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Anonymous - 2021-04-16
12 years ago at the local airport a little exotic looking bird landed on my friend's shoulder while he was working at a car rental counter and doing some research he learned she was a zebra finch. He bought a cage and supplies and brought her home. Over time she became my bird and I always called her "Bird" or "Bird Bird Bird" and she would swing in her swing and beep and chirp and respond to chimes and dings and noises cell phones or the tv would make and hop around her house. All you had to do was put your finger in her cage and she would immediately hop on and go to sleep and she liked to be held. She would even flutter her tail and make very sweet cooing sounds when I would remove he cover and tell her good morning. But today when I went to greet her she was not responding and when I held her in my hands she went to sleep but this time she didn't wake up. She has been a wonderful member of my family all these years and she will be missed.

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Julianna - 2021-04-15
I really want to get a ball python. I have never owned a snake before, but I read up on it a lot. The only problem is the price, the cost to take care of it, and my mom. I am young, so I have to have my mom's permission. However, she is entirely against getting a snake. Any advice on how to reassure her that my snake will be not dangerous? Even if I told her I would get a small, docile snake, like a Hognose, or a Corn snake, she still said no. :(

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Kestra - 2021-04-14
Dutch WBs are amazing! Does anyone here know a good breeder that sells them for a reasonable price?

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vincenzo - 2021-04-03
looking for a trio one male and two females would consider birds that are un able to show because of an injury but able to fly and to breed

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Jonas Anderson Shelia┬┤s Grandson - 2021-03-28
I just started to learn about lizard and I realy want my first lizard to be a bearded lizard.

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Anonymous - 2021-03-26
My male plum headed parakeet is went away near by lalghati bhopal his name is ram once you call him he will reply any one find plz do contact 8357021457

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Chenney - 2021-03-26
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Riya Biswas - 2021-03-26
My Alexanderine Parakeet is 2 yrs old. His name is Coco, now I want to buy another one a female friend for him. But I'm confused will they able to adjust with each other because of age gap??

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Rick - 2021-03-14
I have an 11 month old male raccoon which I got before eyes were open. Orphaned, I bottle Fed and raised but he is mature now and wants to meet a female. Rubs on everything while dribbling or spraying. Will he quit after breeding season or is neutering an option at that age? He is in large cage outside but I let him out every day to roam. He always comes back.

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Lou - 2021-03-11
I recently rescued a dojo loach from a friend's community tank. I have cared for other aquatic pets but not these guys. This page was very informative and I feel a little more confident I'll be able to care for my new loach properly.


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