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Anonymous - 2018-11-09
FK - 2013-08-13 I disagree with many of the conclusions, I got a extra large queen angelfish which is 6-7 inches in a 30 gallon half circle quarantine tank: 100x flow, two Maxi Jet 1200 in circulation mode facing downward 1300GPH each, using sure grip magnets, left and right corners, top, and back. Two Maxi jet 400's as power heads on the surface to the left and right of Reef Octopus Lx2000s skimmer running Ozone and a controller. Two watts per gallon actinic 03 and 10K, 20watts at night of actinic 03 on the floor behind tank as a night light (less stress which kills them) Variance for ORP probes are 21 to 24 millivolt tested in a 450mv solution, so running at ORP of 425 is really about 400mv which is one percent bacteria, no phosphates or nitrates, 'none'. I dose Red Sea foundation, colors, energy, and algae management for phosphate and nitrate, and replace 1/2 cup of carbon each day for residual ozone. The LX2000s it not supposed to run with any back pressure so the carbon bag is carefully put on upper shelve of water return coming up from the base of skimmer (above blue sponge compartment). I had to keep adjusting flow, find something that worked in a 27 high, 27 wide, half circle. When I finally ran Maxi Jet 1200's in circulation mode on top left and right corners downward, the ozone ran longer but the water was properly circulating as with returns from a sump which I do not use. The Red Sea X-Nitrate and X-Phosphate was the last addition, it says it prevents nuisance algae. I also had to use NO ICH marine for months, finally doubling dose, dosing twice a day, probably because of skimmer running Ozone and Carbon. It finally worked. Brine shrimp plus and anything from Ocean Nutrition it will eat (frozen, pellets, and flake food). It's in a tank with mushroom corals, encrusting corals, a baby trigger fish, damsel, and one small and large turbo snail, no problems.

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  • Andrew Harrington - 2020-10-24
    yet, what you have is a recipe for disaster and the fact you have had to treat for ich so many times already is proof that while the animal is surviving it is not thriving. things will do nothing but get worse, expect to lose most if not all your livestock. this is a classic case of a keeper doing what they want, not what's best for the animal.
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Brandi Williams - 2020-10-25
I will like too buy two squirrel's a red on and a gray one my gmail is Is $200 a Nuff if not gmail me ok

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Khan - 2014-08-11
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  • hamza - 2014-08-11
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  • Ilyasuddin - 2020-10-25
    Hello I have 116grams leopard gecko 11inch if any body interest to buy please give your offer. But remember I am living in kohat. I cannot bring it anywhere except Peshawar. I am from kohat. Please if you need it in Karachi islamabad dont contact. It's out of my coverage . Thank you very much
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Brown Marvin - 2020-10-26
Top quality Male and Female English Bulldog puppies(100% Purebred). Smart Active and Healthy! Vet checked, current on shots/wormings and micro chipped. Text now for more pics and info via :: (804) 331-4680

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justice - 2008-08-20
I have a pleco thats a foot long. I measured when he was on the side and he is in a small tank 18 inches. Should he get that big, all I have in there are 6 guppies but we don't have the funds to buy a new tank, will he get bigger?

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  • steve quirk - 2020-10-26
    hi there , leopard plecos can get to 20 inches
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Jose Burgos-Polo - 2020-10-26
I found in my porch a small, hurt what I believe is a Cagle's turtle. I been caring for it and actually got very active after about 2 weeks swimming and playing with another softshell that I also fostered. Recently I placed some feeding fish for them to eat but they were scared of them and I decided to take the fish out. For some reason the once active little turtle now wants to spend the day in the floating desk under the UV and warming lights and not wanting to swim that much anymore and won't even care to go for the mealworms I feed them. It will let me handle it and pet it but one O place it back in the floating log it jumps in the water for about 2-3 minutes before going back into the dry log and lights...Is that a normal behavior of these little guys? Thank you

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Wartank - 2020-11-02
I have a jaguar cichlid with a Flowerhorn and Mayan for 6 months.They begin as little 1.5' fries. It seems the FH outgrew the others considerably, and is now 6.5' whereas the rest are only 4.5'.I feel they need to be separated as they are always hiding away from the FH aggression in their own holes that I provided. Should I move them away and as such, what tankmates should be introduced?

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Mikayla Clayback - 2017-12-20
Hello. I recently bought a black moor Goldfish. His name is Wilbur. He was in a one gallon tank for a week and I moved him into a 5 gallon. My dorm only allows a max of 5 gallon tanks. Does anyone know how long I can keep him in that tank before I upgrade? He is 3 inches long right now and I am a freshman in college. Would Wilbur need to be upgraded before I graduate? Please help me and Wilbur. He's my best friend.

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  • Ray - 2018-03-08
    I am no expert and am pretty new to the Goldfish game myself, but from everything I have read a Goldfish needs a minimum of 1 gallon of water per inch while they are young but ultimately need a 20 gallon tank or larger to thrive and not stunt their growth. There is a YouTube channel called The Gold Standard hosted by a girl with half blonde half black hair who really knows her stuff. I would start there and see what you can find out.
  • Brenda Stovall - 2020-11-03
    It should be fine. As long as you dont add any other fish or decorations. Generally 1 inch of fish per gal of water. He can grow up to 10' typically they will only grow as big as the tank allows. He will probably grow 5 to 6 inches in a 5 gal. Tank. Just make sure to do proper water changes. Small tanks get dirty quickly.
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Alimohsin - 2019-05-05
Arowana fish and Lionfish for sale I breed all species of Arowana species for sale worldwide. Albino stingrays and Black Diamond X Super White cross rays. Contact me via email if interested in aquarium species

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  • Michael Presley - 2020-11-06
    need prices for arowana red blue white gold would like fry or very young need to keep cost way down need 1 each also cost on lion fish and rays
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Amanda Wilson - 2020-10-23
My kids dad brought a baby raccoon home and I bottle fed it and shes healthy.. probably about 4 or 5 years old. I have 2 kids, one being a year old. I dont have the best living conditions for racoon to be happy and shes becoming too much to handle.. i feel terrible because i probably should've brought her to wildlife rehabilitation but I didnt and now I want to find her a home. Maybe someone on here can help or wants to adopt her. I live in Florida


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