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   Colonial Yellow Polyps are quite common and readily available for a reef aquarium!
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garry - 2014-11-21
Not anemone but soft coral, easy to keep without food need light more then anything. I would like to know where you get your info from because I could do a better job!

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-11-22
    Despite their being a soft coral, they are also called Yellow Encrusting Sea Anemones. I'm glad you are keeping yours successfully without food and more light, but that doesn't change their basic needs. The reason for lighting for many corals is because they get much of their food from a symbiotic marine algae called zooxanthellae, and zooxanthellae needs light to grow. However this coral, the yellow polyp, does not have this symbiotic algae so needs to get food from the water column. Have you heard of the term 'coral bleaching?' This is where corals shed their zooxanthellae. This is happening to many corals in the wild right, and is causing great concern around the world as corals will die without this algae. Once they shed the algae it is difficult for them to get it to re-establish. Fortunately for this coral, it will not suffer in the ocean from coral bleaching.