful not to plant directly into aquarium substrate as this will rot the roots of your plant. A great easy plant that does not require much effort and will accept very low light levels. New shoots will also sprout from the rhyzome generally quickly, Co2 is not required but can be added. (A GREAT PLANT)! *****

Roy Clarke - 2012-10-09
I have planted some Java into my established bogwood. How many hours of light will they need to survive and grow?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-10-09
    This plant needs very little light.  Bright lighting should be avoided.  Normal tank/room lighting is usually fine for this plant to thrive.
StillWater - 2005-05-24
Great information. I've seen people call the shoots that Java Fern produce bearded algea. Thanks for the accurate data.

Anonymous - 2005-06-25
I've had a few of these plants for a few years and they are very tough. I had them in a place with non-sufficient lighting for a long time and they survived for a year with little damage to the plant.

nm123 - 2012-01-19
thanks for the help

nm123 - 2012-01-17
how long does it take for these plants to reproduce baby plantlets into the substrate?

please get back to me asap

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-01-17
    There are several ways to reproduce the Java fern and so the time span varies although it seems to be very quick in any method. An article Reproduction Java Fern will give you some insight as to how, how long and what to do.
nm123 - 2012-01-06
Hi i have a java fern that I think is reproducing now. My qustion that I have is how long does it take for a plant seed/shoot to fall off the leaves of my java fern?

please get back to me asap

nm123 - 2012-01-03
This type of fern does very well in graval and it will consume almost all the fish food that is near it in the graval but you still need to give the fern at least 5 - 7 hours of aquarium or sunlight every day