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gizzy - 2003-08-12
i have 4 beutifull parakeets they are so cute but i just cant train them i give them plently of space and love and no results can any one help me thankz

Rachel - 2003-08-11
I have a girl parakeet named Princess, she loves to fly on my shoulder, I think you should get one because they make you feel happy and excited.

Willy walker - 2003-08-11
I just got a parakeet yesterday they are great pets her name is angel and she is also finger trained, I suggestt anyone to get a parakeet they are very good pets

Care Bear fan - 2003-08-11
My parakeet Halo loves to be pet.

sasa - 2003-08-10
my parakeet is so much fun!
I love it so darn much.
I trained it to push a little jingle ball off the table.
It likes to do that.
His name is Twinkle.
He likes to play with my ring, he follows it everywhere.
Thanks for letting me share this with you.

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pat - 2003-08-09
I bought my dusky May and he has brought such joy to our home!!
He loves to cuddle and nap on me while I watch television..he also enjoys kisses and hanging around on my shoulder for hours.........Such a loveable bird.....truly a treasure...........If left alone in a room....Snoopies will chirp until someone comes to get him!
These birds are so affectionate it is incredible and difficult to believe unless you see it for yourself...

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mohsen mosavi - 2003-08-08
please send me info about this cat fish.
I want know about their food and living area condition.

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renaldi tatan - 2003-08-08
actually i have experience with this fish for about 6 years.
this fish , basically is easy to take care of as long as you pay attention with the water condition. give arowana a variety of food such as lizard, frog, fish, cricket, centipetes is the one that it like most. oke guys have fun in keeping arowana

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Amanda - 2003-08-08
These birds are very loving and kind.Although these birds can have only one handler they are usually good with other people.There is one thing that you need to do though, when
you take your bird a bath dont use soap or baby wipes. when your bird starts to itch a lot your bird probably has a kind of lice.

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Tina - 2003-08-07
Perculas are great! Happy little additions to almost any s/w tank! Mine were tank raised, and are absolutely the most friendly little guys ive ever seen! Easy to feed, easy to keep clean! 10 out of 10 as a Pet!!


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