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Russell - 2017-05-04
I would like to purchase 2-3 amazon puffers

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  • Peter - 2017-07-19
    We have these amazon puffer for sell on ebay: ID fish-paradise
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Stephan Lauzier - 2017-06-26
Viewers might enjoy visiting the Arabian Horse Center - shown in the photo for this story, easily identified by the red tile roofs, the brown clay blocks, and the the center court configuration of the stalls filled by prized arabians and their foals (typically 15-20 new foals are produced each year) at the California Polytechnic University at Pomona's W.K.Kellogg Arabian Horse Center where students from around the globe can study and appreciate the Arabian horse and attend the monthly horse shows put on by the students and faculty at Cal Poly Pomona.

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  • Anonymous - 2017-07-19
    Thank you for the information. What beautiful horses.
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Thomas Oakes - 2017-04-23
Looking for all types of dwarf cichlids.

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Vivian - 2012-01-11
My conure is almost 2 years old and we have had her for more than one year. Usually she is very lovely and get along with everyone in the family. My husband and I always let her play outside of her cage until 3 months ago when she suddenly started to bite some visitors very hard. After the same attack happened a few times, we started to put her into the cage when we have visitors. However, yesterday, after her attacked one lady who is my mothers friend, she attacked my mother twice as well. We thought maybe she was just confused about the two people and after one night, she would remember my mother again.

Unfortunatly, she flew to my mother and bit her hard again when she saw her at the kitchen this morning. I had to put her into the cage sadly because my mother is so scared. I feel bad and worried. I do not want to lock her in the cage all the time, but I am afraid that she will attack my mother again. What should I do?

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  • Vivian - 2012-01-11
    Thank you very much Charlie. I feel better now after read your comments. You are right, she likes to sit on the chair next to mine and have dinner together with family, but I am not sure if it is safe to do so tonight. I think that talking to her and giving her little treats when she is in the cage is a good approach to reintroduce mom to her. I will try it tonight. However, holding her and getting close to my mom looks dangerous for now, because she becomes so aggressive that can not stay for one second on my fingure once she sees my mom. All she wants is giving her a big bite :(
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-01-11
    Sorta different behavior for a conure but certainly not unusual. Your little guy is part of your FAMILY FLOCK and has talken it upon himself to essentially protect HIS FLOCLK from outside creatures. That is pretty normal. A conure doesn't usually get agressive though but please realize yours is starting the big bad word PUBERTY. My guess would be that by accident or unpurpose someone frightened your little guy. It doesn't take a lot. My one bird is terrified of bright red hair. Little boy came in with bright red hair and my macaw went nuts - So probably a visitor came in and for some reason your little fella became frightened and yes - for some reason he now associates your mom with the visitor. Your mom has to be re-introduced to your little fella slowly --- She can just be around when he is in his cage and give him special treats (cheerios or hulled sunflower seeds). She can talk to him or you can HOLD him while she is there. Don't just remove the bird and place him in the cage but re introduce the feathered fella to the mom. Do it slowly. The bird thinks he is protecting you or possibly mis placed aggression against your mom's friend but it is going to be OK. Just might take some time and extra effort. Just go slow. Let the fethered fella go forward on his own time with your mom and don't try and force it. You can't just forcibly hold the conure in your hand and get him to make up to your mom cuz the conure will just bite you. You can set a plate for your conure when you eat dinner with all the good stuff from the table and let your mom give it to your conure though. It would be nice to know if at all possible what your moms friend and your mom have in common - ie something simple like a neck scarf or something.
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-01-11
    Similar thing but not exactly the same. I went on vacation and my neighbor who knows all my birds and geta along just fine with all watches/feeds them for me. I happen to be baby sitting a proven pair of amazons for someone else and the female got out of the cage. My neighbor couldn't just 'pick it up' and I told her to net or throw a towel over it. She did and all was OK except my cockatoo who gets along with everyone decided that my neighbor was the monster from Mars for 2 months. My neighbor felt terrible and it took a few treats and talking before my cockatoo would not just SCREAM at her but all is fine now. I would just go slow and give the bird some 'forgiveness time' for whatever frightened him. Conures are forgiving once they realize who actually belongs to the FLOCK.
  • Alexandria Bunger - 2014-03-11
    I can relate to this....My JC attacks my step daughter who recently moved in with us...He typically loves everyone and would allow guests to pet him and handle him for a little while. BUT, when my daughter moved in he became so territorial... he would do this weird dance and hiss at her. We tried to help him get to know her and he started tolerating her (barely). She was on the phone and she told someone about the EVIL bird and when she hung up he just attacked her. He no longer tolerates her and if he hears her voice he gets into attack mode. She has since moved out and he no longer attacks anyone. He loves his family and she was new and not leaving at the end of the day... He just did not like that. I LOVE MY BIRD!
  • Beverly - 2017-07-17
    VIvian, I am having this exact problem with my Jenday who turned two in May. Back around that time he attacked my son's girlfriend with whom he was well acquainted. He would always go to her and let her pet him. I brought him to our vacation home for the first time and he seemed to adapt pretty well. Our oldest son is here and the bird adores him, my niece came right when we arrived and though they had never met he lived her too! If she was in the house he was with her! Since that time, anyone who had ventured into the house had been attacked and I can't trust him at all. He even attacked my husband who he was used to. I can't help but feel that it is a combination of him coming into puberty and it being breeding season and all, coupled with being in a new place and seeing more people in and out than he is used to. I feel that it is all territorial and protective. I read today to limit the amount of sunlight hours to 10 or under but we are already doing that as he goes to bed at 6:30 and I generally don't get him up until 9:00. I have read inferences to the developmental stage that equates to puberty and how trying it can be but I must say it was not easy to find out when to expect that stage to occur or what it is like. I think you and I are experiencing it with our Jendays now. I hope it doesn't last too long and I am certainly open to suggestions. Good luck!

