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   The Tongue Coral not only resembles a tongue, but is the largest of the solitary corals!
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Becky - 2023-01-25
I also have a tongue coral.that is concerning me. It is starting to turn white from the bottom up. It is in the sand. All my parameters are good. Although I do not ha e a magnesium. Test . My lighting my need a boost. But my question is, if it is already started to die is there anyway to prevent further damage? Can it be saved?

sandy lore - 2013-03-09
my friend gave me a tongue corral because it was dying to, i read up on it and it helps to move it as close to the light as you can. it seems to be doing alot better

Mrs Jackson - 2011-04-02
Hi. Unfortuately I am upset and hoping you can help with some advice. I have a 160 gallon salt water tank with a beautiful coral tongue that is dieing. Half of it has because white, what can I do to save it? I would really appreciate your help. thank you
Mrs Jackson

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-04-02
    Will you give us a little more information? Water temperature, lighting, bedding, what else is in the tank?
  • Clarice Brough - 2011-04-03
    Gosh, I hope you can save it... but turning white is not a good sign. That means it is loosing its zooxanthellae, its symbiotic marine algae.

    Unfortunately they are sometimes known to die unexpectedly, for no apparent reason. But they also can go downhill if not kept properly. They must be in the sand, not on the rocks, need a gentle current flowing across them, and must be fed daily. Check all these things, and I hope you can pull it out!