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   The Plate Coral, or Long Tentacle Plate Coral, has the largest polyps of all the corals!
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Anonymous - 2017-02-19
Plate coral has some pretty cool things plate coral has vary long tentol there is a plate coral that is called moon coral

Scott Sinclair - 2006-02-24
I would not say that this LPS is difficult to care for, nor is it best left to experienced reef keepers.

They also do quite well in moderate water flow areas due to increased gas exchange and will readily take prepared foods if supplied.

KATHERINE - 2006-07-17
If your plate coral looks very unhappy, like it has retracted into it's skeleton, you probably have a low level of calcium. mine did- i went and bought Kent Marine liquid calcium and it was alot better the other day. If you think part of it has died, use an eye dropper and squit some kent marine concentrated iodine over the area and the coral should recover!

lompoc, Ca