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kim - 2014-01-27
I just got a 4 month old 'hand-fed' baby from a breeder. The baby is not eating nor drinking and seems absolutely terrified. Just brought home yesterday evening. Meyer is in a cage in my bedroom to have some quiet/acclimation time. Has been held minimally maybe 3x 5min each-tries to fly away in fear. Opened cage while speaking smoothly this morning and flew away in fear. Now, I do have other birds that were bought at an older age. Is this normal for a baby? Does not perch on finger, but will on perch. Is this bird just not socialized?? Normal reaction for a baby? I am very worried about the not eating part. I was hoping for a tamed, hand-fed babe. Can she come around? I know I may sound crazy since I just got her---but she IS TERRIFIED. I fear for the amount of stress she must be feeling. Bird not sexed. Breeder said she seemed like a girl. Please help.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-01-27
    It is concerning that your bird is not drinking. This baby could very well have been hand-fed, but has probably been weaned for several weeks now. It may be that the breeder was feeding many babies and didn't give this bird much one-on-one time, that  happens with some larger outfits. He may then have been housed with other birds, so no longer is well socializd with humans. Birds always prefer other birds over people.. it's a natural behavior, and so then become cautious with humans. Usually it takes time and patience, offering treats and soft words, and a bird will start responding.

    Not drinking or eating is concerning however. If the bird doesn't start drinking soon, you may try to offer assistance. Try getting some handfeeding formula (Kaytee makes great formula) and offering it.  Take the bird out, put it on a table (or in a large flat box/bin). Hold it from the back with your hand around its body, thumb and forefinger on either side of the head. Then offer a bit of food  with a syringe (a spoon may work too).  Be very gentle and soft-spoken, but try to get it to take a taste. This can help remind it of being a baby, because it's still young enough to remember being fed. It may still refuse, but it's worth a shot. Work on letting it know you are its 'flock' and continue to show you care about it. If it goes too long without drinking or food, taking it to a vet could end up being necessary.
  • Penny - 2017-07-16
    Hi Clarice,
    I have a two year old Meyer. I got her when she was 4 months old. One thing I discovered when she was a baby is that she loves to drink drops of water off my finger. So just dip your finger in water and hold it slightly above her beak. Keep doing it and she should accept the drops.
    Good luck,
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Lydia - 2015-10-01
I got two sun Concures to breed and I'm happy to say that they had two eggs the first time and three the next time. They've hatched and are ready for their homes. One is very rare and instead of the normal sun orange color she is all white (but not albino) with pretty blue eyes

