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promoSub - 2022-10-25
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promoSub - 2022-10-24
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Code Herb - 2022-10-23
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Lori Austill - 2005-10-13
Fifteen years ago I went into a pet store to get out of the rain and while I was wandering around close to the bird cages, a nanday conure stepped onto my shoulder. She has been my baby ever since. I didn't know if she was a boy or girl so after ten years I decided to have her sexed. The DNA test was sent off and a week before we got the results she laid a single egg...only one she has ever laid. Go figure. Once, on a trip to the vet, the bottom fell out of her cage and she escaped. I was hysterical but after 5 hours of looking I heard her "screech". I called her name (Nandie) and every time I did she screeched again leading me to her. Another time my cat somehow escaped from the bedroom where I always keep her when Nandie is out. She caught Nandie after a frantic chase. After a trip to the ER vet clinic and 10 days of intense antibiotics, she was no worse for wear. She says "hello", "want some water", "bye bye" and "you're my baby". I don't know how long Nandays live but I hope it's a LONG time.

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  • Lori Austill - 2022-10-21
    UPDATE: Nandie lived 30 years! She died in July of 2020. I will always miss her!
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Renata, Trinidad, W.I. - 2010-04-20
I lost my very friendly cat Fletcher with name tag and all to an "evil" man (a tenant), who stole him and maybe killed him. Thank God that man is gone now. I was very afraid to get another pet, as I am very protective of them - that's why I don't have dogs anymore (my first love) - because of tenants downstairs. But I visited my local animal shelter and cried over my missing cat. Then a woman directed me to this little shiny grey quiet cat, who turned out to be the best behaved cat ever! She does not go to strangers, she does not eat scraps nor eat from your plate nor interfere with the garbage - she will drink your water though, she does not go where I don't- she has never yet ventured into any of the other apartments open doors or windows even if she is bribed. She loves to stay inside even though she is free to go out. She communicates with me in sound - she calls to find out where I am in the apartment. She is very serious about being fed to her leisure. Once I'm home, she stays close to where I am approx. 80% of the time. And if I'm out, she stays inside approx. 95% of the time. If I'm out she waits until I come home to go outside to hunt and do her 'business'. The point is, she's safe from dangerous people. And for this I am so grateful. When I get up in the morning she walks beside me and guides me to her bowl to feed her first. You can't help but develop a very close and instinctive bond with this cat. She helped me in dealing with the grief of losing my previous cat. I was afraid of the man, but I am not afraid anymore. God gave me victory over him - I smile and wave hello whenever I see him - he is so confused when I do that. But you see because he killed my cat (which belongs to God) for whatever reason, I now know what a dangerous person he was. He broke my water line on purpose during the early hours of the morning then called me @2:30am then again @3:30am to come downstairs - the plumber confirmed it was tampered with (twice). So while I still grieve for my cat Fletcher I am grateful to have overcome this dangerous threat to my life in the likes of this man- because I lived alone at the time. But now peace has come and my new lovely cat Smokey is my new room-mate - she has her own identity/ demands privacy, etc. In fact, she's a lot like me!

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  • Felicia - 2010-08-27
    What a lovely story :) I am so glad you found peace and happiness with this new cat that the Lord gave you. However the man in this story sounds VERY scary (oh my goodness!) - praise God he's gone too! I'm not sure I could wave to someone that sounds so evil. Good for you and I wish you well. May the peace of the Lord be with you always.

    ~Felicia, Griffith I.N.

  • Lorraine Dutch - 2011-03-08
    My little girl, Bella is a rescue cat, who also consoled me after I lost my beloved blue Oriental, Nicholas, to kidney disease at age 12. Her nature seems much like your cat's although I have to monitor her food intake as she is very fond of her food. Lorraine, Qld, Australia.
  • iHerb Code - 2022-10-19
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Isaac Mpa - 2022-10-12
Lovebird lutino

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izzy - 2022-09-22
Good info until you said the Orinoco Altum is a cross/tank bred species. The Orinoco Altum comes from the Orinoco river basin......... That breed is not a man made creation that is a wild varation of fish.....

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sue - 2009-11-13
I just found a mourning dove by our driveway, missing an entire wing! Took her to my vet and she seems healthy otherwise. Currently she is in a birdcage, is pecking at seed. I have a pet pigeon, hopefully can put their cages side by side and introduce them. Any suggestions/comments/advice is appreciated!

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Himanka - 2018-02-14
I want a Netherland dwarf Bunny

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Veronica Greenough - 2022-09-15
Can my timney be mixed with another parrot,if so what is best.


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