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   The Yellow Polyps are a staple that everyone, beginners to experts, loves to have in their aquarium!
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reefboy - 2018-03-22
Try to lower a nutrient as this one like a nutrient rich water and this will slow their growth rate, if this is not possible, remove the affected rock and replace with new cured/high quality fresh live rock

Bruce - 2008-12-27
The Yellowpolyps have completely taken over our 55 gallon tank. They are on all of the live coral and on the walls of the tank. Is there a way to get rid of them. We would like to get our tank back HELP.

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  • Liz - 2017-10-27
    Bruce, I know this is an aged article, I'm just starting out (about 8 months now) in the saltwater hobby and if you still have an abundance of those you'd like to get rid of please let me know. Thanks so much.
Snowman - 2009-05-11
Never have done this as you will see. I have question concering Montiporas. I have 3 different colors of montipora plate corals. MY GREEN only has been bleaching out any ideas why. HELP and Thanks if any one get's this message. The Snowman

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  • corrie - 2011-10-03
    It is bleaching out as it probably in too much light try moving it lower in the tank....I had this same problem moving it lower in the tank help the colour is returning
Neale - 2007-09-05
The Sunflower Coral is one tough customer. My chiller just died the other day, allowing my Red Sea Max reef tank to reach at least 90F, from its usual 79F, and this coral came through with flying colors, literally! My Mushroom anemones also survived, although they shrunk a bit.

Bruce Imrie - 2007-08-12
I have had some success with yellow polyps, to the point that they have become a nuisance in my tank. They are growing on the tank walls and are attacking my lps and sps corals. I'm now seeking a way to cull or eliminate them.