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  • Keith Randall - 2015-10-04
    How much for couple. edward 514-637-7762
  • robert - 2017-07-16
    do you wish to sell the white one if so how much
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Ryan sequoyah - 2017-07-13
I would love to find a rabbit for my daughter. She see this particular one and had to have it. Please send pics and price.

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Mani60C - 2010-02-21
I'm Emmanuel, I have 3 siamese fighting fish. One that is blue red and black, I called him Swish because his colors are sorta smooth and mixed. I have a pink one, my mum called it sweetness but I call it sweet. I have a purple and white one called Rage because he fought with sweet 7 hours straight. He was tired the next morning lol. Swish is ready to breed, his bubble nest is huge. I'm purchasing a female soon so he can breed.

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  • YUKESH - 2010-09-25
    I have yellow red and blue mixed siamese fighting fish i call it as blue buji because it is so bulky.
  • kye turnbull - 2013-03-25
    i love the names! they will breed like crazy!!!!!! although sometimes females never want to bred, its annoying when they do that.
  • Betta lover - 2013-06-05
    Is it necessary to breed a Betta when it is grown. I thinking of not to breed my Betta as it requires more care..pls reply me..
  • wolfman jenkins - 2017-07-13
    Well soon I will have a pair of bettas that will give birth to the GREATEST BETTAFISH SINCE MUHAMMAD ALI. the red (MUHAMMAD ALI BETTAFISH). these bettas will beat the heck out of your bettafish rage and swish. My bettas will be 20-0 no losses.
Amiene Rev - 2009-10-11
I bred Giant Bettas, size mostly range from 3 inches to 4 inches, some are 5 inches. There are problem with my Bettas, when I put smaller Betta to breed with the giant, the result will be very sad. From now on I can only breed the large male Betta with other large female Betta.

My green and blue Giant Betta and the Butterfly Blue White Betta are now traveling to southern place in my country, where I live. One is 4 inches, while other is 3 inches half. They both are 5 months old.

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  • Byron - 2010-02-22
    Hi Emanuel, I to have attempted to breed a large (3") female with a regular (2") male, but was not successful. I have tried to acquire a large male for her, because I really would like to breed the large/Giant size bettas. Do you know where I might be able to get some large males? I have searched the internet but cannot find any anywhere, only regular size bettas.
  • sammitazza - 2010-06-19
    I have 2 they are the best fish I have ever known!
  • datsps3 - 2010-12-16
    Hey I'm breeding a short fin plakat at the moment. Everything was going well besides the fact that the majority of them died after hatching. I have 4 short fin plakats and 6 longfins, halfmoons, crowntails and normal ones. Do you have any pics of vids of your giant bettas? Very keen on seeing them =]
  • wolfman jenkins - 2017-07-13
    That's good. Soon I will be breeding my own batch of bettas that will give birth to normal sized bettas called (RED MUHAMMAD ALI BETTAS). they will be trained for fights they will be 20-0 and as for your giant BETTAS remember when Ali beat formen that going to be your giant betta TIMBERRRR.
luqmanul hakim - 2010-06-05
In last 4 years till now I've been breeding the famous Siamese fighting fishes
I've thinking if the fry are hatched and guarded by the male and then after 5 days the male is moved to another places. The question is what kind of foods that increase in fish grows?
Besides that I've also have 3 big Siamese fighting fishes, humugousaur is the first male siamese fighting fish, he've been my pet for 4 years, big chill is the yellowish betta's, as the second, and the last, is horus a red black colored betta he is the most aggressive pet that I've ever had.


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